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1[[quoteright:273:]] ˛ [[caption-width-right:273:Meet Ronnie...]]˛˛A SliceOfLifeWebcomic that revolves around Ronnie, an awkward, geeky, chronically-depressed, webcomic-writing ManChild. With him is his [[PlatonicLifePartners best friend and female roommate Agrias]] and Motivation Dude or M Dude, a [[AnthropomorphicPersonification physical manifestation of his motivation]] who makes it his job to make Ronnie's life horrible.˛˛[[ Check it out here.]]˛˛----˛!!''Whomp'' provides examples of:˛˛* AchievementsInIgnorance: Agrias asks Ronnie to pick up "[[ a loaf of milk, a dozen bread, and a gallon of eggs]]."˛-->'''Agrias''': You did it. I don't know how, but you did it.\˛'''Ronnie''': I'm afraid to disappoint people.˛* {{Adorkable}}: Katie describes Ronnie [[ like this]].˛-->'''Katie''': He's like a cat who gets its claws stuck in the couch. You should be mad, but you can't help but find it cute.˛* AgonyOfTheFeet: In one comic, Ronnie attempts to train himself to squat-sit like JapaneseDelinquents do in anime, but ends up crushing his legs underneath his own weight.˛* TheAllegedCar: Ronnie [[ drives one]] that is ''very'' particular in how to operate it.˛-->'''Ronnie''': There's some sort of predatory animal in the vents. Don't turn on the A/C. He won't hurt you, but... he'll hurt your family. It's how he gets what he wants.˛* AltText: Or the "comic secret words," as the author calls it.˛* AmicableExes: Mei attempts this, [[ and Ronnie used an unconventional way]] to say "No".˛* AnthropomorphicPersonification: M Dude represents Ronnie's motivation.˛** Santa has his own version, who is actually the comic's incarnation of TheKrampus. He's an even bigger dick than M Dude.˛* ApologizesALot: [[ Here.]]˛** And heaven help the universe [[ if two Ronnies are put in the same room]].˛* AuthorAvatar: Ronnie himself, as the description on [[ the characters page]] states "This cartoon representation of the author is like the original in too many ways, and not dissimilar by nearly enough".˛* AxeCrazy: [[ King Stabs.]] Despite being a MonsterClown, notably manages to avoid being TheCaligula.˛* BadassBeard: Ronnie has a beard [[ which he is very proud of]].˛* BaitAndSwitch: "[[ Dream The Unconscionable Dream]]" is a NotWearingPantsDream of Ronnie in High School - [[spoiler: but it's a horrified Agrias who wakes up from it]]. ˛* BaldOfEvil: M Dude.˛* BasementDweller: Ronnie [[ invokes this trope]].˛* BeCarefulWhatYouWishFor: [[ This]].˛* BerserkButton: In one strip, Ronnie is invited hunt TheMostDangerousGame, and is horrified and disgusted by the idea. Until he's told [[ the people they're hunting]] are the shoppers who leave mid-checkout to get an item they forgot, holding up the line for several minutes. Then his only fear is that he might miss.˛** He also can't stand dubbed anime.˛* BeyondTheImpossible: Ronnie [[ gets sick from smoking candy cigarettes]].˛-->'''Doctor''': Can I publish a medical paper about you?!˛** And when Ronnie suffers from "[[ rib pinches]]", he's actually having two heart attacks simultaneously. The doctor even lampshades it.˛** Later, Ronnie [[ tries the "push your arms against the door" trick]] with spectacular results.˛** In order to show off his tattoo, [[ Ronnie has to separate the fat]] from covering it. The tattoo is on his arm, and he uses ''two hands'' to do it, which he chalks up to "body weirdness".˛** Needles is napping on Ronnie's arm, [[ but he has to go to the bank]], which the AltText even calls out as this trope.˛--->''You may think it's impossible to move one's self along with their vinyl recliner over large distances, and across various obstacles. But when the alternative is disturbing a beloved, yet imposing feline, you will find a way. Sometimes that way is getting help from an enabling friend. Sometimes it's that you have such deep disdain for failure that you bend space and time to your anguished wishes.''