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1[[quoteright:225:]]²²Jorge Arias (born September 5, 1977) is a Mexican-American professional wrestler, who worked for WWE under the ring name Hunico. Prior to signing with WWE, Arias was better known under the ring name Incognito, under which he mainly worked for the professional wrestling promotion Asistencia Asesoría y Administración (Wrestling/{{AAA}}) in Mexico and Wrestling/{{Chikara}} in the US as well as working for various independent promoters along the US-Mexico border and even further into USA such as Wrestling/RingOfHonor as Incógnito. Arias originally wrestled in Mexico under the name "Místico", making his debut under that name around the same time as the much more well known Wrestling/{{Mistico}} of Mexico City. At times he was billed as either "Mystico" or "Mistico de Juarez" before signing with WWE. In December 2013, he returned to role of Wrestling/SinCara, and under that gimmick became part of the team, the Lucha Dragons alongside Wrestling/{{Kalisto}}, the team previously winning the NXT Tag Team Championship.²²Arias, as Sin Cara, was released from WWE on December 8, 2019, after having requested it a month prior. Shortly afterward, he returned to AAA, now using the name Cinta de Oro.²²Wiki/ThatOtherWiki has an [[ extensive article]] on his career.²²-----²!! Tropes associated with Hunico include:²* ArchEnemy: The [[Wrestling/{{Mistico}} original Sin Cara]].²* BeatThemAtTheirOwnGame: As Sin Cara Negro (well, technically not Negro, he was pretending to be Sin Cara at the time), he put Wrestling/DanielBryan ''in the [=LeBell=] lock and made him tap''.²* CanonDiscontinuity: Since becoming Sin Cara again, he's treated in interviews and references as being the same one as before, effectively meaning that there were never two Sin Caras.²* CoolMask: Until he lost it in a Mask vs Mask match against Wrestling/SinCara. He later dons the mask again after the original is released.²* CostumeCopycat²* DarkerAndEdgier: Initially²* DarkIsEvil: As Sin Cara Negro, he dressed in black and silver.²* DarkReprise: His first version of the Sin Cara theme song is far more somber.²* DemotedToExtra: During the latter half of 2012, he wrestled mainly on Superstars and NXT.²* {{Expy}}: As Hunico, his attire may reminds fans of Wrestling/{{WCW}} mainstay Wrestling/{{Konnan}}, or ex-TNA wrestlers Anarquia and Homicide.²* EvilCostumeSwitch: As Sin Cara Negro, he eventually removed his CostumeCopycat mask to reveal a darker version of it once Azul returned when their match at Hell In A Cell was announced.²* EvilCounterpart: To Sin Cara when he first debuted.²* FinishingMove: Briefly used the ''Falling Star'' (a [[Wrestling/JeffHardy high-angle Swanton Bomb]]) as well as a springboard moonsault - colloquially known as the 'Lionsault', Wrestling/ChrisJericho's old finisher. Now uses a variant of the [[Wrestling/KurtAngle Olympic Slam]].²** [[spoiler:He's back to the Falling Star after returning to be Sin Cara.]]²* ForeignWrestlingHeel: Sort of with Team Mexico 2006 in Wrestling/{{TNA}}, although Shocker was the only Mexican national in the group.²* LaserGuidedKarma: When Arias started his career in Mexico, he wrestled as Mistico - a gimmick that CMLL ripped off and gave Urive at the same time. An infringement case went to court, and Arias lost the rights to the Mistico gimmick to CMLL and Urive. In WWE, the Sin Cara Negro gambit was Arias' attempt to get revenge on Urive by stealing his Sin Cara identity, even outright citing the Mistico gimmick as his motivation.²** [[spoiler:Despite losing the Sin Cara feud and being forced to unmask and wrestle as Hunico, it seems Arias will get to swipe Sin Cara after all. Due to Urive being both botch- and injury-prone since joining WWE, he was eventually pulled off TV with Arias put back in the mask again as of December 2013.]]²* LightningBruiser: At least in style. He showcased his high-flying potential as Sin Cara Negro, but as the unmasked Hunico he can often switch between that and a more physical brawling style.²* LowerClassLout: As Hunico, his gimmick is a street thug from Juarez, Mexico.²* MaskedLuchador: As Sin Cara Negro, and well before that, until his unmasking. He wrestled in FCW with his mask as Hunico, and on the Independent scenes as Incognito or Mistico de Juarez.²** Now he's reprising the role of Sin Cara due to WWE being less than pleased with Luis Urive's performance as the character.²* OminousLatinChanting: Played straight during his time as Sin Cara Negro.²* PaintItBlack²* PutOnABus: Knee injury.²** Was also sent off to NXT.²** TheBusCameBack: Returned to RAW as part of the Lucha Dragons together with Kalisto.²* SatisfiedStreetRat: As Hunico.²* VillainTeamUp: With Epico, briefly. Which sorta made sense since they tagged, as {{face}}s, in FCW, the former developmental system for WWE.²* TheVoiceless: Averted as Sin Cara Negro, when the American-born wrestler gave a SuddenlySpeaking moment both in Spanish and English. This makes the confrontations between the two a little strange.²²----


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