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1* SugarWiki/AwesomeMusic: The Moonlight Howl scenes (mainly because they sound like [[AwardBaitSong Award Bait Songs]]) are an example, the heartfelt one between Kate and Humphrey in particular.* BigLippedAlligatorMoment: Reba and Janice's sudden appearance during the confrontation between the packs, shouting, "[[GranolaGirl STOP THE INSANITY! GO ORGANIC!]] [[BrickJoke STOP THE INSANITY! GO ORGANIC!]]"* BrokenBase: This film has a lot of fans in addition to the Hatedom, many among the furries but also a large number of wolf fans.** ''A Howl-iday Adventure'' is this among the fanbase, as it's either seen as a good followup with a decent plot, or a case of {{Sequelitis}} with worse animation. ''The Great Wolf Games'' is even worse off in that regard.** ''Legend of the Saw-Toothed Cave'', for the most part, seems to have {{averted}} this trope and in fact may have repaired a lot of the damage its two predecessors did to the fanbase.* ClicheStorm: Entire movie in a nutshell: Male falls in love with female. Male realizes he can't be with female because their love is forbidden due to them being different. Male and female get captured, wake up in a new location, and have to find their way home. Then throw in a bunch of kiddie humor during their adventure. Male and female finally arrive home, but [[spoiler:the female dies. [[DisneyDeath Oh wait, she didn't actually die]]. Male and female, despite their differences, fall in love, and live HappilyEverAfter. The end.]] '''''AND''''' there's a direct-to-video sequel where they have 3 children.* CriticProof: The film has a [[ 16% rating]] on Website/RottenTomatoes, a [[ 36 out of 100]] on [=MetaCritic=] and a [[ 5.3]] on Website/{{IMDb}}. Yet, as exemplified by the lengthy entries here, it still has quite a thriving fanbase.* CultClassic: When it was first released, it was ''hugely'' hated by critics (though the reception at the Toronto Film Festival was mixed-to-positive) and animation fans alike for [[OffModel poor animation]], [[ClicheStorm unoriginal plot]], and lame jokes. Jump ahead a couple years, and it has quite a fanbase.* EnsembleDarkhorse: There are a few, as the characters are often considered a (if not the) redeeming aspect of the film.** Lilly gets a lot of love due to her [[TheCutie cuteness]], among [[TheDitz other]] [[TheWoobie reasons]].** Garth also gets love for his character development, as well as his bird-dropping howl gag. *** Lilly and Garth are also sometimes preferred over Kate and Humphrey, due to their development and dynamic as a couple (see TheyWastedAPerfectlyGoodPlot), to where some fans worry they may disappear because of the franchise's shifted focus on Kate and Humphrey's family (which sadly became realized when they eventually stopped appearing outside of brief cameos).** [[StepfordSmiler Eve]] is also liked because her threats are [[SugarWiki/FunnyMoments hilarious]], yet [[NightmareFuel frightening at the same time]]. ** Despite his [[FlatCharacter limited presence and character]], Hutch is also quite popular, likely due to his presumed badass NumberTwo position and Native American-esque facial fur pattern.** [[UglyCute Salty]], that one tall, skinny wolf friend of Humphrey's who looks kinda like [[WesternAnimation/IceAge Scrat]] and talks like a surfer, is also a fan favorite.** Princess of ''Howl-iday Adventure'' has become a favorite due to her role as an AntiVillain (compared to her [[CardCarryingVillain typically villainous]] father) who bonds with Runt.** Daria of ''Legend of the Saw Tooth Cave'' has also caught on, with her Woobie status, tragic background, and characterization.* FanPreferredPairing: There are a number of fans who like the idea of Runt and Princess becoming mates when [[MayDecemberRomance he gets older]].* HilariousInHindsight: For ''Series/{{Nashville}}'' watchers, the idea of Chris Carmack (the voice of Garth) singing awfully. As when the attempts to make Garth and Kate a couple, considering Carmack and Hayden Panttiere both play country singers who like men.* HoYay: Stinky mentions that he and Brent have big plans for the day they rule the forest. Specifically, they're keen on merging the wolf pack with the bear clan, which sort of makes it sound like they intend to get married.* IdiotPlot: Dino Digs. In a movie about wolves, dinosaurs awaken from 65 million years ago after having [[AssPull sort of survived]], as well as [[ReferenceOverdosed random references to modern technology]], and a slapped-on GreenAesop from some humans. Oh yeah, and there's a musical number.* MemeticMutation: Basically any threat [[StepfordSmiler Eve]] says becomes one for the fans.* MoralEventHorizon: ** King crosses this when he has Runt abducted to draw out the packs' Alphas and makes its very clear that he intends to [[WouldHurtAChild kill Runt]] [[YouHaveOutlivedYourUsefulness when he's no longer useful]].** The head wolf of Daria's pack crosses this when he attempts to murder Daria as a pup due to [[TheSocialDarwinist perceiving her as useless because of her blindness]]. [[spoiler:It gets worse when he murders her mother for defending Daria, because it went against "pack rules".]] And then he tries to kill Daria ''again'' when she returns years later.* {{Narm}}: Nars in ''The Great Wolf Games'' is meant to come off as intimidating, and does to a minor extent due to his abuse of Fleet. But a lot of the effect is undercut by how he constantly sounds like he has a giant spit wad in his mouth.