˛** Somehow, [[ Ronnie manages to destroy the house]] while Agrias ''[[ChaosWhileTheyreNotLooking is staring at him]]''.˛** Ronnie once [[ diverted a hurricane]] by acting like [[AbhorrentAdmirer it was a prospective date]].˛* BigEater: Ronnie, obviously, but particularly when it comes to chicken nuggets.˛** On one Wednesday, [[ he ate all of the food]].˛* BigFun: For a given value of "fun", but the "Big" isn't in dispute - he even uses his flab as a chubby version of VictoriasSecretCompartment, [[ whether he means to or not]].˛-->'''Comic Secret Words''': I wish I could tell you this never happened. I wish so very hard I could tell you it doesn't happen each day, and dear holy sweet mother of our lord, I wish I could tell you it didn't happen twice [[WriteWhatYouKnow while creating this very installment]].˛** While on a date with Mei, she cajoles him into doing a "Guess Your Weight" game. [[ She got a panda plush]].˛--->'''Comic Secret Words''': There is no fun to be gained from games [[MortonsFork whose only outcomes are]] 'You're fatter than I thought', 'You're not as fat as I thought' and 'You're exactly as fat as I thought you were.'˛** He's so tubby that [[ an app Agrias has makes him look]] ''thinner'', rather than fatter.˛* BizarreAlienBiology:˛** [[ This strip]] takes the phrase "I can't feed my kids with gratitude" and runs with it.˛** "[[ Runnie's Replace]]." Among his oddities:˛*** His face looks like a collection of balls stuck together, except for his beard, which comes off.˛*** When he has a stomachache, it's quite clear that his abdomen is rectangular.˛*** He offers Agrias an "animo" tape he was keeping in his shirt by letting it slide out (without moving, mind you), which for some reason is covered in mysterious purple goo. That makes her laptop BSOD.˛*** He [[ floats down slowly when falling]], as though suspended by balloons.˛*** Most horrifying of all is [[ what lay beneath his beard]].˛* BizarreAlienSenses: M Dude can only see people as entities of pure light, which glow increasingly bright depending on how pathetic they are. Ronnie, of course, is one of the brightest people he's ever seen- literally.˛** The AltText says that he can't enter geek conventions [[TakeThat for fear of being blinded.]]˛* BlessedWithSuck: Ronnie's "magic fat". Any shirt that Ronnie puts on that is not a Hawaiian shirt [[ turns into a Hawaiian shirt]] ([[RuleOfFunny unless the plot of the current strip requires otherwise]]). In fact, ''any'' object that makes contact with Ronnie's torso is turned into a Hawaiian shirt... without changing size. A fly that lands on Ronnie's torso turns into a tiny Hawaiian shirt, for example. [[spoiler:Ronnie gets this from [[SantaClaus his dad]], who has the same problem, but with Santa outfits instead of Hawaiian shirts.]]˛* BloodyHilarious: In an early strip, Ronnie [[ wonders why he doesn't shave his mustache]].˛* BodyHorror: The [[ McRib]].˛** Also, [[ the last turkey left in the grocery store freezer.]]˛** Apparently, [[ Ronnie's feet look like shoes]].˛** Ronnie once carved off most of his fingers because trimming his nails with his new nail trimmer was too satisfying.˛** Whenever Ronnie sits around for too long, he loses blood circulation to his legs and when he tries to move them, they flail around like blue, stiff rubber tubes. Taken to extremes in one strip where a leg actually ''[[ falls off]]''.˛** Similarly, he once ''[[ merged with his chair]]'' after months of not moving.˛** Agrias [[ isn't immune to doing this]].˛* BrainBleach: Ronnie shares a dream he had where he and Agrias were a couple. [[ Agrias doesn't take it well.]]˛** "Runnie's replace" has a new replace for "Agrees." At least, [[ in Agrias' nightmares.]]˛** Also the $500 donation on Kickstarter after Ronnie buys a "[[ tennis kilt]]".˛* BrickJoke: Ronnie [[ got a tattoo for]] ''VideoGame/DarkSouls'' on his belly in 2013, [[ and tries to show it off again 3 years later]].