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1[[quoteright:350:]] ²''Kakuto Chojin: Back Alley Brutal'' AKA ''Kakutou Choujin: Fighting Super Heroes'' is a FightingGame exclusively made for Microsoft's UsefulNotes/{{Xbox}} gaming console published in 2002 by [[Creator/MicrosoftStudios Microsoft Game Studios]]. While used as an early demo game for the Xbox's graphical capabilities, it is more notorious for being pulled off of the shelves shortly after a prayer from the Quran was used as a sample in one of the music tracks.²²There are 13 fighters in this game: Asad, Vittoria, Sabre, J.D. Stone, Rena, Kahn, Crusher Ramirez, Shadow, Roxy, Reiji, Vegard, Yin Kai Li, and Daeva. They are assembled for a fighting tournament named the Fist of Fire Tournament, sponsored by an evil organization called the Maladinia.²²!!This game exhibits the following tropes:²* BruceLeeClone: Reiji sports the slender muscular torso, the acrobatic moves, and the high-pitched screams although he is a Japanese Tomonobu Itagaki lookalike with massive scars all over his body.²* DanceBattler: Rena uses UserfulNotes/{{Capoeira}} as her fighting style.²* TheFundamentalist: Asad is an Muslim extremist from Somalia who is waging his own private ''Jihad''.²* MsFanservice: Vittoria, Rena and Roxy all wear [[{{Stripperiffic}} revealing outfits]] and possess copious amounts of [[JigglePhysics jiggling]] while moving. Vittoria and Roxy also are blessed with [[BoobsOfSteel large breasts]] [[MaleGaze to go with said jiggling]].²----


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