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1[[ FunBrain]] is an edutainment children's website that began in 1992. ˛˛There are three sections on the site: "Math Arcade" which contains 25 math games, "Fun Arcade" which contains 25 non-educational games, and "Mom and Kid's Playground" which contains 25 non-educational games for preschoolers. Math Arcade is broken into several grades depending on the age of the player.˛˛[=FunBrain=] is the original source of ''Literature/DiaryOfAWimpyKid'', which was first published on the site in 2004. In 2007 it was physically published into a novel and since has become a multi-media franchise.˛˛Compare to ''VideoGame/{{Poptropica}}'', which is owned by the same company and has a similar art-style.˛----˛!!This website provides examples of:˛˛* AdvertisementGame: There is a Froot Loops cereal map on the Fun Arcade which has a few Froot Loops-themed games.˛* AlphabetSoupCans: [=FunBrain=] is a website with an "arcade" consisting of 100% alphabet soup cans that let the player, say, perform long division to get a freethrow in basketball, unlock an Egyptian tomb or even drag a dandelion seed onto a flower.˛* EdutainmentGame: Math Arcade features various math games aimed at the 12-and-under crowd.˛* OrphanedSeries: The Fun Arcade was never completed. After ''Mighty Guy 2'', you simply go back to the board, but instead of proceeding to the next game, you're simply told it's [[ coming soon!]]˛* PlatformGame: ''Mighty Guy'' is about a stick figure platforming through a city.


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