˛* {{Calvinball}}: More like [[ Calvinjob]]˛-->'''AltText''': You're having trouble understanding your job? Why didn't you say so?! Here is the employee manual. *''hands you a Swedish toddler that only knows curse words''*˛* CallBack: When Ronnie and Mei first started dating, [[ she gave him a necklace]]. When she [[spoiler: breaks up with him]], [[ he gives it back.]]˛** Frank, an ambulance driver, [[ has a picture of himself and his previous partner]] hanging in the ambulance after he'd succumbed to [[ a cat falling asleep on his lap]].˛* CatchPhrase: "I am Runnie's replace. He is feel unwell."˛** And from Ronnie himself, the abovementioned "Nuuuuh" whenever he doesn't want to do something.˛* CatsAreMean: ˛** One of Ronnie's cats [[ wakes him up by clawing his face]] - but only [[{{Tsundere}} because it loves him]].˛** Ronnie [[ attempts to barf-proof his home]] - Needles [[spoiler: promptly barfs on the unprotected curtains]].˛** Ronnie calls in [[ a bomb-squad technician]] to help trim his cat's claws. [[spoiler: The robot is left bloodied.]]˛* ChangingClothesIsAFreeAction: Played with. Agrias treats changing into her rocker outfit as one, even leaving a sentence unfinished while she [[ changes between panels]]. But Ronnie points out that she actually took 20 minutes.˛* ChristmasCreep: Turns out [[ it's due to Santa's low self-esteem]].˛* ChubbyChaser: It's implied that Mei is only dating Ronnie because she has a fetish for fat men.˛* CloningBlues: Ronald [=McDonald=] keeps trying to create clones of Ronnie so that [[ he can have a legion of workers who pour their money right back into buying McNuggets]]...˛** CloneDegeneration: ...but the clones keep disintegrating. Into piles of [=McNuggets=].˛** [[spoiler:Ronnie also unconsciously creates "replacements" to serve his purposes, [[ but they're highly unstable]]. Santa's had to put down most of them. M Dude and "Runnie's replace" are the survivors. He's afraid that someday, Ronnie will create a replacement that even Santa wont be able to put down...]]˛* CloudcuckoolandersMinder: Agrias is often forced into this role, as she's pretty much the only person who understands how Ronnie functions. Crosses with ManChild [[ in this strip]].˛-->'''Agrias''': Ronnie! Why are you missing one of the [[Franchise/TeenageMutantNinjaTurtles Ninja Turtles]] socks I bought for you?\˛'''Ronnie''': I lost it in [=McDonald's=] Playplace.˛* CoolAndUnusualPunishment: M Dude [[ gives Ronnie a cupcake]].˛-->'''M Dude''': It's easy to hurt you in unexpected ways.˛* CringeComedy: Much of the humor in Whomp is centered around the main character Ronnie and his debilitating social awkwardness, as indicated [[ here]] and [[ here]].˛* CursedWithAwesome: In a one-off strip where everyone gets super powers, Ronnie gets [[TheMagicTouch the Midas Touch]]... but it only applies to [[TrademarkFavoriteFood McNuggets]], rendering Ronnie rich, but miserable.˛* CryingIndian: [[ Ronnie's reaction to seeing McNuggets thrown on the ground.]]˛* ADegreeInUseless: "[[ When I go to college, I want to major in liberal arts!]]"˛* DistinctiveAppearances: Ronnie's cartoon form appears to be based off of a circle, [[ since that's the most shameful shape]].˛** This is caused by his ''abysmal'' [[ posture]] - [[ he looks fairly normal when standing fully upright]], but he's in obvious strain when doing so.˛* DeathSeeker: Ronnie shows hints of this from [[ time]] to [[ time]], although it's usually played for laughs.˛** When Agrias [[ approaches him over his bouts of depression]], he laughs off the idea because [[AntiNihilist he's much too afraid of the cold, emotionless void that awaits after death takes him]].˛** When Ronnie is KilledOffscreen by [[ Steve]], Agrias figures Ronnie let him do it.˛--->'''Steve''': Yeah, he did. It was pretty upsetting how much he was into it.˛** In a one-off strip, [[Series/StarTrekTheNextGeneration Capt. Picard]] [[ is shown to be this]] after so many times dealing with the MonsterOfTheWeek.