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1[[foldercontrol]]²²[[folder: A-D]]²* AbilityOverAppearance: Vocal variations. ²** Jonny Cruz was cast as Lúcio, even though he doesn't speak Portuguese [[NotEvenBotheringWithTheAccent or speak with a Brazilian accent]], because he captured his personality perfectly. They actually auditioned several Brazilian actors to play him, but none portrayed him the way they wanted. Cruz has recorded some lines in Portuguese which were eventually added in 2018.²** Roadhog has the deep, raspy voice you'd expect from his character design, but uses an American accent in spite of being Australian.²* ActorAllusion: In the Japanese dub, when Lúcio does a [[ fist slam to the ground]], he shouts, [[GratuitousEnglish "Drop the Beat!"]], very similar to the phrase said by [[Manga/JoJosBizarreAdventure Jonathan Joestar]] when using the Sunlight Yellow Overdrive, a role previously voiced by his [[Creator/KazuyukiOkitsu Japanese VA]].²* ActorSharedBackground: ²** Both Reaper and Keith Ferguson were born and raised in Los Angeles, California.²** While she's not an [[OmnidisciplinaryScientist Omnidisciplinary Climatologist]], Zhang Yu (voice of Mei) pursued science before getting into voice acting, and has a master's degree in chemical engineering.²** While Chloé Hollings is about as far away as you can get from Widowmaker in terms of personality, she does happen to share a Parisian performance theater background in common with her; albeit in a different field as a singer as opposed to a ballet dancer.²* ApprovalOfGod:²** A fan named [[ Dinoflask]] makes incredibly popular satirical videos featuring [[ManipulativeEditing spliced-together voice clips of Jeff Kaplan's dialogue from Developer Update videos.]] When asked about them in an AMA, [[ Jeff himself says he finds the videos hilarious,]] and [[ later Dinoflask was invited to Blizzard campus.]]²** Some less direct examples are the ships some [=VAs=] approve of:²*** Matt Mercer, the voice of [=McCree=], approves of the popular BaraGenre [=McCree=]/Hanzo ([[FanPreferredCouple McHanzo]]) pairing.²*** Anjali Bhimani, voice of Symmetra, said that it would be "hot as fuck" if Genji/Mercy became a real thing while thinks that Ana and Soldier: 76 could work as a couple. Her interactons with Carolina Ravassa, voice of Sombra, imply that both of them are into the Symmetra/Sombra ([[PortmanteauCoupleName Symbra]]).²*** Creator/LuciePohl, voice of Mercy, has expressed approval of several Mercy pairings, including "[[PortmanteauCoupleName Pharmercy]]" (Pharah/Mercy), "[[AlternateCharacterInterpretation Mom and Dad]]" (Mercy/Soldier: 76) and "Gency/[[PunnyName Emergenji"]] (Genji/Mercy).²*** Both Charlet Chung (D.Va's voice) and Jonny Cruz (Lúcio's voice) approve of the Lúcio/D.Va (Bunnyribbit) pairing.²*** Jen Cohn, Pharah's voice actress, approves of Pharmercy.²*** Gaku Space, Genji's voice actor, enjoys Genji/Mercy and has fun playing along with Mercy cosplayers or Mercy's voice actress.²*** While not a [=VA=], Michael Chu has also liked fan-art of D.Va being shipped with her team mate [[EnsembleDarkhorse D.Mon]], in addition to his nods towards Genji/Mercy.²* AscendedFanon:²** Lots of speculation from the Sombra AlternateRealityGame was added to her character with her eventual release:²*** While players were searching for clues, most of them ended up off-track, focusing on [[RedHerring a compression artifact in Dorado's sky nicknamed the "Skycode."]] With Sombra's release, not only did it become one of her spray tags, but she also generates it during her "Amused" emote, [[TakeThatAudience laughing at it.]] It even comes with musical tones based off [[ one fan's popular suggestion to make music from it to "decipher" it.]]²*** [[ A Redditor speculated a possible highlight intro]] [[TheFourthWallWillNotProtectYou that involved her]] [[BaitAndSwitch Bait-and-Switching]] [[TheFourthWallWillNotProtectYou away another player's [=PoTG=] using hacking,]] 2 months before she was finally released. While there is no confirmation nor denial of whether it was directly inspired by this post or if it was just a really specific coincidence, come Sombra's actual release, her [[ "Hacking" highlight intro followed the description to a T.]]²*** A popular idea suggested by many players after her release was that there should be some way for allies to see exactly what health packs Sombra has hacked and where. Surprisingly, it wasn't long before Blizzard decided to experiment with the idea, and almost immediately they made it so her hacked health packs were made visible through walls.²** "Boostio" was a common nickname for a nano-boosted Lúcio, widely considered to be the worst target for a nano boost in the game (combined with a tendency to jump in the middle of the ''intended'' target at the wrong time). Blizzard took note of this, and added a new line of him yelling "BOOSTIOOO!!!" when he gets nano-boosted.²** Many fans had joked that Torbjörn was Bastion's father, mainly due to Bastion being a giant turret and Torbjörn's main skill being that he builds turrets. This got even bigger after Bastion's new buff gave it the "Ironclad" passive, which is one of Torbjörn's [[CatchPhrase catch phrases]]. The "Binary" comic reveals that he is indeed Bastion's creator or at least he designed the line [[spoiler: and also "adopted" Bastion, after realising it might be more than the killing machine it was built to be, shortly after Overwatch was disbanded]].²** Doomfist was originally never intended to be a playable character, only just a minor background character to justify the events of the game's first Cinematic Trailer. His presence as a fully playable character and a major character in the lore is largely due to [[MemeticBadass positive fan reception and demand]], as well as hype from the prospect of Creator/TerryCrews voicing him.²* BannedInChina: The ''Reflections'' comic is unavailable in Russia due to laws against LGBT-themes toward children.