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1Hi, I'm Tobias Drake. I'm intelligent, but uneducated. I dropped out of high school when I was 17, but my G.E.D. placed me in the top 2% of graduating students. The United States Army taught me how to be a man, and I've been in the working world for most of my adult life.께You may hear me talk about my family from time to time. I live with a paranoid schizophrenic. It would be unfair to say that I take care of her; the truth is that we take care of each other. Living with her has added new realms of adventure to my life and helped me find new perspectives on the world I never dreamed of. While the nature and extent of our relationship is complicated and subject to change at a moment's notice, she is my ''family'' above all else, and I love her.께----께This space for vandalism.께Dude...''why'' am I the first one here. You should've had like at least five signatures when I got here. ;) - @/{{Keybreak}}께It's too [[IncorruptiblePurePureness clean]] here. '''[[LargeHam This]] [[DefiedTrope must]] [[{{Mordor}} end]]!''' --@/{{sgrunt}}께What? You have hardly any vandalism? THAT IS UNACCEPTABLE! --@/{{A Crack In Time}}께O_O How does such a noteworthy and prolific forumgoer as yourself attract so few vandals? I'm going to have set out a signpost and label it ''Rome'' or something, aren't I? ~ @/{{Noaqiyeum}}께Wow, why so few signatures? - @/{{Mst3kluv}}께How could I have forgotten you??!! Either way, [[AC:All your base are belong to us. You have no chance to survive make your time.]] This troper has the [[{{@/blamspam}} CATS]] seal of approval.께Dude, you need moar vandalism. -hugs- - {{Tropers/Compassionate Sadist}}께Just curious, is any of your exes vegan? - [[{{Tropers/Betterthanstrawberry}} betterthanstrawberry]]* Not to my knowledge, thankfully; the superpowers would be even more awkward.께TIME TO VANDALIZE -Starts vandalizing like a bat out of hell- Phew that's done -- {{Tropers/Juancarlos11}} ... Now he'll never know who did it.께Holy shit man! Sorry about pulling you up on the signature - should have read the stuff on the crazy exs... sure as hell hope I don't come off too crazy. Great page by the way. -- @/{{StolenByFaeries}}께----<<|TheContributors|>>


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