˛* TheDreaded: Ronnie is called "[[TheRedBaron El Chupanuggra"]] when he learns [[ that there's no limit to the "6 nuggets for $0.99" deal]].˛* DrunkOnMilk: [[ Or Yoohoo!]], to be precise.˛* EarlyInstallmentWeirdness: In the early Black & White comics, Ronnie's a lot meaner, Agrias is a lot less cynical, and M-Dude is less cruel and more prone to being the butt of the joke. M-Dude [[ also had a childhood]], which contradicts later events, though the AltText for [[ this strip]] addresses it.˛* TheEeyore: As seen above, Ronnie.˛* EldritchAbomination: [[ Santa's Warehouse]] is apparently this.˛-->'''[[AltText Secret Comic Words]]''': The deepbeast will, of course, consume my flesh and return satisfied to its thousand year slumber. Our consolations are twofold: My soulless existence served to quell an ancient terror, and a thirty-something manchild received a material possession that will be disposed of and forgotten in a cosmic blink of an eye.˛* EnemyWithout: M-Dude is a manifestation of Ronnie's motivation˛* EveryoneHasStandards: While Ronnie may be a BigEater, he draws the line at sharing drinks that [[ have visible food debris in them]].˛** Also, [[ he hates when people talk with food in their mouths]]. Bonus points for ''Agrias'' being the offender in both situations.˛** And another time, [[ he catches Agrias drinking from the carton]]. He promptly swipes it out of her hand, pours it down the sink, and tersely states "Agrias, we're out of milk" while throwing it away.˛** He also has a pet peeve against people with bad grammar; he almost blew off his lid when he realized that [[ his girlfriend Mei has this problem when texting]], especially when it comes to homophones.˛** As lonely as Ronnie is, both he and Agrias draw the line [[ at a date with enough dirt caking her skin that it looked like freckles]].˛* FanDisservice: Any time Ronnie [[NakedPeopleAreFunny appears naked]], but particularly [[ when he got a job]] as a [[ body sushi platter]].˛* FandomHeresy: Ronnie exiles himself [[ over a minor slight]].˛* FatIdiot˛* FauxHorrific: [[ "Creeping Tabs"]] has M-Dude use Ronnie as a sideshow attraction - "The Impossible Man" - by showcasing the fact that he has ''only two'' internet tabs open.˛* FearOfThunder: [[ "Spongeron Roundpants"]] - he [[ comes up with a method of dealing with it later]].˛* {{Fingore}}: Ronnie [[ can't help himself when it comes to clipping his nails]]. Replacing the lost ones [[ with hot dogs]] just exacerbated the problem.˛* FirstWorldProblems: Quite often, but best summed up by "[[ Pudding In The Effort]]"˛* FiveFingerFillet: [[ One of M Dude's hobbies, apparently]].˛* FragileFlower: Ronnie, as seen under RuleOfThree. And many, ''many'' other occasions.˛* FreezeFrameBonus: [[ "Scale Inability"]]˛* FunTShirt: Agrias [[ sports one]] reading "[[PlatonicLifePartners Not in a romantic relationship with him <--]]"˛* FunnyBackgroundEvent: In a {{callback}} to [[ one of Ronnie's inventions]], [[ apparently Ronald McDonald is working on "The McDonald"]] as well.˛* GassHole: Best exemplified [[ here]].˛** Eventually, [[ even his own farts turn on him]].˛** One strip had Ronnie [[ jump-start the exploration of space]] by farting himself to death. He's lauded as a hero.˛** Before that, [[ he installed an automatic door]] to protect the outside world.˛** [[ He once farted]] for [[OverlyLongGag five years straight]].˛** He's able to [[ fart his name in the snow]].˛* GirlfriendInCanada: When Mei moves there for college, [[ Ronnie winds up invoking this]].˛* GiveGeeksAChance˛* GrammarNazi: [[ "Text Dirty To Me"]]˛* GoneHorriblyRight: Ronnie tries to scare off a barking dog by [[ tying a firecracker to a crossbow bolt]].˛-->'''Alt Text''': Well, he stopped barking.˛* HarmfulToMinors: Agrias [[ doesn't like Mascots]] for this reason.˛* HasAType:˛** Mei prefers a BigBeautifulMan - the more pathetic, the better.