²* BeamMeUpScotty: A complicated example: there's a pre-game interaction between Mercy and Reaper, Mercy asking "What happened to you?", with Reaper [[DeadpanSnarker snarking]] "You tell me, Doc." Many fans interpreted this as an implication that Mercy was actually responsible for his ghostly condition, but in reality, he's just snarking at her question since she's a doctor, and she has no relation to his current state. However, many fans took that accusatory angle and rolled with it, and the exchange was collectively misquoted as "This isn't what I intended for you, Reyes." / "You did this to me." [[ It became so prevalent that Michael Chu had to step in to confirm the lines never existed.]]²* BigNameFan: Creator/TerryCrews is an avid gamer and big fan of ''Overwatch'', [[ and stated firsthand on Reddit that he'd be willing to voice]] Doomfist if he were to actually make it into the game. He ultimately didn't make the cut, but he's still on very good terms with Blizzard and has openly praised Sahr Ngaujah as the final VA for Doomfist.²* CastingGag: Creator/JonnyCruz, the [=VA=] for Lúcio, managed to get two voice acting roles for two seperate musicians in the year of 2016; for both this game and ''VideoGame/Hitman2016'', with both games ''also'' releasing at similar times (the Bangkok level in which Jonny voices the main target; Jordan Cross, came out three months after Overwatch had fully released). It's Coincidental of course, but nonetheless amusing.²* CelebrityVoiceActor: In the Latin-American dub, Orisa is voiced by soap opera actress Vanessa Acosta, who previously did some voice acting, including [[Anime/OjamajoDoremi Doremi Harukaze]] and [[Series/ClarissaExplainsItAll Clarissa Darling]]. Also from the same version, Mei is voiced by theater actress Joanna Ruvalcaba.²* ChristmasRushed: The ''Storm Rising'' event appears to have had a shorter development time than previous Archives events, [[ beginning development in September 2018 (the Havana map it was based in began a month prior) for its April 2019 release date]]. For comparison, ''Retribution'' [[ was reported to have had an 11-month development period]], beginning immediately after the ''Uprising'' event concluded.²* ContentLeak: After being SpoiledByTheMerchandise, the existence of a Switch port was leaked ''twice'' more: [[ once by an internal retail listing from France that was posted online]] and [[ once by Kotaku hours before its official announcement]].²* CreatorBacklash: While he definitely doesn't dislike the game itself, [[ Jeff Kaplan regrets adding cosmetic rewards for competitive mode,]] since he believes that it's attracted too many competitive players who only want the physical rewards and wouldn't play it otherwise, rather than people who take the mode seriously and to climb up the tiers.²* CreatorInJoke: In the Numbani airport, the big board by the central exit lists flights to various cities that are either On-Time or Canceled. The very last city is Irvine, which is Delayed. Blizzard is headquartered in Irvine, California. The fact that the flight is delayed is likely a reference to Blizzard's famous [[ScheduleSlip reluctance to release a game]] until they feel it is ready.²* CreatorsFavorite: ²** Jeff Kaplan states in [[ a video]] with IGN that Tracer is "who he wants to be when he grows up someday".²** During Ashe's "What's Next?" panel at Blizzcon 2018, B.O.B. was described by director Jason Hill to be an extremely rare "unicorn" concept who perfectly nailed their vision right off the bat, with little to no design iteration needed to satisfy the entire team as a final product. In his words, "B.O.B. was just meant to be."²* CreatorsOddball: ''Overwatch'' was very much designed to be the antithesis to Blizzard's most famous works, namely ''VideoGame/{{Warcraft}}'', ''VideoGame/{{Diablo}}'' and ''VideoGame/{{StarCraft}}'', in every possible way. ²** Their forte is in genres like [[RolePlayingGame Roleplaying]] and RealTimeStrategy. On the other hand, ''Overwatch'' is a [[HeroShooter hero-based]] FirstPersonShooter that stands as something very different than their normal material. ²** Also, tone-wise it fits. The other three are much more cynical in how they're presented, taking a pessimistic view in their general storytelling and themes. ''Overwatch'' deliberately prides itself with optimism and idealism. While very bad things can and do indeed happen, the overall message is that HopeSpringsEternal; to look at how things ''could'' be as opposed to what it currently is.²* TheDanza: A foreign dub variant, Baptiste’s French voice actor is Jean-Baptiste Anoumon.²* DarkhorseCasting: Blizzard took the liberty of casting primarily unknowns for the large, multiethnic cast, including many who are not professional voice actors at all. The only well-known [=VAs=] among the cast are Creator/FredTatasciore (Soldier:76), Creator/KeithFerguson (Reaper), Creator/KeithSilverstein (Torbjörn), Creator/CrispinFreeman (Winston), Creator/MatthewMercer ([=McCree=]), Paul Nakauchi (Hanzo), and later on, Creator/DeeBradleyBaker (Hammond) and Creator/JenniferHale (Ashe). That said, some have become considerably well-known after they joined the cast, particularly Jonny Cruz[[note]]The only other game he was in was ''VideoGame/Hitman2016'', voicing one of the targets of the Bangkok mission: Jordan Cross.[[/note]] and Carolina Ravassa[[note]]To the point where, allegedly, Ravassa said ''Overwatch'' was the first time she had a fanbase[[/note]].²* {{Defictionalization}}: ²** D.Va has a ''VideoGame/StarCraft'' World Championship profile which [[ can be seen on the real life internet]].²** Blizzard has started selling Pachimari dolls, complete with making rattling/squeaky sounds like they do in-game.²** Blizzcon 2018 made two Lúcio-related announcements: [[ Lucio-oh's as a real product]], and [[ a free online release of his album]], ''Synaesthesia Auditiva'' (funnily enough, the latter is primarily a promotion for the former).