** It can be very hard to take the subplot in Legends of Sawtooth Cave where Kate and Humphrey have to accept the fact that their pups are growing up seriously when the pups themselves still look the same.* NarmCharm: Other moments in the series have this sort of charm, such as when Humphrey and Kate embrace while spinning in the air...only to then flip out. The corniness is just too much to not like.* TheScrappy: Despite being major characters who give directions to the main characters so they could return home, Marcel and Paddy are not really that popular with the fandom. Go ahead and check out any fanbase on Deviantart or Youtube, you'll be surprised that those two have barely to any mention with the rest of the characters, a majority being wolf fans. ** The pups aren't particularly liked. Runt in particular gets a lot of heat for being a condescending brat. This made worse as many fans accuse them of taking away focus from more interesting characters such as Lilly and Garth.* {{Sequelitis}}: Everything that's not the first movie or ''Legend of the Saw Tooth Cave''. Even then the latter is still very flawed.* {{Shipping}}: Despite the fact that the two never appeared in the same movie, fans love to put Daria and Nars as a couple.* SoOkayItsAverage: Sure the animation isn't best, and the plot has been done ''[[ClicheStorm many]]'' times, but there are plenty of [[Funny/AlphaAndOmega funny]], [[Heartwarming/AlphaAndOmega heartwarming]], and [[Awesome/AlphaAndOmega awesome]] moments to make up for it.* SurprisinglyImprovedSequel: ''Alpha and Omega: The Legend of the Saw Tooth Cave'' is considered to be the best of the sequels, thus far. Its plot is far more smoothened out and with less filler, and its animation has significantly improved (especially in comparison to ''The Great Wolf Games'').* TheyWastedAPerfectlyGoodPlot: Unfortunately, the franchise is very guilty of this.** ''Alpha and Omega'' concerns the conflicts between two wolf packs over a food shortage and the main antagonist is an AntiVillain determined to ensure his pack's survival. The possibility of a wolf war and the questioning of traditions are fascinating concepts. This premise gets pushed into the background for [[ClicheStorm a typical interclass love story with a typical "You should be with who you love"]] [[AnAesop Aesop]] as the film's primary focus.** Some also feel [[BetaCouple Lilly and Garth's relationship]] was more interesting than Humphrey and Kate's, and should have been fleshed out more, if not made the focus, instead. Given how Lilly was TheWoobie trying to help ease tensions between the two packs, and Garth was gradually shown to be more than the JerkJock he initially appeared to be, along with how they help one another, there is some weight to this.** ''A Howl-iday Adventure'' had a pretty good plot concerning Runt's abduction by the Rogues, his bonding with Princess, and everyone's effort to find/save Runt. But it is undercut to a degree by the short running time, crammed-in (and unnecessary) holiday elements, and, depending on how you look at it, [[spoiler:how the Rogues are ultimately defeated by bears rather than just the wolves themselves]]. All of which could have instead been spent further developing the plot.** ''The Great Wolf Games'' features Nars being bitter over Kate beating him in their own Wolf Games and trying to push his son to be the next champion. It would have been interesting to see Kate handle a competition against a rival who hates her guts while she's since moved on. However, Kate's barely even in the film, and Humphrey takes the role of coach, instead.* UglyCute: There's Salty, Humphrey's friend who resembles Scrat. Also, ''Legend'' shows Tony when he was a cub, looking like a tinier version of himself, and with a noticeably flatter face.* UncannyValley: The wolves have somewhat human-looking facial features, which can be quit disturbing sometimes. The AnimeHair doesn't help either.** The cubs of the sequel ''Alpha and Omega 2: A Howl-iday Adventure'' also have this issue, even just looking at the cover art, due to their human-like features and big eyes. Runt gets it the worst due to his smaller size with the big eyes.* TheWoobie: Again, Lilly in the first movie. She's a ShrinkingViolet who's not as skilled as her older sister, trying to keep some degree of peace between the two packs, and in love with a guy pack laws forbid her to be romantically involved with (especially after the two bonded while helping each other, noticeably getting Lilly to come out of her shell). This is perhaps best demonstrated in the scene where she's visibly depressed as she helps Kate get ready for the arranged marriage.** Humphrey is also this in the first movie for similar reasons, although to a lesser degree. Still, there's the moments like when he's about to confess to Kate that he loves her...only to see she's run off to stop the packs from warring.** There's also Runt in the second movie, given how he's disrespected by his siblings and then abducted by a villainous group of wolves to be used as bait in their scheme, with the constant threat of death.** Daria of ''The Legend of Saw Tooth Cave'' is a she-wolf who was forcibly made into an outcast when she was a pup because of her blindness. Even worse, the head wolf of said pack outright tried to ''murder'' her because he perceived her as a burden, [[spoiler:and killed her mother for getting Daria out of harm's way]]. By the conclusion of the film, she just wants to hear her mother's voice again.


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