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1''Reincarnation'' is a series of online point-and-click [[AdventureGame adventure games]] made by B-group Productions. The story is about Hell, which is slightly different than you would expect in that there is a built-in way to escape: portals to the mortal realm are scattered throughout Hell, and any soul who finds one is reincarnated and given a chance to atone for their sins, thus moving on to Heaven. When enough souls have escaped, God can shut down Hell for good. To prevent this from happening, Lucifer ("Luke" for short) sends his demons to the human realm to catch the "Reincarnies" before they can turn good and send them back to Hell.²²There are three full-length games in the series:²²* ''A Demon's Day Out'' - This game introduces the premise of the series, lays down the ground rules, and sends the Demon after his first Reincarny, who has murdered someone.²* ''Riley's Out Again'' - The Demon goes after Riley, a repeat Reincarny, who has become a teacher at a local school.²* ''Let the Evil Times Roll'' - The Demon goes after a voodoo lady and her band, who have escaped from Hell and are back to their old ways.²²And eleven "mini" adventures:²²* ''Out to Sea You Die'' - The Demon goes after a Reincarny who has commandeered a ship and is using people as fish bait.²* ''A Hillbilly Holiday'' - The Demon goes after a hillbilly Reincarny on holiday from Hell who likes to engage in kidnapping.²* ''In the Name of Evil'' - The Demon goes after a {{Middle Eastern Terrorist|s}} by the name of Naja, who is up to his old tricks.²* ''The Clergy of Unholy'' - The Demon goes after Saul, a Reincarny who has become a priest spreading the Good Word, but likes to get up to ugly things with his altar boys.²* ''The Backfire of Hell'' - The Demon catches a ride with a Reincarny who is responsible for a family murder.²* ''All Hallow's Evil'' - The Demon pays a visit to a Reincarny who lives alone on Halloween and who likes to murder kids who come visit him.²* ''A Taste of Evil'' - The Demon goes after a Reincarny who works at a fast food joint and likes to leave his own...special the food.²* ''The Evil Next Door'' - The Demon goes after a Reincarny running a drug lab in an apartment building.²* ''The Final Happy Hour'' - The Demon goes after a Reincarny who has become a bartender.²* ''Bloody Bayou'' - The Demon goes after a Reincarny who lives in the bayou and likes to beat on his wife.²* ''Loving Every Evil Triumph'' - The Demon goes after a Reincarny who spends all his time gaming online to the neglect of everything else.²²The games can be found on [[ the creators' blog,]] as well as on gaming sites such as Newgrounds and Kongregate. A commercial game titled ''The Root Of All Evil'' is in the works.²²Not to be confused with [[{{Reincarnation}} the trope of the same name.]]²²----²!!Series Tropes Include:²²* AntiPoopsocking: The minis. The regular games aren't much longer.²** Also the Aesop of LEET: the Reincarny spent so much time engrossed in video games he didn't notice his cat starving to death.²* AllCrimesAreEqual: Although many installments do feature murder as the vice of choice of the Reincarnies, it's not actually necessary; as long as the demon finds evidence that the Reincarny still bears ill will towards their fellow man, he'll call it good. Taking a dump in the deep fryer at work: gross, but more importantly, evil enough for the demon to engineer a gruesome "accidental" death. Selling school children into slavery in the black market is also evil enough for the demon, as is drugging up an altar boy for unsavory purposes. Neglecting your cat to starvation isn't even evil per say but enough to prove the Reincarny didn't make amends.²* AllThereInTheManual: A digital comic, first available for the iPhone then included for free with ''The Clergy of Unholy,'' explains why the Reincarnies would return to their evil ways after having experienced Hell: they lose all memories of Hell when they leave.²* ArtEvolution: Characters, animations and backgrounds become more detailed as the series goes on.²* AssholeVictim: None of the Reincarnies change their ways upon returning to Earth. [[spoiler:Unless you get the bad ending for the first Reincarny in Let the Evil Times Roll, of course, but whether that's a change in character or a lack of motive is debatable.]]²* BackFromTheDead: How reincarnation works in the series, damned souls can come back from the dead if they find a secret Reincarny portal in Hell. The demon's job is to send these souls back to Hell if they're still doing their former evil.²* BearsAreBadNews: Bad news for [[spoiler:the hillbilly]], at any rate.²* BornAgainImmortality: Subverted; in ''The Root of All Evil'', demons who die undergo a reincarnation of their own into a fetus. While this means they get another shot at life, they not only forget everything they knew as a full-grown demon, but are far less likely to make it back to adulthood since they're reborn in the exact space they died the first time.²* CoolAndUnusualPunishment: Seen in ''Riley's Day Out,'' ''The Backfire of Hell'' and ''All Hallow's Evil.''²* CrapsackWorld: A world where people are escaping from hell in adult bodies and killing people probably isn't the safest world to live in for the average human.²* DateRapeAverted: The demon in ''Final Happy Hour'' intentionally tempts the Reincarny into drugging a woman at the bar and then freezes him to death. It's just what he needed to do his job.²* DomesticAbuse: One Reincarny beats his wife for cooking him opossum for dinner. That's all the proof the demon needs to send him back to Hell.²* DropTheWashtub: The end of [[spoiler: ''In The Name of Evil'' has the demon dropping a bathtub on the Reincarny]].²* EatsBabies: When examining a Demon Fetus in ''Riley's Out Again'', the protagonist casually quips that they're quite tasty.²* EscapedFromHell: Escaping hell is surprisingly easy. Staying out of it, on the other hand...