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1''' ''This page is no longer being updated and only remains in the interests of posterity'' '''²²I don't trope as much as spectate on the troping. And I contribute a little. I guess you could call me a troper, but I wouldn't consider myself one.²* The UsefulNotes page in Trivia/Left4Dead was my idea!²* I have a deviantArt page, but I mostly just do Alignment Charts²* I entered the first Headscratcher for {{Brink}}²²I buy most of my films based on their pages on TVTropes\²Socialism is my enemy²²Just got Brink, starting to love it²* As far as I'm concerned, Security are the good guys²** Guests bitch about how they're treated unfairly, but we saved their lives. They should be grateful for every little thing.²* I don't feel like Command Posts are worth the effort that's needed to keep them.²** That said, sometimes I like to capture one that's unguarded just to distract the opposition and keep them unfocused.²* I much prefer attacking to defending, probably 'cause it's harder²** I also prefer losing to curbstomping. My favourite outcome is a very tight win²²I play Left4Dead (not Left4Dead2) on the Xbox 360, hit me up sometime and we'll play²* When you're playing with randomly matched partners, other Survivors can be obstacles as much as assistance. Forgive me if I'm a little 'out for myself' when we first meet.²* It's not a coincidence that there are four kits in a safe-room and four survivors in a team. If you take two kits and I don't get one as a result, I have no problem with taking one from your corpse.²** And don't be like ''"Oh, I'm sorry. I'll heal you [now / when you ask me]"''. It's not even close to the same thing²** There really ought to be a "give kit" key like with Pills (maybe double-tap LT) but there isn't.²* I don't care if I'll respawn with more health, I don't want you to kill me (it's happened before)²** And now I really want to find that guy and kill him (in-game). I should've written his name down...²²I'm totally looking forward to DeadIsland and [[BatmanArkhamCity Arkham City]]²²''' ''I love these games. [[YourMileageMayVary You might not.]]'' '''²* [[AssassinsCreed Assassin's Creed]] - Sure, the series is flawed, but the first one was an innovation in many ways (I feel that BatmanArkhamAsylum owes it a little for the combat system) and the second one totally blew my mind at the climax of Ezio's story. Brotherhood can go jump off of a tower without a haystack for all I care²* BatmanArkhamAsylum - The Boss Battles were lacking, but short of that it was marvelous²* {{Bioshock}} - Sure, it dragged on a little near the end, but short of that it was beautiful. The sequel had some shitty GFWL lock that wouldn't open for me after I paid for it, so it gets a 0 out of 10 in my books²* {{Brink}} - I don't understand why it got trashed so much by reviewers. It gets old quickly, however²* FalloutNewVegas - Totally superior to the so-called Fallout 3. I've tried to play Fallout 2 but I can't adapt to the old game-system so this combination of Bethesda's system and Obsidian/Black-Isles beautiful wasteland sandbox is perfect for me²** My problem with Fallout 3 is the linearity of it, by the way. I find the Brotherhood to be arrogant jerks and Dad to be way more focused on Socialism than Fatherhood, so I totally resent being lumped with the Brotherhood on my quest to save my father and his life's work (which I don't give a fuck about, by the way. I would've just walked out of Project Purity the second I heard from Doctor Li). Plus the game had like eight quests in it, which is just poor.²* Left4Dead (not Left4Dead2) - I've nothing against the sequel, I just prefer the simpler original. I feel the extra Special Infected are unnecessary, especially since you need to be able to carry yourself at least a little online, in case your team-mates are useless or detrimental to the cause²* MassEffect - The whole series. It's just a beautiful SpaceOpera and Bioware's best work in my books (given Baldur's Gate and Jade Empire are before my time). I played KOTOR but I felt it was far too BlackAndWhiteMorality. Dragon Age looks great but I'm no good at it, I can never get past Redcliffe²* {{Portal}} - Short but Sweet²²''' ''The following are great films. If you don't like them, you're missing something'' '''²* {{Alien}}²* {{Aliens}}²* BackToTheFuture²* The Blood and Ice-Cream Trilogy - Deco-Recos of various genres²** ShaunOfTheDead²** HotFuzz²* {{Coraline}}²* TheDarkKnightSaga²* DirtyHarry - just the first one. Serious {{Sequelitis}} here.²* TheEmperorsNewGroove - probably just NostalgiaFilter here²* FightClub²* TheFrighteners²* InBruges - *The* example of TrailersAlwaysLie in my books. It was marketed as a fucking ''comedy''²* TheIncredibles²* KickAss - The first ChloeMoretz film I saw. Everything she touches turns to gold, I swear²* KungFuPanda²* LawnDogs²* {{Leon}} - NataliePortman was sexier as a child (yeah, I said it). Not really feeling that collar, though²** Which isn't to say I only like it for the sexy bits. It's a great story with some hard-core FanService thrown in²* LetMeIn (there isn't a page solely for the remake, which is a shame}²* LolaRennt²* LordOfWar²* PulpFiction²* ReservoirDogs²* {{Serenity}} - The {{Firefly}} Movie²* TheSilenceOfTheLambs²* SinCity²* TheThing²* {{Up}}²* TheUsualSuspects²* [[WallE Wall-E]]²* {{Zombieland}}²* FiveHundredDaysOfSummer - Not my usually fare, but I really liked it²* [[EightMile 8 Mile]]²²''' ''I can't read literature and I struggle with Comics. It takes so much focus for me that it ceases to be entertainment'' '''²----²<<|TheContributors|>>


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