˛--->'''Agrias''': [[ I set you up with my friend Mei]]. [[LampshadeHanging She's into fat white guys, so you've already got this in the bag]].˛*** [[spoiler: Eventually she [[ dumped him]]. For someone [[UpToEleven even fatter and more pathetic]]. It seems she has a type and she sticks to it.]]˛** Ronnie [[ admits to having a fondness]] for {{Tsundere}} characters.˛--->'''Ronnie''': I think "I'm the only one [[DefrostingIceQueen who could make her happy]]." [-I'm broken-].˛* HehHehYouSaidX: Ronnie puts a lot of effort [[ into a communications project]] he dubs the "Far Table". [[spoiler: [[DontExplainTheJoke The URL is ""]]]]˛* HeroesWantRedheads: Ronnie [[ comments on an attractive red-headed actress]], and Agrias asks [[spoiler: if it's because Ronnie likes [[TrademarkFavoriteFood Ronald McDonald]].]]˛* HollywoodDateless: Despite being... well, himself, [[ Ronnie's dated quite often]], but rejects them over minor details.˛-->'''Ronnie''': I'm just looking for a girl... who hates everything I hate... [[HisOwnWorstEnemy except me]].˛* HumanoidAbomination: "[[ Runnie's replace]]", as it calls itself. A tall... ''thing'' with BizarreAlienBiology, a face that appears to be made of balloons and talks in horribly mangled English. Sometimes it shows up when "Runnie is feel unwell" and does nothing except a weird mockery of Ronnie's daily behavior (except that one time [[ it tried to kill itself]]) and creep the hell out of Agrias. Absolutely no explanation is ever given about what it is.˛** [[spoiler:The Halloween 2014 comic provides an answer: he's a "replacement" unconsciously created by Ronnie.]]˛** M Dude as well, [[spoiler:which makes sense because he's also a "replacement".]]˛** Ronnie himself has hints of this - or at least his beard does. [[ As does its trimmings]].˛* HumansThroughAlienEyes: Ronnie [[ probably isn't the best pick]], though.˛* HurricaneOfEuphemisms: "[[ Your Current Weight Is...]]"˛* HypeAversion: ˛** Ronnie [[ admits he has an inherent problem with this]].˛-->'''Ronnie''': But if you tell me how great [[{{Disney/Zootopia}} it is]], my brain will rebel and refuse to see it for fear of disappointment. I will forever wonder if it lives up to the hype, but never see it for myself.˛** Comes up [[ here]] as well.˛** And once more [[ here]], where he's upset because he likes something that others do.˛* HypocriticalHumor: Ronnie [[ wonders why Needles hisses at other cats]].˛* IHaveNoSon: His father [[spoiler:who happens to be SantaClaus.]]˛** [[spoiler: Literally, Ronnie is not biologically his son, he's a magical construct. Santa considers him a sort-of son, but is still pretty distant and unfatherly]]˛* InSeriesNickname: "Agrias", whose actual name is Li Ming Chiu; it's a reference to one of her favorite video game characters, Agrias Oaks from ''[[VideoGame/FinalFantasyTactics Final Fantasy Tactics]]''. Her nickname is one of the main reasons Ronnie accepted her as his roommate.˛* {{Jerkass}}: M Dude.˛** JerkassFacade: [[ Sometimes...]]˛* JustFriends: Invoked and averted- Ronnie and Agrias really are just friends, and any hint of a romantic relationship is instantly shot down by one or both of them.˛** And deliberately spelled out by Agrias [[ here]].˛* KafkaComedy: Half of the jokes are making fun of Ronnie's misery. What really sends it home is the arc where M Dude convinces him he's a bad person and he gets so depressed he forgets how to wear clothes. He also imagined that M Dude burned his house down because "terrible people don't get to live in houses". Agrias eventually finds him in jail after he got arrested for indecent exposure and tells him his house is fine.˛* KillItWithFire: [[ The only logical solution]] for Agrias after Ronnie [[ShipTease dreamed they were a couple]].˛* KindHeartedCatLover: ˛** Ronnie owns several, and takes this trope to new heights [[ when explaining to guests how to properly get under the covers without disturbing the cats laying on the bed]], and having a freak-out when one jumps off.