²* DemandOverload: In addition to the day 1 server overload that is practically standard of every big-name online game, there was also a queue to ''pay'' for the game.²* DevelopmentGag: ²** Roadhog's skin for the Year Of The Rooster Event has the same Mutated Pig Head from his early concept art, as described in {{WhatCouldHaveBeen/Overwatch}}'s What Could Have Been Page.²** According to [[ this IGN video with Jeff Kaplan,]] Ana was originally codenamed as "The Alchemist" and would be able to make different potions to heal teammates. This would later become her in-character title in the Junkenstein's Revenge brawl, and she refers to her abilities as "potions" and "alchemical boosts."²** Orisa being a huge fan of Reinhardt, imitating several of his lines and poses, seems to be based off the fact she was recycled from some of Reinhardt's early concepts (where he was instead a wildebeest-themed protector from Numbani and piloted by a little girl).²** In the ''Honor and Glory'' cinematic, Balderich ends up throwing a rocket hammer at an omnic from across the room. This is likely a reference to the original proposal for ''Fire Strike'', which had Reinhardt throwing his hammer at people rather than shooting a wave of fire.²** D.Va's legendary "Black Cat" skin appears to be a take on the fact she was originally designed with a cat motif in mind, but was later changed to a bunny theme to better fit her "hopping" MEKA.²* DirectedByCastMember: The Latin-American Spanish dub was directed by Creator/EduardoGarza up until December 2017. He still voices Lúcio, through.²* DuelingWorks: On release in 2016, it was with the superficially similar game ''VideoGame/{{Battleborn}}'', especially since ''Overwatch's'' open beta took place on ''Battleborn's'' release date. But now that ''Battleborn'' had dropped off the radar, it now duels with both ''VideoGame/{{Paladins}}'' and ''VideoGame/{{ApexLegends}}.''²[[/folder]]²²[[folder: E-G]]²* ExecutiveMeddling: ²** Though not from Blizzard itself; due to Microsoft and Sony's policies regarding hotfix patches, [[GameBreaker Bastion's infamous Season 4 rework]] was left unnerfed for nearly a month until the Orisa patch on consoles, rather than the ''3 days'' it took for PC.²** A similar story happens with "The Path Is Closed" achievement, which requires the player to destroy 3 of Symmetra's ''Teleporters'' in a single game, and was made when Symmetra only had one ultimate. After her rework, she was given the option of making a ''Shield Generator'' instead, but the achievement still doesn't count it due to a policy in Microsoft and Sony that forbids changing established achievements. It's still technically achievable, but far less likely.²** Yet another console-based example, part of the reason the much-demanded reporting system for console has yet to be implemented is due to conflicts with the Xbox and Playstation's already-existing native reporting systems, and difficulties in properly integrating with them.²** The reason for ''Overwatch 2''[='=]s existence and its status as a MissionPackSequel[=/=]UpdatedReRelease sequel is due to this reason. Blizzard, seeing how profitable ''Overwatch'' had become, requested a proper sequel from the development team, but Jeff Kaplan managed to convince them to make it an expansion pack rather than a true sequel, arguing that doing otherwise would split the playerbase, diminish profits, and would be a waste of resources maintaining two otherwise-seperate games. To make the transition easier, anyone who owns Overwatch will get upgraded to Overwatch 2 for free, but not the story mode.²* FakeNationality: Averted in some areas, played straight in others.²** Tracer, British, is played by the British Cara Theobold.²** Widowmaker, French, is played by the French Chloe Hollings (who also played her in the French dub).²** Genji and Hanzo, Japanese, are played by Gaku Space and Paul Nakauchi, a Japanese-born and Japanese-American respectively who are both fully fluent in the language.²** Mei, Chinese, is played by the Chinese Zhang Yu (who also voiced her in the Mandarin Chinese dub).²** D.Va, South Korean, is played by Korean-Japanese-American Charlet Chung.²** Symmetra, Indian, is played by Anjali Bhimani, an American of Indian descent.²** Soldier: 76, Reaper, and [=McCree=] are Americans voiced by Creator/FredTatasciore, Keith Furguson, and Creator/MatthewMercer, who naturally are all Americans themselves.²** Ana, Egyptian, is played by Aysha Selim, an Egyptian from Cairo.²** Moira, an Irishwoman, is voiced by Irish Genevieve O'Reilly.²** Lúcio, a Black Brazilian, is voiced by Jonny Cruz, a Hispanic American.²** The Swiss Mercy is voiced by Lucie Pohl, a German-American. While Switzerland's official language ''is'' Swiss German, that's a completely different language compared to High German.²** The Egyptian Pharah is voiced by American Jen Cohn.²** Creator/KeithSilverstein is an American as the Swedish Torbjörn.²** Feodor Chin is an American portraying the Nepalese (robot), Zenyatta.²** German Reinhardt is voiced by the American, Darin De Paul.²** The Mexican Sombra is played by Colombian-born American Carolina Ravassa.²** Roadhog and Junkrat are both Australians voiced by Americans, Josh Petersdorf and Chris Parson respectively. While the latter uses an applicable accent, the former [[NotEvenBotheringWithTheAccent doesn't bother at all]].²** Zarya, Russian, is played by the Ukrainian Dolya Gavanski.²** British born Jamaican/St. Vincentian actress Cherrelle Skeete plays the Nigerian robot Orisa.²** Dutch-based American of Sierra Leonean descent Sahr Ngaujah plays Nigerian Doomfist.²** Swedish actress Matilda Smedius plays the Swedish Brigitte Lindholm.²** Played with in regards to the American Ashe’s voice actress, Creator/JenniferHale. She’s Canadian but her parents are from America and she’s currently a naturalized citizen of the United States.