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1[[quoteright:350:]]²[[caption-width-right:350:"All Red Everything!"]]²²''From Concord, California, comes the most stylish, elegant, bewitching, eternally beguiling, contentiously charismatic, and fantastically fascinating woman to appear in this or any arena. Allow yourself to be seduced, enchanted, dazzled, and entranced by All Red Everything herself, Eva Marie!''²²Natalie Marie Coyle (formerly Nelson; born September 19, 1984) is a model, actress, and Wrestling/{{WWE}} {{professional wrestl|ing}}er, better known to the public as Eva Marie.²²She was one of the most controversial members of WWE's roster in the mid 2010s, for a number of reasons. As a former model, she won an untelevised [[Wrestling/WWEDivaSearch Diva Search]] in 2013 and made her debut on ''Series/TotalDivas'' before making her way to the main roster almost immediately. Due to a combination of her past career, lack of training, horrible technique and the perception that she's using WWE as a stepping stone for Hollywood, she gained one of the largest and most vocal {{Hatedom}}s in wrestling history. After recovering from a ruptured breast implant, Eva was taken off of TV in 2015 to train with [[Wrestling/LondonAndKendrick Brian Kendrick]] before being moved to [[Wrestling/{{WWENXT}} NXT]] in an attempt to salvage her reputation.²²After being suspended for violating the Wellness Policy in August of 2016, Eva disappeared from all WWE Programming, including ''Total Divas'', decided not to renew her contract and officially departing on August 3, 2017.²²For more on Eva, [[ see her page on The Other Wiki.]]²²!!"ALL RED EVERY TROPE":²²* TheAlcoholic: She has struggled with it in the past. This presents a problem when the divas go to Las Vegas for a bachelorette party.²* ArmourPiercingSlap: To Jerry Lawler on the segment that introduced ''Total Divas'' on Raw.²* BadassLongcoat: Gained one in NXT, that looks similar to Wrestling/RicFlair's robe.²* BlatantLies: She tells producers that she has a background in ballet and ballroom dancing. [[spoiler: She doesn't]].²* BorrowedCatchPhrase: While wrestling {{Wrestling/Carmella}} she mockingly shouts of "how you doin'" during the match.²* CanonDiscontinuity: The hatred she gets from most of the ''Total Divas'' cast in season 4 now that she's actually started to train to become a better wrestler. There have been moments of antipathy between her and some of the other Divas since the show started, but those were relatively spread out and called for what they were, leading to more humanizing bonding moments (see the "[[Wrestling/{{Cameron}} Ariane]] outing Eva's past alcoholism" situation). In general, it seems that her arrogance of the first couple of episodes has given way to a more reasoned, relatable woman who's formed something of a bond with her more experienced coworkers. Except now, everybody save for [[Wrestling/{{Naomi}} Trinity]]—including former outcast Wrestling/{{Paige}} as well as Eva's once seemingly best friends the Wrestling/BellaTwins—considers her a traitor because she's getting praised for finally getting serious and training to wrestle after two years as well the fact that she's getting this training in her hometown with Brian Kendrick as opposed to going straight to the Performance Center in Orlando. To be fair, her training is on the company dime, so it makes sense they'd be a little upset, but treating her seemingly like a redheaded stepchild again overnight seems outright bizarre.²** In all fairness, it's implied that Eva told them that she was going to the Performance Center/[=NXT=], thus part of the animosity towards her is due to her lying. [[note]]Though she claims that she had told them that she would be in LA instead.[[/note]] Her instagram post [[note]][[Series/GameOfThrones A lion does not worry herself with the opinion of sheep]][[/note]] has [[NotHelpingYourCase only made things worse]]. Furthermore, with the acidic reception of her ring work and push on NXT, it's arguable the ladies simply never trusted that her training would be up to standard and perceived her as being gifted a road to success with minimal work.²* CanonForeigner: Sort of. She came into WWE through their satellite reality show, ''Total Divas''.²* CatchPhrase: All Red Everything.²* CelebrityResemblance: Well, more of a cartoon resemblance. The Don Tony & Kevin Castle Show compared her to [[Film/WhoFramedRogerRabbit Jessica Rabbit]].²* CleavageWindow: Most of her outfits have them. ²* ColorCodedForYourConvenience: Her street clothes and ring attire will usually be some combination of white, red and black.