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1[[quoteright:350:]] [[caption-width-right:350:Taisce Brennan wielding some waterbendingish abilities.]]''[[ Skyvein]]'' is a {{Fantasy Webcomic|s}} by sen holiday following the perilous adventures of our heroes ([[IJustWantToBeNormal reluctant]] and otherwise) in a world where [[BanOnMagic magick is regulated]] and everyone lives on islands in a [[TheSkyIsAnOcean sea of toxic clouds]].----!!Provides examples of:* AffectionateNickname: These are all over the place, really -- Emi calls her brother Firefly, and he in turn calls her Meteorite.* BigBrotherIsWatching: As [[FunWithAcronyms VISN]], in these streets!* BigDamnHeroes: A lot of the time, particularly [[ here]] and [[ here]]. * BunnyEarsLawyer: The peculiar and mysterious [[ Puff]] falls under this category.* ComeWithMeIfYouWantToLive: Emi and Feng's appeal to Taisce when breaking them out of jail.* CoolAirship: Bastion and Red's vessel, as well as all the other ships that ferry goods between the islands.* EcoTerrorist: During the news coverage of the burning Cliff jail, the news anchor cites a couple of eco-terrorists responsible for the previous release of a skysquid. * FantasticRacism: More fey than humans live in the Cliffs, and the robocops are much quicker to arrest and harass them than humans.* FunWithAcronyms: These mostly come into play in the background of the comic on flyers posted throughout the Cliffs; one such example is VISN (the Visual Information and Surveillance Network).* HolographicTerminal: Most of the tech in the Upper City uses holoscreens.* MegaCorp: In Skyvein, there's really only one -- The Core, which is the fused corporation/government entity that controls everything.* SiblingTeam: Emi and Feng Fa, [[ obvi.]]* YouGottaHaveBlueHair: Or in this case, a fiery red as exhibited by Emi and Feng. Or Taisce's white, or many of the background characters' various colors.----


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