²** Baptiste, Haitian, is voiced by Haitian-Canadian Benz Antoine.²** In the Japanese dub, the Egyptian Pharah by the Korean-Japanese Creator/RomiPark, technically speaking. And for obvious reasons Hanzo and Genji's voice actors are native Japanese like their characters.²** In the French version, the only characters whose voice actors correspond to their nationalities are Symmetra, Sombra and Widowmaker. Everyone else is this.²** For very obvious reasons, the Mexican Sombra is the only character in the Latin-American Spanish dub voiced by someone who matches her nationality (Lourdes Arruti). The Nigerian Doomfist is voiced by Colombia-born Juan Carlos Tinoco.²* FanNickname:²** Some of the Ultimates are almost never called by their proper name when spoken by players and commentators, instead given shorter names for convenience. Some popular examples:²*** [=McCree's=] ''Deadeye'' is called "High Noon."²*** Pharah's ''Barrage'' is "Justice." Fans of the Korean Overwatch League player Dong-Jun "Rascal" Kim also call it [[ "Brush," due to Rascal's heavy Korean accent.]]²*** D.Va's ''Self-Destruct'' is "Bomb" or "D.Va Bomb."²*** Moira's ''Coalescence'' is "[[Franchise/DragonBall Kamehameha]]" or "coal."²*** Widowmaker's ''Infra-Sight'' is "[[CheatCode Wall Hacks]]."²*** Similarly, Soldier 76's "Tactical Visor" is "[[CheatCode Aimbot]]."²*** Winston's ''Primal Rage'' is "Mad Monkey" or "Angry Monkey."²*** Baptiste's ''Amplification Matrix'' is "Window."²*** Orisa's ''Supercharger'' is "Bongo"[[note]]It technically more resembles an hourglass-shaped [[ talking drum]] than bongos, but it's not as recognized or convenient to say[[/note]].²*** Mercy's ''Valkyrie'' is "Moth."²*** Lucio's ''Sound Barrier'' is "Beat" or "Beat Drop." ²*** "Nanoblade" and "Nanovisor" refer to pairing Ana's ''Nano Boost'' ultimate with Genji or [=Soldier76's=] ''Dragonblade'' or ''Tactical Visor'' ultimates, respectively. "{{TabletopGame/Beyblade}}" used to refer to pairing Ana's ''Nano Boost'' with Reaper's ''Death Blossom,'' but the tactic has fallen out of favor due to ''Nano Boost'' no longer providing a bonus to speed.²*** "Wombo Combo" is a team effort that happens when Zarya fires a ''Graviton Surge'' to pull all enemies together, and then someone else uses their Ultimate to kill them all (usually Pharah, but sometimes also D. Va, Junkrat, Tracer or Reaper). A more specific variant, "Gravstrike", refers to it being paired with Hanzo's Dragonstrike.²** "Phara-Medic" or "Pharmacy / Phara-Mercy": a combination of Mercy and Pharah, as a flying Pharah is hard to shoot or attack, meaning a following Mercy makes her even more durable while the Mercy herself becomes almost as hard to kill. Mercy's damage buff also makes Pharah one of the best attackers in the game, especially when used in a Wombo Combo as stated above.²** In the wake of the tragic killing of the gorilla Harambe, the name's often used to refer to Winston, a fellow gorilla who's more sentient, as if he were Harambe reincarnated.²** "Monkey" is another common nickname for Winston for obvious ([[TaxonomicTermConfusion if technically erroneous]]) reasons. In that same vein, [[Literature/CuriousGeorge Furious George]] for his Ultimate.²** Tekhartha Mondatta is referred to as "Robot Gandhi/Martin Luther King Jr." by fans because he was a religious leader preaching tolerance before he was assassinated. Even ''WebAnimation/DeathBattle'' gets in on this when exploring Tracer's backstory.²** "Sombrero", Spanish for hat, for Sombra. Coincidentally, in computer science, "hat" refers to the kind of ethics under which a hacker works – black (purely malicious), gray (violates laws or typical ethical standards, but lacking malicious intent) or white (purely ethical).²** Reaper is "[[DarkerandEdgier EdgeLord]]" for his laughably over the top look. ²** "Microwave" is a term used with Symmetra in two contexts. First is the "microwave gun" for her main projectile and second is the "microwave room" for the strategy of placing her turrets in a small room to see them fry the opponent to death.²** "Car wash" is a term used for the common tactic of Symmetra placing all of her Sentry Turrets in the same area to quickly disintegrate unfortunate intruders. The name comes from the achievement that was originally unlocked by killing an opponent with all six[[note]]at the time, now three.[[/note]] Sentry Turrets and her Photon Projector's primary fire, and is now unlocked by having three Sentry Turrets simultaneously target the same character.²** "Baby D.Va" is a term frequently used when D.Va is out of her mecha, even by shoutcasters in official tournaments. Calling the gun she uses in this form the "Bunny Blaster" is similarly popular.²** "Lamp", "Lantern", "Drone", and "Frisbee" are nicknames for Baptiste's ''Immortality Field'', the former two being inspired by [[ behind-the-scenes prototype footage of the ability]] that Jeff Kaplan shared.²** Soldier: 76 is sometimes called "VideoGame/CallOfDuty" due to his play style being very similar to conventional [=FPSes=] such as ''[=CoD=]''. And then there are those who call him [[BreadEggsBreadedEggs "Call of Daddy"]].²*** People also call him "Legs" due to his sprint ability being his most standout feature.²** In addition to their other nicknames, various characters have family-themed nicknames:²*** Soldier: 76 is "Dad: 76" due to the {{memetic|Mutation}} {{Fanon}} that he's the TeamDad of ''Overwatch''. ²*** Mercy is "Mom" or "Team Mom."²*** Due to his status as the evil counterpart of Soldier: 76 Reaper is "Edgy Dad."²*** Reinhardt is "Grandpa" and Ana is "Grandma."²*** Moira is "Aunt" or "Aunt Moira."²** "Boostio" for a nano-boosted Lúcio, due to his infamous tendency to jump in the middle of Ana's Nano Boost at a [[NiceJobBreakingItHero critical moment]]. It reached such a level that Blizzard [[AscendedFanon added it as an official line]], featuring him yelling "BOOSTIOOO!!!" sometimes when nano-boosted.