²* CreepyMonotone[=/=]MachineMonotone: She's not one for emoting.²* DaddysGirl: As shown in ''Total Divas''. What makes it all the sadder is that she discovers he's got cancer.²* DarkSkinnedRedhead: Is Mexican-Italian ethnicity but with (dyed) fluro red hair.²* DoNotCallMePaul: On ''Series/TotalDivas'' (which usually refers to the performers by their real names), she is always called Eva, possibly to avoid confusion with [[Wrestling/NatalyaNeidhart Natalya]]. Even her husband does so in front of her family.²* DoubleEntendre: "All Red Everything" - a reference to her long red hair, as well as the idea of leaving an opponent 'red all over' from a beating.²* DoubleStandard: She calls her brothers out on this. They refer to their Catholic faith when they find out Eva eloped with Jonathan. She retorts that they've been living unmarried with their girlfriends for years.²* EverythingsBetterWithSparkles: Her entrance coat is covered in glitter and she has sparkles on her ring gear.²* EvilRedhead: Eva has been a heel for most of her WWE career.²* FauxActionGirl: An admitted example, since she was put on TV before her training was finished.²* FemmeFatale: Her NXT entrance evokes this.²* FieryRedhead: And we're talking fire-engine red, not ginger.²* FinishingMove: Was a DDT before switching to a Shiranui as a tribute to Brian Kendrick.²* HairstyleMalfunction: AJ Lee ripped out her extensions a couple of times.²* HappilyMarried: To Jonathan Coyle. They eloped in the Season 1 finale of ''Total Divas'' but later had a proper ceremony as a gesture to family and friends in Season 3.²* HatesTheJobLovesTheLimelight: Implied on ''Total Divas'', particularly in an episode that centers on her going to a movie premiere with [[Wrestling/DwayneJohnson The Rock.]] Subverted in the fourth season when she starts getting training to improve in the ring.²* HeelFaceRevolvingDoor: Her debut was as a face manager for Wrestling/{{Natalya|Neidhart}}. When ''Series/TotalDivas'' aired, she was portrayed as a heel on TV. Then when AJ Lee's promo turned the rest of the cast face, Eva was sort of a WildCard. Although she was on face teams, she [[XPacHeat got booed]] anyway. Around early 2014 when more heels were in the ''Total Divas'' cast, she appeared exclusively as a heel from then on.²* IAmNotPretty: Eva gets this in one of the season 3 episodes - as she's been unable to exercise too much after her operation. It becomes clear she has some serious issues with body-image. When she's finally taken to a counselor, they perform an exercise where she describes what she sees in a mirror to a sketch artist, and then the counsellor's co-worker does the same. Comparing the two (essentially what she sees vs. what everybody else sees) is startling and heart-breaking.²* IWasYoungAndINeededTheMoney: This is initially what people think about her raunchy pictures that Ariane shows to the locker room. It turns out Eva was battling alcoholism at the time. ²* InformedAbility: Trinity cops on to Eva's supposed dancing experience being this when Eva says she can't do the splits. Any trained dancer would have the flexibility to do the splits.²* InformedAttractiveness: She's practically Wrestling/KellyKelly 2.0 in this regard with how often Corey Graves fawns over her. Although to give her her due, she genuinely ''is'' very hot [[DamnedByFaintPraise if nothing else]].²* ItsPronouncedTropay: Her name is pronounced "E-va", not "Ava".²* KnowWhenToFoldEm: Regardless of whether Eva decided to give up on wrestling, or whether WWE decided she wasn't worth persisting with any longer, the end of her WWE contract in 2017 marks an admission that she just wasn't working as a wrestler and needed to look for a career elsewhere.²* LadyInRed: She wears a lot of red in her gear and the red hair is clearly used to show that she's a sultry seductress.²* LatinoIsBrown: Played with. She's Mexican-Italian but her ring name is far more Hispanic sounding than her real one, she's promoted as a SpicyLatina and WWE had her lighten her hair - they wanted her to be blonde but she chose red. ²* MsFanservice: She's a former model. Likewise she was promoted as the sexy one of the ''Total Divas'' cast.²* ParodySue: What her character eventually evolved into in NXT and was showcased as on ''[=SmackDown=]''. It's actually turned out really well for her so far.²* RedheadInGreen: She has had some green ring outfits, and was featured wearing green on a ''Total Divas'' poster.²* SpicyLatina: She describes herself as a "Mexican firecracker."