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1[[quoteright:320:]] ² [[caption-width-right:320:These guys still hate each other (Though not as much these days...)]]²Real Mortal Kombat is a web-video series created by BizarrelyFunny creators "Ryan Jossy" & "Anthony Lively". The link to their Youtube channel is here: [[ BizarrelyFunny]]. Otherwise known as "Mortal Kombat in Real Life", RMK mainly focuses on the two most memorable characters of the video game franchise (Sub-Zero & Scorpion). Originally starting on the 31st of March 2010, the series has grown from a one-shot video game parody to a full fledged web video series.²²* AskAStupidQuestion: Some of the questions in their Q&A videos are this.²* AsskickingEqualsAuthority: Shao Kahn.²* BadassNormal: Kurtis Stryker (Although this being "real life", Stryker wouldn't stand a chance against these, still, super-powered beings).²* CrossOver: Some of their videos featured characters that aren't even from their respective universes (Like Darth Vader in the "Darth Vader & Shao Kahn Play - Lego Star Wars III: The Clone Wars" video and Deadpool in the "Deadpool vs Sub-Zero Battle in Real Life!" video).²* EarlyInstallmentWeirdness: In their first RMK video, Scorpion & Sub-Zero were played by the same actor. It wasn't until the next episode that they are now played by their respective actors. Also, their costumes weren't that fancy compared to their later videos (Due to having a smaller budget back then).²* EatsBabies: Reptile (He even makes it clear that he LOOOOVES Babies and doesn't see a problem with it after giving viewers a lecture on how they eat *baby* food as well).²* ElementalPowers: Sub-Zero has the power of Ice while Scorpion has the power of Fire (Well more specifically the powers of the Netherrealm but he uses fire mostly).²* FateWorseThanDeath: Poor Sub-Zero, in one of the alternate endings for "The Krypt", got a 'Scorpions Ultimate Workouts DVD'. Cue his soul crushing reaction.²* IdiotBall: Baraka holds this with both his legs & arms.²* LetsPlay: Scorpion & Sub-Zero (Plus other characters, depending on the person who requested the game) play a ton of video games from viewers suggestions (Some of them being full on lets plays).²* MeanCharacterNiceActor: Despite their characters being absolute douchebags to each other, the actors behind them are best pals.²* MultipleEndings: In the "Money Crunch" and "The Krypt" videos, there's multiple ways for Sub-Zero & Scorpion to be butchered or suffer horribly. When Scorpion meets up with Freddy Krueger, he recommends lying in his bed and having a nice dream. The viewer, knowing that Freddy is...well, a killer, you'd think that rejecting the offer is the best idea (Guess what happens if you picked that choice?).²* RealityEnsues: The title of the series pretty much gives it away. Sub-Zero pointed out to Scorpion in the "Kleaning 4 Kahn" video that if he had killed Kahn as he came to the door, they would've been forced out of their home due to the bank owning their house.²* SealedEvilInACan: After a tough battle, Raiden (In the Raiden Vs Shinnok fight) seals away the former Elder God into the amulet just like in Mortal Kombat X.²* SmokingIsCool: Smoke (According to him, his motivational posters, that he gives to kids, reads "Don't do drugs, just smoke!")²* ShockAndAwe: Raiden (He is the God of Thunder after all).²* SuperReflexes: After teleporting in, Smoke instantly reacts to a surprised Scorpion about to punch him.²* TeethClenchedTeamwork: More like "Teeth clenching as they live together along with several other MK characters" but that doesn't sound as cool. Scorpion made it clear in the Q&A 2 video that he still hates Sub-Zero but not as much these days (As long as Sub-Zero doesn't touch Scorpion's stuff and stays the hell away from him).²* TheEeyore: Raiden seemed to be this, in the "An Unlikely Santa Claus" video, after mentioning that he hates his life. He got over it though...²* TheUnintelligible: Liu Kang (It's revealed in the Q&A videos that his normal voice was ruined after Johnny Cage punched him in the nuts multiple times).²* UnstoppableRage: Piss off Scorpion enough and he'll rip your heart out (As one viewer found out the hard way in the Q&A video).²* WhyWontYouDie: After unloading a clip on Ermac, Stryker is disbelieved that he managed to block all those bullets and orders him to drop dead on the ground. He does eventually finish him (After making Ermac turn his back to him).


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