²** "[[VideoGame/KillerInstinct Jago]]" for Genji's Blackwatch skin from the Uprising event, due to resembling Jago's rebooted design from the 2013 game. Some also call it "[[VideoGame/MetalGearRisingRevengeance Desperado Genji]]" due to the skin having the signature colors of the armor worn by the four members of the Winds of Destruction. ²** "[[VideoGame/ModernWarfare Martyrdom]]" for Junkrat's "Total Mayhem" ability, courtesy of [=YouTuber=] [[ TheShwantz27]].²** "Rectangle" for Reinhardt's ''Barrier Field'', largely thanks to this [[ infographic]] .²** [[Webcomic/OnePunchMan "One Punch Man"]], naturally, for Doomfist.²** "Capture the Draw" for CaptureTheFlag mode, due to the obnoxiously high frequency at which matches end in draws.²** "Pirate ship" is the name of a strategy on the map Junkertown which involves Reinhardt, Orisa, and Bastion setting up on the payload. Named so because the payload (which is full of treasure) is the ship, the barriers are the sails, and the Sentry/Tank Bastion is the cannon.²** "4-0verwatch" or "0-4watch" for The Overwatch League, referring to the tendency of matches to end in a 0-4 sweep.²** "Quarantine", referring to how [[CasualCompetitiveConflict most competitive players typically only play competitive mode]] and leave the much more laid back and chill atmosphere of Quickplay alone. Until off season, when the StopHavingFunGuys flood Quickplay and proceed to start screaming at the quickplay regulars. ²** "Lunar New Year 2019" getting called "Year of the Beard" because of the very beard-centric skins released for the event, even on Zenyatta!²** "Flankhardt" for when Reinhardt, who is supposed to shield the rest of his team, somehow manages to get ''behind'' the enemy team, whether through incompetence, luck, or an actual plan.²* FanworkBan: Blizzard has been [[ hitting creators of Overwatch Rule 34]] (specifically those who use edited game assets) with DMCA claims to get them to take it down.²* FlipFlopOfGod: Whether or not D.Va is specifically a professional ''VideoGame/{{Starcraft}}'' player has been somewhat waffled on. In February 2018, [[ Michael Chu explicitly confirmed that despite popular notion, while that game is in her (and her father's) repertoire, she was more recognized for playing a different unnamed game whose interface was comparable to that of her MEKA]]. This is something the official lore has previously left consistently vague, only calling her a "pro gamer", never explicitly namedropping "''VideoGame/{{Starcraft}}''", but never denying it either. There have been a few instances prior [[ of others within Blizzard]] [[ calling her]] [[ a Starcraft player]], though given it's not in-universe lore and they're not of the official writing team, it's unclear if this bit is a {{Retcon}} or [[CowboyBebopAtHisComputer an internal communication error.]]²* FollowTheLeader: It goes both ways.²** They've made no attempt to hide the fact that ''VideoGame/TeamFortress2'' was the inspiration for them creating ''VideoGame/{{Overwatch}}'', which was their very first FPS, because they wanted to do their own take on the HeroShooter genre. It's probably one of the most successful examples of this trope. Also, for the seasonal [=PvE=] game modes, Blizzard cited ''Videogame/MassEffect3's'' well-received cooperative multiplayer as a major influence.²** Unsurprisingly due to ''Overwatch'''s success, the game has inspired other {{Hero Shooter}}s with similar gameplay. Namely ''VideoGame/{{Paladins}}'' which can be described as "''Overwatch'' in a HighFantasy setting", which was accused of riding on the coattails of ''Overwatch'' since release for having similar gameplay mechanics and having superficial character similarities, though the two games just happen to share similar development times. ²*** And ''VideoGame/LawBreakers'' (which features similar gameplay mechanics, albeit with more gore, profanity, and [[ArsonMurderAndJaywalking "zero gravity"]]). The former proved successful, despite some stigma, the latter... not so much, with ''Lawbreakers'' shuttering its doors on September 2019.²** Probably the most JustForFun/{{Egregious}} example is the Chinese [[ShoddyKnockoffProduct knockoff]] ''Legend of Titans'', which features nothing original and compensates with shameless {{Fanservice}} compared to the more tasteful kind found in the original.²[[/folder]]²²[[folder: I-N]]²* IKnewIt:²** Many correctly guessed that Brigitte was Torbjörn's daugther, which was confirmed in ''Honor and Glory''.²** After a brief but initially unconfirmed cameo in "Masquerade" of a man that look suspiciously similar to Sanjay Korpal of Vishkar (who appeared in "A Better World"), it was believed it actually was him on Talon's council. Moira's origin story proved this correct.²* InMemoriam: A [[ poster]] in the Eichenwalde attacker spawn has a tribute to Dennis "INTERNETHULK" Hawelka, a competitive ''Overwatch'' player who died on November 2017.²* {{Jossed}}: ²** Some thought that Gérard Lacroix, Widowmaker's deceased husband that she was brainwashed into killing, might have still been alive and would possibly be playable in the future due to Blizzard having DeathIsCheap in effect in other games and the fact that multiple ''Overwatch'' characters have been "seemingly killed" in their backstories. That was quickly extinguished by the ''Reflections'' comic, where Widowmaker mourns him at his grave, leaving a single rose for him, making it explicitly clear that he's, in fact, dead.²** There was a common fan theory that Pharah's body [[ArtificialLimbs isn't organic]] as she was never seen outside her PoweredArmor for the longest time, a theory that was amplified when [[ her animator refused to give clarity, suggesting fans to wait for the lore for answers.]] Surely enough, come winter 2016, she's been shown completely out of her armor in "Reflections" and her in-game "Fishing" spray, effectively jossing the idea.