²* SpiritualSuccessor: She's considered to be the 21st Century equivalent of Wrestling/{{Sable}}, a FauxActionGirl who gets by on Fanservice. It's actually unfortunate for her that she's working in an era where this character type is not only no longer a free ride to success, [[DeaderThanDisco but actively despised by both casual and hardcore fans alike]].²* {{Stripperiffic}}: Her ring gear is pretty skimpy, even compared to most other women wrestlers. Sandra even warns her about the dangers of this trope in an episode of ''Total Divas''.²--> "[[UnusualEuphemism Miss Lucy]] is all over the shop."²* TokenEvilTeammate:²** When the rest of the cast turned face, Eva was still booed and thus still presented as the heel of the team. Notably at the big Survivor Series match, she wrestled {{Wrestling/Kaitlyn}} who was the lone face on the opposing team.²** And again for the 'Team Total Divas vs Team BAD & Blonde' match at [=WrestleMania=] 32. Eva is on the former team, who are the faces, and is once again the lone heel.²* TooDumbToLive:²** Particularly in the first few episodes of ''Total Divas''. There is a whole list of infractions that would get almost any other wrestler in the company released if it weren't the show's resident crash test dummy doing them:²** In the pilot episode, her very first impression with WWE creative is to completely disregard their instructions on her hair color.[[note]]She admittedly had a point. Going in, she has an already sexy and distinctive brown color with red highlights and was told to dye her hair blond, which would do absolutely nothing for her complexion. Instead, she went with Music/{{Rihanna}} fire station red, an improvement over blond but still a downstep from her original color.[[/note]]²** Next, she wanted to take a shortcut to get on camera by insinuating that she has a background in ballet and ballroom dancing in order to get an on-screen position as Fandango's escort/manager. A fair amount of planning goes into this until she has her audition and fails miserably, after not even bothering to use the time leading up to the audition to get a single dancing lesson. Fandango himself looks fairly disgusted with the whole affair, the creative staff is flabbergasted and has to find a replacement for the dancer role, and Stephanie [=McMahon=] herself takes Eva to task for wasting so many people's time. [[note]]Stephanie's on-screen anger is mostly staged, but Eva didn't know that at the time. Still, as the person in charge of the creative division, she had to have been pissed to some degree at Eva for causing such a distraction.[[/note]]²** In an attempt to throw something against the wall to see if anything would stick, Eva was given a ring announcer's role for a match during Raw. Despite having most of a week to memorize a half dozen names and billed locations, she still mangles a lot of names, including "[[Wrestling/JinderMahal Ginger Mahal]]" in [=3MB=], which to him is a BerserkButton.[[note]]This makes sense. At the time Jinder was an entirely disposable low-carder who could be dropped at some point and never be seen again, so every television appearance he had was valuable (sure enough, he was released from his contract afterwards, although he has since returned to the company again). So someone butchering his name, to him, is showing him a distinct lack of respect.[[/note]]²** Eva finds out she might have silicone leaks in her implants - and continues to wrestle. She doesn't finally take time off to get them removed until the Bellas call her out on it.²* TookALevelInBadass: On NXT compared to her earlier work, though that's not saying much. She has an actual finisher now.²* TrailersAlwaysSpoil: The first episode really tries to wait until the last minute when it comes to Eva's hair situation. They try to keep it a mystery as to whether or not she will go blonde. Except every single trailer showed Eva with her red hair. This also undermines the whole 'will the office like it?' mystery.²* TraumaticHaircut: Eva Marie freaks out on the first episode when management has her dye her hair blonde. She eventually is unable to go through with it and decides to TakeAThirdOption - she becomes a redhead instead. What's more is that Eva revealed in an interview that she had literally gotten her hair done the day before. The office had asked her to streak her hair - and then weren't happy, so they then asked her to go blonde.²* WardrobeMalfunction: Invoked to get out of a match against Becky Lynch.


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