˛** A later strip has him [[ refusing to move and disturb his cat]] as the kitchen catches on fire.˛* KlingonScientistsGetNoRespect: [[ The Smartest Klingon]]˛* TheKrampus: [[spoiler:He serves as Santa Claus's equivalent of M Dude. Santa is slightly better at keeping Krampus under control than Ronnie is with M Dude. [[ Slightly]].]]˛* LeaningOnTheFourthWall: [[ While Future!Ronnie might just be glancing up in anger while Past!Ronnie is looking down in shame, they're still looking directly at each other]].˛* LethalChef: {{Inverted}} by Ronnie, [[ though the result is still horrifying]].˛* LifeEmbellished: When the author was being treated for gallstones, [[ this is what happened to Ronnie]].˛* LikeFatherLikeSon: [[spoiler:Ronnie gets a lot of traits from his dad Santa. His rotund figure (and the "magic fat" that comes with it) and a "motivation creature" (Santa's is the Krampus) are the two big ones.]]˛* LimitedWardrobe: Ronnie's Hawaiian shirts, thanks to his "magic fat", as explained above.˛* LiteralMetaphor: [[ Which was proven wrong.]]˛* LogicBomb: Ronnie pulls one [[ on himself]].˛* LoserProtagonist: Not quite at Al Bundy levels, but close. [[ Even God made him as a joke]].˛* LovableNerd: Ronnie (for varying values of "lovable").˛* MadeMyselfSad: Ronnie, on multiple [[ occasions]].˛* MagicCarpet: [[ "Tragic Carpet Ride"]]˛* ManChild: The comic delights in mocking Ronnie for his childish behavior and obsessions.˛* TheManInTheMoon: [[ Ronnie sees the face on the moon]]... and [[ParanoiaFuel it sees him, too]].˛* MesACrowd: [[spoiler:The 2014 Halloween comic reveals that Ronnie unconsciously makes replacements to serve his purposes. Both M-Dude and "Runnie's replace" are such replacements.]]˛* MistakenForGay In [[ "Preconceived Emotions"]], Agrias assumes Ronnie is gay because he 1) Never hits on her, 2) Spends all his time with a guy named "M Dude", and 3) Has his own Sailor Moon costume.˛* MistakenForPedophile: Ronnie sees a girl on a flight playing ''VideoGame/HarvestMoon'' and asks if [[ she's decided who she'll marry yet]] - suffice to say, [[TalkToTheFist her father didn't approve]].˛* MistakenForRacist: Agrias shouts at Ronnie [[ for pulling at the corners of his eyes]] - he was actually trying to look more like Creator/StevenSeagal.˛* MonsterClown: [[ Gunzo the Clown]].˛-->'''Gunzo''': When the pigs ask you questions, tell them only lies! I don't want to come after your families... [[ImpliedDeathThreat but I will]].˛* MoodSwinger: Ronnie often, as well as [[ this girl.]]˛** Lampshaded in a strip where Ronnie's mood is paradoxical - if someone points out that he seems happy, he'll ''immediately'' become unhappy [[ because he shouldn't be happy]]. A later one [[ has him shift between elated and fearful of having so many readers]] before getting DrunkOnMilk.˛* MusclesAreMeaningless: Working in a zoo [[ makes one surprisingly strong]].˛* NerdGlasses: Although he wears them [[ far too close to his eyes]].˛* NervousWreck: Ronnie is constantly paranoid about what other people think about him, going to great lengths to save himself from embarrassment (although this often backfires and Ronnie ends up humiliated anyway). He's also easily startled by loud noises and tends to get emotionally overwhelmed at extremely trivial shortcomings. Even [[ thinking about something sad]] will reduce him to a cripplingly-depressed (and [[NakedPeopleAreFunny naked]]) puddle.˛** Taken UpToEleven [[ when a balloon pops while he's on a date]].˛* NeverHeardThatOneBefore: "[[ I'm not pregnant. Just fat!]]" That poor lab tech.˛* {{Nekomimi}}: {{Invoked}}, then inverted [[ in rather disturbing fashion]].˛* NobodyPoops: [[ Agrias thinks so]]. [[spoiler:[[ As it turns out, she's the only person who doesn't.]]]]˛* NoodleImplements: [[ "Not the bucket!"]]˛* NonIronicClown: [[ He probably should have just said]] he was cosplaying as ComicBook/TheJoker.