²** Speaking of Pharah, it was widely speculated that her father was Reinhardt due to him being part of a FanPreferredCouple with her mother Ana. Michael Chu confirmed that was not the case.²** There was an ongoing theory that Lúcio was originally intended to be Canadian before being switched to Brazilian at the last minute. Outside of [[WearingAFlagOnYourHead wearing the Brazilian colors]], nothing about him really screamed "Brazilian," since he doesn't speak Brazilian Portuguese, nor does Jonny Cruz [[NotEvenBotheringWithTheAccent speak with a hint of a Brazilian accent]]. Additionally, his two legendaries are based off Canadian icons: Music/{{Deadmau5}} and [[UsefulNotes/IceHockey Hockey]][[note]]For the record, hockey's following is almost [[AmericansHateTingle non-existent]] in Brazil[[/note]]. All the while, UsefulNotes/AssociationFootball, the national sport of Brazil, had no skins until the Summer Games event. However, this was ultimately squashed by Michael Chu himself, who stated in an interview that he was ''always'' intended to be Brazilian, and Jonny Cruz was cast citing AbilityOverAppearance, while the hockey skins boiled down to the devs liking the sport.²** There has been much debate over who could be Pharah's father, with popular theories suggesting either Jack (Soldier: 76), Reyes (Reaper), or Reinhardt. A spray introduced in April 2017's "Uprising" event dismisses those theories and shows another man of native American descent (thus explaining her Thunderbird skins) as Pharah's dad. ²** It was commonly believed that Reaper wasn't a full-fledged member of Talon, but rather a mercenary working ''with'' the terrorist organization on their payroll, but was otherwise unaffiliated unlike Widowmaker and Sombra. When Doomfist was revealed and we learned more about Talon, not only did this turn out not to be true, but Reaper was revealed to be one of the ''leaders'' of Talon, being part of their inner council.²** A popular fan theory about Hammond was that he was a smaller ape (most commonly a chimpanzee) who played a part in the Horizon rebellion (if not leading it outright), that he and Winston were mortal enemies because the former killed the latter’s father figure, and that he escaped to Earth to wreak even more havoc and/or hunt Winston down. Come Wrecking Ball's release, it was revealed that not only is Hammond not a primate at all, but that he and Winston are actually very good friends and, like Winston, wanted nothing to do with the Horizon uprising, instead hitching a ride on Winston's escape pod both to get away from the destruction and to satisfy his own curiosity.²* MemeAcknowledgment: Dad: 76 became an AscendedMeme and Blizzard has acknowledged the jokes about Roadhog and Junkrat being [[ compared to Timon and Pumbaa from The Lion King.]]²* ModelDissonance: The game uses smear animation in several places, which leads to memetic images when characters are frozen mid animation (for example, [=McCree=] when he's in the middle of a roll).²* NamesTheSame: ²** [[ There actually is a Blizzard developer named "Jesse McCree."]] [[ According to Michael Chu]], this came about as they were struggling to find the perfect cowboy name, and once someone suggested "Jesse [=McCree=]", it became the standard other names were stacked against, and ultimately it won.²** "Total Mayhem" is both the name of Junkrat's passive ability and a brawl.²** Ashe can be confused for another character of the same name, [[VideoGame/{{Paladins}} Ash from Paladins]], save for the "e" at the end, despite the two characters being in ''completely different class categories'' (Ashe is a damage dealer, Ash is a frontline). You could also confuse these two for Ash from Franchise/{{Pokemon}}, again due to the similar names. You also have Ashe from ''VideoGame/LeagueOfLegends'' who, amusingly enough, received a [[WeirdWest High Noon]] skin during 2019.²* NoExportForYou: A partial example. ''Overwatch'' was released in Japan for the UsefulNotes/PlayStation4 and PC, but not for the [[AmericansHateTingle inviable]] UsefulNotes/XboxOne.²* NotSoCheapImitation: ''Overwatch'' has been frequently compared to Team Fortress 2, with people noting similarities with the cartoon-like aesthetics, fleshed out backstories, and characters who each have unique abilities and play-styles. In the same vein that World Of Warcraft became the new MMORPG standard after taking inspiration from ''VideoGame/EverQuest'', ''Overwatch'' quickly became one of the most popular Hero Shooter FPS in the industry by improving on the concepts laid down by ''[=TF2=]''.²[[/folder]]²²[[folder: O-S]]²* TheOtherDarrin: ²** In the beta, Mercy and Widowmaker were originally played by unknown voice actresses who weren't fluent in German or French. When ''Overwatch'' was officially released, they were replaced by Lucie Pohl and Chloé Hollings, respectively, who are both bilingual.²** In the German dub, Pharah's VA Ghadah Al-Akel was replaced in patch 1.10 by Silvia Mißbach.²** In the Italian dub, starting from the ''Uprising'' event, Reinhardt is voiced by Pietro Ubaldi rather than Paolo Marchese, with the update patch [[OrwellianRetcon replacing all his voice clips with the ones done by the new voice actor]].²** In the French dub, starting from the August 29 2017 patch, Ana's voice actress was changed to Isabelle Leprince due to the previous actress Marie Vincent discontinuing her role.²** In the Latin American Spanish dub, Sombra's voice actress will probably had to be replaced, as her original voice actress, Andrea Arruti, died at January 2020.²* TheOtherMarty: During the sound design for Hammond, the developers originally used an audio mix of coyote and rodent sounds as his voice, but they were later given an audition from Creator/DeeBradleyBaker, who's well known for voicing creatures. The team liked his performance and eventually casted him.