²* EvenEvilHasStandards: Our main character likes to think of himself as a cocky demon, but putting a picture of yourself in your own room (as the PedophilePriest does) is downright arrogant. He also doesn't want to cause any physical harm on people who are innocent, although animals are fair game.²* ForTheEvulz: The demons are technically doing good things by killing unrepentant Reincarnies, but they do cruel things during the course of it for fun and make it clear that they do it in the name of evil, not good.²* GuideDangIt: ''Out to Sea You Die,'' if you don't know Morse Code.²* HolyBurnsEvil: The demon can go inside churches just fine, he just doesn't like it. He does, however, refuse to go anywhere near something with the word "holy" in it if you try to make him interact with holy water.²* HolyGround: One takes place in a church, and the demon tells you that there's no [[AvertedTrope problem being in a church]], he just doesn't like it. Then again, you are chasing a PedophilePriest...²* HypocriticalHumor: In ''Loving Every Evil Triumph'', the demon wonders why anyone would enjoy sitting around controlling a video game character.²* InformingTheFourthWall: "This door seems to be locked."²* InvisibleToNormals: Averted. The demons must go to great lengths to avoid being seen. Fortunately, humans apparently don't seem to have any peripheral vision.²* LargeHam: Ask not for whom the bell tolls; it tolls for '''''evil!'''''²** Notably, while the protagonist has always been pretty hammy, his voice acting was ''far'' hammier in the first game than it was in later games in the series. He seems to have mellowed out some.²* LaserGuidedKarma: You kill the Reincarny in ''A Taste of Evil'' by [[spoiler:arranging for him to fall into the fry vat while he's in the middle of doing his business in it]].²* LeaningOnTheFourthWall: "How could anyone enjoy sitting around all day controlling a video game character!?"²* MakeItLookLikeAnAccident: Once the demon finds the sin that will justify sending the Reincarny back to Hell, their next task is to kill them in a way that looks like an accident.²* MiddleEasternTerrorists: Naja, the Reincarny of "In the Name of Evil", is a terrorist who has set up a bomb to explode his apartment building. His place of origin isn't confirmed but his character design is stereotypically middle-eastern.²* MindOverMatter: The demons are telekinetic, but can only manipulate small objects.²* NeverHurtAnInnocent: The demons aren't allowed to kill anyone other than Reincarnies. [[FridgeLogic Frogs don't count, I guess...]]²** However, they ''are'' allowed to let Reincarnies harm innocents in order to prove that they're still evil.²* NoNameGiven: At the beginning of the series, the demon protagonist had no name, saying in ''A Demon's Day Out'' that ''If I had a name, it would be '''EVIL!''' '' But after the release of ''The Final Happy Hour'' the series creator said the demon's name is Vile (so, y'know, at least it's an anagram of evil).²** Also, several of the Reincarnies.²* OneGenderRace: All the demons seem to be male. "Demon fetuses" have appeared (and explicitly grow up to become demons), but where ''they'' come from is unclear.²* OurDemonsAreDifferent: Just not from each other.²** And in ''The Clergy of Unholy,'' the demon reveals, "Of course I can enter churches! I just hate it."²* PedophilePriest: Saul, the Reincarny in ''The Clergy of Unholy.''²* PunchClockHero: The protagonist makes it very clear that he enjoys performing evil actions (though not necessarily the jobs of catching the Reincarnies). However, his job is to make sure there's ''less'' evil in the world.²* QuickTimeEvent: Used in ''Riley's Out Again'' to avoid being spotted by a schoolboy. Catching the plague locusts in ''Let the Evil Times Roll'' counts as well. Also used in ''The Evil Next Door''²* SlidingScaleLongName: The series is ''very'' far toward the cynical side. Even if the average people are much better than the damned characters the player deals with, the games still suggest that redemption can be a dangerous false hope and that bad people tend to never change. Recidivism is very high in a world where escaped damned souls can't seem to go a single week after their escape without killing, abusing or raping a random person.²* SillyWalk: The main character always walks with his arms in a mantis-like pose, as if he's sneaking past something, regardless of the presence of danger.²* TwentyBearAsses: ''Let the Evil Times Roll'' has a sidequest where you have to collect fifteen plague locusts for Death.²* VideoGameCrueltyPotential: To get the "good" ending in ''Let the Evil Times Roll,'' you have to [[spoiler:trick Stubbs, a recovering alcoholic trying to get his life back together, into taking up drinking again, then doctor his sign so that it gets him beat up, possibly to death, just so you can prove that Amos is still evil]].²** In ''A Demon's Day Out'' you have to [[spoiler: fill a poor frog with water to bursting point.]]²** In ''Let the Evil Times Roll'' to get to the portal, you end up [[spoiler: killing a baby demon just so you can feed it to a hell hound. Even worse it's described as only being unconscious.]]²* VillainProtagonist: The Demon is a demon, he kills Reincarnies who didn't atone for their sins but his way of doing it isn't necessarily savory and if it wasn't for the rules he wouldn't mind killing innocents too (he might have indirectly killed one in the series).²* VerbalTic: The demons really love to put emphasis on the word '''''EVIL!'''''²* VocalEvolution: The protagonist begins sounding more calm after a certain point in the series.²* WeirdnessCensor: the bartender in ''Final Happy Hour'' somehow fails to notice the prices on the chalkboard going from $2 to $0 to $2000. [[spoiler:However, he is a Reincarny, so he might be aware about the potential to scam the guy he's serving.]]²* WeNeedToGetProof: The first step in every game is to find proof that the Reincarny is still evil, with the second step being to find a way to send him back to Hell.²----


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