˛* NotSoDifferent: Agrias and Ronnie. They share the same love for comics and video games. And while Ronnie is far more socially awkward, Agrias can prove herself quite weird, if not disgusting, too. She gets to [[FridgeHorror realize]] this in [[ this strip]].˛** Ronnie and [[spoiler:his father, Santa Claus]] too.˛* NothingIsScarier: Makes for [[ a pretty effective Halloween strip]].˛* ObliviousToLove: Ronnie [[ realizes this regarding a girl in high school]]. A later strip [[ implies he does this often.]]˛* OccidentalOtaku: Ronnie, to the point of carrying around his own set of [[ stylish chopsticks]] that the AltText proclaims no self-respecting Asian would ever own.˛** He ''does'' have his limits, though - Agrias [[ brought him a present from "Glorious Nippon"]]. [[TakeThat Too bad it turned out to be]] [[spoiler: a DVD-copy of ''Film/DragonBallEvolution'']].˛--->'''Agrias''': Quit it. [[BlackComedySuicide Quit trying to kill yourself with that DVD]].˛** Similarly, [[ he leaves the house]] after calling Mei "[[{{UsefulNotes/Kawaisa}} Kawaii]]".˛* OlderThanTheyLook: "Oh god. [[ You're younger than I am]]."˛* OnlyKnownByTheirNickname: Agrias' real name is Li Ming Chiu, but she goes by her nickname almost exclusively.˛* {{Otaku}}˛* ParanoiaFuel: [[ Needles starts growling at the dark window]]. Another time, Needles [[ was sniffing at a mole]] on Ronnie's arm.˛* PlatonicLifePartners: Ronnie and his female roommate Agrias.˛** On at least one occasion, Ronnie has crossed the line because he confused [[BecauseYouWereNiceToMe mundane etiquette and kindness]] with romantic affection. [[ Agrias even wrote him a note to remind him]]. As a bonus, you can even see that [[spoiler: he'd put his shirt on backwards that day, leaving him unable to see the note]].˛** A FlashForward strip [[ had Agrias marry Ronnie so he won't die alone]]. [[spoiler: She strictly reinforces this trope by tossing the priest out the window to avoid having it be certified]].˛* ThePowerOfHate: Once, M-Dude unplugged Ronnie's computer in the middle of browsing; Ronnie then proceeded to turn the computer back on [[ via the sheer power of his rage.]]˛* PreviouslyOn: [[ This]]˛* ProudToBeAGeek˛* PublicServiceAnnouncement: Ronnie [[ gives one that]] is fittingly depressing: "Never try, because you'll probably fail." The only reason he got to go on-air with that message is because being told he'd failed the audition [[MortonsFork would be admitting his message was accurate]].˛* PunBasedTitle: Most (if not all) of the comic titles in ''Whomp!'' are puns of the content of the given comic.˛* PuppyDogEyes: Yes, even someone as rotund as Ronnie [[ is capable of this]].˛** "There's no transgression that can't be resolved [[ by a good cry]]."˛* RetGone: [[spoiler:Krampus does this to the entire UsefulNotes/McDonalds franchise. M Dude convinced him to do it. Fortunately, Santa makes him undo it.]]˛* RuleOfFunny: Sometimes physics will be defied [[ just for the sake of a joke]].˛* RuleOfThree: Ronnie runs away in tears 3 times [[ because of Agrias]] talking to Mei - first she mentioned that he was getting too heavy, then she mentions how he's overly-sensitive... then just because she looks at him.˛* SelfDeprecation: Practically Ronnie's [[ defining trait]].˛* SexSells: Ronnie follows the popular trend [[ for live-streaming]], [[FanDisservice sporting a bikini when he plays]].˛-->'''Gamelovin''': [[FlatWhat why]]˛* SignsOfDisrepair: When Ronnie is on a diet, he walks by [=McDonald's=] and sees an employee putting up a banner advertising "Free [=McNuggets=]", causing him to run away in tears because he can't have any. When the employee finishes putting up the banner, we see that it actually says "''Fat'' Free [=McNuggets=]", and the employee starts desperately calling after Ronnie, saying that they created them specifically for him because of his diet. ˛* SliceOfLife ˛* ShoutOut: To ''Terminator 2'' in [[ this strip]]. Ronnie gets M-Dude to immerse him in liquid chocolate, and just as he sinks out of sight, he pops a thumbs up.