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1[[quoteright:350:]]² [-[[caption-width-right:350: The game character, Aqua: [[DoppelgangerAttack there are more of Aquas where she came from. ]]]]-]²²''Project Dimentia Bodhisattva'' is a BeatEmUp WebGame, [[ published]] on Website/{{Newgrounds}} on July 13th, 2015.²²At the start of the game it features an Asura named Aqua who is starting to fight against villains from skateboarders with pink afros, to crazy catgirl boss with her clones, to a crazy baronexic baroness named Nisha. After encountering her, you must complete the other three stages to fight her again.²²!!Tropes present in this game:²* AnythingThatMoves: Nisha is a downplayed example-she'll kiss her minions, Aqua, even [[MesACrowd herself]]. Slightly justified in that [[MagicKiss her kisses can heal others]], but she's called the Basorexic Baroness in-universe for a ''reason''.²* CloneByConversion: As a special attack, Aqua can encase nearby enemies in cocoons to do this, then absorb the clones for health.²* DoesNotLikeShoes: Aqua the Asura kinda looks like it in the game.²* DopplegangerAttack: The Game.²* HeroicMime: Subverted-While Aqua the player character can't speak, [[MesACrowd her NPC clones]] in the lighthouse can.²* MagicKiss: Nisha can heal others through a kiss (and does so with gusto).²* MesACrowd: Aqua has the ability to duplicate when fight-dashing, doing combo moves, picking up objects to throw at enemies, and trying to rescue the pigs; Not only Aqua can perform this, but bosses like Nisha, the catgirl Salmon which can self duplicate by the red eggs that float in the air, and Poodle by creating clones out of mirrors.²* MookHorrorShow: Near the end of the first level, you'll be able to eavesdrop on several mooks freaking out over Aqua's powers.²* MultipleHeadCase: Aqua is an example as she can become two headed, and in air can turn three-headed if she is at maximum level at Sky Chasm. ²* RoyalWe: Nisha refers to herself this way, though given her [[SelfDuplication abilities]], it may be a case of IAmLegion.²* ScrewYourself: At the bonus round , [[spoiler:here are a few moments where Aqua kisses herself as she splits.]] So do [[spoiler:Cleo/Patra]] and [[spoiler:Nisha (of course, Nisha kisses ''everyone'').]]²* PowerUpFood: Dim sum heals Aqua when she encounters them alot.²* TalkingToThemself: Aqua with her clones in the lighthouse.²* YouGottaHaveBlueHair: Aqua the Asura and Salmon's hair color is cyan, Pollen and Petal have green hair, and Poodle has pink hair.²----


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