²* PigeonholedVoiceActor:²** Creator/DeeBradleyBaker's casting as Hammond aka Wrecking Ball is about the bazillionth time he's done a role involving animal noises.²** In the Brazilian dub, Winston is the '''sixth''' simian character [[WesternAnimation/LooneyTunes that]] [[Anime/DemashitaPowerpuffGirlsZ Jorge]] [[Franchise/Ben10 Vasconcellos]] [[WesternAnimation/IceAge has]] [[WesternAnimation/JusticeLeagueUnlimited voiced]].²* PlayingAgainstType²** In the Japanese dub, Creator/AtsushiImaruoka's role as Winston is a complete contrast with previous roles he played, like [[VideoGame/StreetFighterIV Adon]] or [[Manga/JoJosBizarreAdventureBattleTendency Rudol von Stroheim]].²** [[ Keith Ferguson]] usually plays characters that are funny and laughable, like [[WesternAnimation/FostersHomeForImaginaryFriends Blooregard Q. Kazoo]]. Reaper is the antithesis of "funny" and "laughable", [[NarmCharm but only if you don't wear your "Edgelord" or "Trying too hard" goggles.]]²* PromotedFanboy: Three cases (so far):²** The {{Animesque}} Doomfist Origin Trailer was created by the Shanghai-based Wolf Smoke Animation Studio, who almost exactly a year prior [[ created fan art of Tracer]] under the theme of 'what would Overwatch look like as an anime?'. ²** Matilda Smedius, voice of Brigitte Lindholm, plays ''Overwatch'' and now voices a playable character in the game.²** Blizzard commissioned [[ Dillongoo]], who is best known for his Katsuwatch series to create [[ an official video for the Bastet event.]]²* QueerShowGhetto: A subsect of players will loudly proclaim that the game has been "ruined forever" whenever a character is revealed as LGBT. This was especially the case when the first two queer characters revealed were Tracer and Soldier: 76, the two single most recognized characters of the franchise. Blizzard was accused of "alienating" their fans by placing LGBT in such prominent roles and some players even threatened to stop playing entirely because they could no longer "relate" to the characters because they were gay.²* RealLifeRelative: In the Latin-American Spanish dub, Torbjörn and Zenyatta's voice actors (Arturo Mercado Sr. and Arturo Mercado Jr.) are father and son in real life.²* RealitySubtext: As documented in [[ this series of videos]], when creating ''Overwatch,'' Blizzard Entertainment was coming off of the failure of what was supposed to be a new flagship: ''[[WhatMightHaveBeen Titan]].'' Failure -- and rising up again in the face of it -- is heavily written into the InUniverse backstories of ''Overwatch,'' from Tracer's Slipstream accident to the corruption and collapse of the original Overwatch Initiative, before its reinstatement.²* RecursiveAdaptation: After his release in ''VideoGame/HeroesOfTheStorm'', some of Lúcio's features in that game made it back to ''Overwatch''. Examples include a visual indicator for the range of his auras and increased movement speed while Wall Riding.²* ReferencedBy: ²** Tracer makes a [[TheCameo cameo]] in ''Film/ReadyPlayerOne''.²** In the Filipino film ''My Mighty Yaya'', a Pachimari doll can be seen when the mother is scrolling through a toy website.²** In ''Manga/JojosBizarreAdventureStardustCrusaders'', Jotaro Kujo (who's voiced by Creator/MatthewMercer in the English dub) [[ tells]] DIO near the end of their battle that "If this were the Wild West, the hero would say, [[ActorAllusion 'It's high noon.']]"²* RuleThirtyFourCreatorReactions: Pornhub experienced a massive[[note]]We're talking '''800%''' increases at launch day. NotHyperbole.[[/note]] spike in searches for ''Overwatch'' porn parodies in the days leading up to release. Creator/BlizzardEntertainment eventually sent DMCA takedown notices to Pornhub and other porn sites, instructing them to remove all videos of ''Overwatch'' porn. The initial and most prolific targets of their takedowns were NSFW videos done using modified (read: made nude and anatomically correct) 3D character models based on assets ripped from the game. Rule 34 website Paheal changed their ''Overwatch'' tag to "Overlook" in order to avoid any potential legal troubles with Blizzard, as the company really doesn't like the idea of kids and parents coming across ''Overwatch'' porn so easily. In 2017 Blizzard also issued a cease and desist on a ''Playboy'' styled fan magazine called "Playwatch" which was a magazine dedicated specifically to sexy ''Overwatch'' fanart.²* SpoiledByTheMerchandise: The existence of a UsefulNotes/NintendoSwitch port was first hinted at by [[ an Amazon listing]] for an officially licensed, ''Overwatch''-branded carrying case for the system (that was taken down within a day after going up). (It would then be subject to two more traditional {{Content Leak}}s before its official announcement.)²* StarMakingRole: Many voice actors who get roles in ''Overwatch'' become insanely famous in the gaming community. Two examples are Creator/DarinDePaul and Carolina Ravassa. The latter's previously-obscure "Hispanglo Saxon" Website/YouTube channel absolutely ''exploded'' due in large part to ''Overwatch'' fame--hitting [[ 100,000 subscribers]] on 23 February 2018.²* StreisandEffect: The complaints and eventual replacement of a certain Tracer victory pose [[NoSuchThingAsBadPublicity caused a huge spike in search interest for the game, character and pose.]] Also, Blizzard's aforementioned crackdown on ''Overwatch'' porn has only increased interest and production of it (and in September 2016, a major porn studio actually released a live-action ''Overwatch'' parody scene featuring characters based on Reaper and Widowmaker).²[[/folder]]²²[[folder: T-W]]²* TalkingToHimself: Zhang Yu, on top of voicing Mei in both the English and Mandarin Chinese version of the game, also voices Symmetra in the Mandarin Chinese version.²* ThrowItIn: From the Blizzcon 2016 voice actor panel, Mei's line "Sorry! Sorry, sorry..." wasn't scripted, but her voice actress Zhang Yu apologizing for a bad line read. The team liked it so much, they added it as one of her lines in the game.