˛** The various "[[ Good Luck Chuck]]" strips takes [[{{Franchise/Peanuts}} Charlie Brown's]] BornUnlucky trait and cranks it up to morbid levels.˛** One to both [[VideoGame/FinalFantasyTactics Agrias' namesake]] and ''Franchise/{{Pokemon}}'' [[ via Halloween costumes]].˛** The AltText for [[ this one]] references ''{{Film/Hook}}''.˛--->'''Secret Words''': I'm gonna chug this cocoa, Aggy. Don't try to stop me Aggy. Don't you ''dare'' try to stop me Aggy. [[ Try to stop me, Aggy]]...˛** Agrias has an EroticDream [[ mirroring the infamous pool dream]] in ''Film/FastTimesAtRidgemontHigh''.˛** [[ A sick Ronnie]] gets visited by Film/PatchAdams.˛** Ronnie brings a [[{{Music/Vocaloid}} Hatsune Miku]] lamp [[ into an Olive Garden]].˛** Webcomic/GarfieldMinusGarfield gets parodied [[ here]].˛** When Ronnie [[ freaks out during a power outage]], Needles is dressed as [[Film/MadMaxFuryRoad Immortan Joe]].˛** The title for "Dream the Unconscionable Dream" is a clear reference to ''Theatre/ManOfLaMancha'''s SignatureSong.˛** "[[ Me Myself and Ire]]" references both ''Film/MeMyselfAndIrene'' with the title, and ''Film/FightClub'' by name.˛* SubbingVersusDubbing: [[ Ronnie is a firm believer in the former]].˛* SurpriseCreepy: The comic tends to take sudden unsettling turns.˛* TakeThat: [[ "Comic Relief"]] has Ronnie conclude he doesn't need to try so hard to make his comics ''good'' after Agrias tells him some of his rejected ideas were still usable. The resulting "no effort" comic is a very blatant parody of ''WebComic/CtrlAltDel''.˛* TastesLikeFeet: A sandwich made with [[ just the heels of a loaf of bread]] tastes like "leprosy elbows" to Ronnie.˛* ThisIsReality: Agrias' reaction to Ronnie [[ drawing his chin]], resulting in her nearly [[spoiler: going up in a PuffOfLogic]].˛* ThoseTwoGuys: The paramedics that respond to minor calls, [[ first appearing when]] Ronnie attempts to binge-watch the ''entire'' Hobbit/Lord of the Rings sexology.˛* ThroughTheEyesOfMadness: "[[ Delusions of Blandeur]]", with Doctors Abby Grace and Morty Vaison.˛* ToiletHumor: Fairly common, especially as regards farts. Lampshaded extremely often.˛* TrademarkFavoriteFood: Ronnie's Chicken [=McNuggets=] - even the employees at his local branch [[ go above and beyond because of it]].˛** Or "chikky nuggz", as his donate button refers to them.˛* TrumanShowPlot: It's made [[ considerably easier]] when the subject never leaves home.˛* {{Tsundere}}: M-Dude, big time ({{lampshaded}} [[ here]]).˛** Ronnie claims [[ to have a date with one]], but he might be a bit optimistic.˛** Katie briefly [[ acted this way to make Ronnie happy]], but turns out he couldn't really handle the reality of someone treating him like crap for no reason while secretly liking him.˛* UglyGuyHotWife: Ugly Guy Hot Girlfriend: Ronnie and Mei.˛* UncannyValley: Ronnie name-drops the trope [[ when seeing an android]].˛* UnfortunateNames: Professor Manny - [[ his first name sounds like]] "[[GenderBlenderName Mandy]]". He heavily highlights this fact for his students to try to keep their attention from the fact that [[spoiler: his last name is "Fartsmouth"]].˛* UniversalTranslator: Ronnie [[ rejects an offered one]] because he falls on the "Subbing" side of SubbingVersusDubbing.˛* VorpalPillow: [[ "Fight For Your Right To (Slumber) Party"]] - apparently Ronnie learned it from M-Dude. ˛* WholesomeCrossdresser: Ronnie keeps a Sailor Moon outfit for purely nerdy reasons, along with a [[ few purchases for financial reasons]].˛* XanatosGambit: [[ M Dude employs a small one]].˛* {{Yandere}}: [[ One of Ronnie's cats]], allegedly.˛* [[YouGottaHaveBlueHair You Gotta Have Purple Hair]]: Mei's hair is violet [[MulticoloredHair with a streak of pink.]]˛* YourHeadASplode: [[ "Cookie Ronster"]]˛----


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