²* TrollingCreator: ²** [=McCree=]'s voice actor Creator/MatthewMercer has admitted to saying "It's hiiiigh noooon" over voice chat whilst playing the game, making people freak out and try to hide for risk of being killed by his ultimate. He's also admitted to parodying the line by saying different times just to confuse people.²** Jeff Kaplan spent Christmas day of 2017 doing a 10 hour long live stream on Twitch of himself sitting in front of a yule log, and doing nothing of any significance. The stream reached peaked at 43,778 viewers, and suffered from "technical difficulties" as he was about to announce the next hero who will join the roster.²** [[ One of the Twitter teasers for the then-unknown 27th hero]] (who would turn out to be Brigitte) had Blizzard playfully hinting the often-requested "[[WhatCouldHaveBeen Jetpack Cat]]", featuring an [[RedHerring otherwise irrelevant]] cat tail and a covered-up diagram that definitely resembles the idea.²*** Later during the time of 2019's Archives event, [[ Jeff Kaplan during a stream]] denied Jetpack Cat ever becoming a playable hero... sort of.²--->'''Kaplan''': I said, we are ''never'' making Jetpack Cat! Never ever ever. That would be so ridiculous. It would be like adding a hamster or something.²* UrbanLegendOfZelda:²** Early in the game's life, there was a persistent myth that players can LagCancel reloading animations by using a QuickMelee to interrupt it. While it is perfectly possible to reload and give a quick melee attack without cancelling the whole reload, [[ the delay for when the player is actually able to fire again does not reset,]] and so players are usually better off not bothering.²** People believed there was an interaction between Mercy and Reaper where she says to him "This is not what I intended for you, Reyes", and he replies "You knew exactly what you were doing", which was the backbone for a theory that Mercy was responsible for Reaper's [[HumanoidAbomination condition]]. Turns out, the interaction [[ never existed in the game.]]²** For a while, [[ Zenyatta's quotes page on Gamepedia]] listed a response to eliminating Widowmaker in [[AndThisIsFor "That was for my friend,"]] referencing his brother, Mondatta. This made up the basis for some discourse on his character, and given how he reacts to others pursuing revenge, it made him look NotSoAboveItAll at best, [[{{Hypocrite}} hypocritical]] at worst. It wasn't until [[ it was brought up to Michael Chu]] that people realized the line didn't exist anywhere in the game, and the line has since been removed from wikis, including this one.²* WhatCouldHaveBeen: [[WhatCouldHaveBeen/{{Overwatch}} Has its own page]].²* WhyTheFandomCantHaveNiceThings: ²** Originally, the game was built in with an "Avoid This Player" option alongside "Prefer This Player" as a measure to counter toxic players, but it was removed shortly after the game officially launched due to people using it to instead avoid players that were simply annoying for them in-game, regardless of actual toxicity. [[ Widowmaker players in particular were hit with long queue times since nobody wanted to play against them, and in the end still ended up being matched against lower-skilled players, so the feature was cut.]] It would later be reintroduced as [[ "Avoid as Teammate" in 2018]], with much more substantial tweaks to prevent this from happening.²** While he doesn't go into specifics, Jeff Kaplan states [[ in this Developer Update]] that "bad behavior is not just ruining the experience for one another, but the bad behavior is actually making the game progress, in terms of development, at a much slower rate."²** Kaplan also wrote a [[ lengthy post]] in which he noted that "The 'public speaking/posting' part of the job is downright scary and intimidating. It often feels like there is no winning." Fans clamor for the team to look at [issue]? [[ScyllaAndCharybdis If the devs speak up, fans expect instant change. If the devs quietly test things internally without saying anything before ultimately releasing something, fans accuse the developers of ignoring them.]] ²* TheWikiRule: Has two different but prominent ones, a [[ Wikia version]] and a [[ Gamepedia version.]] Also, the [[ liquipedia Overwatch Wiki]].²* WordOfGay: ²** At Blizzcon 2015, it was stated at least one member of the cast was gay upon being asked if one was included in the already diverse cast. WordOfGod from Blizzard is that some of the Overwatch cast are LGBT. Upon hearing this, fans quickly began their HoYay and LesYay couples and engaging in major ShipToShipCombat. It was later officially confirmed that Tracer has a girlfriend, Emily, in the 2016 Christmas comic, and it was [[ clarified]] that she's a lesbian (rather than bi or pan).²** The short story ''Bastet'' reveals that Soldier: 76 was once in a relationship with a man named Vincent and [[ Michael Chu revealed]] that both Jack and Vincent identify themselves as gay.²* WordOfGod: ²** Though not revealed in the cinematic, [[ according to an interview with sound designer Paul Menichini]], the two boys in the cinematic are named Brian (elder brother) and Timmy (younger brother).²** [[ According to senior animator Jesse Davis]], Sombra’s Anniversary dance emote is a general reference to shuffle dancing and didn’t know [[ about a Sombra cosplayer making a video of her dancing]].²** Both [[ Micheal Chu]] and [[ Jeff Kaplan]] had confirmed that Symmetra is on the Autism Spectrum.²* WorkingTitle: [[ A post on 4chan in January 2017]] leaked a future hero that would turn out to be Orisa, getting down many factors including her being a female quadruped Omnic from Numbani. The one thing that doesn't match is her name "Anchora," which might have been this trope due to Orisa being specifically marketed as an [[MeaningfulName "anchor tank."]]²[[/folder]]²----


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