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1* ScrewedByTheNetwork: Creator/CartoonNetwork only aired '''seven''' episodes of the show during 2009 before taking it off the air.* ShortRunInPeru: Only the first season was broadcast in USA, with the two remaining seasons only airing in Canada.* TalkingToHimself: In addition to their roles as Voltar, Doktor Frogg, and Red Menace, Scott [=McNeil=], Lee Tockar, and Colin Murdoch (respectively) voice many other characters in the series, including some one-shot characters, which often leads to this.* WhatCouldHaveBeen: The [[ Kidscreen's October 2006 issue]] (page 104) reveals a number of significant differences in early concepts:** Voltar was originally called ''The Great'' Voltar. His costume was green and yellow instead of red.** Doktor Frogg originally had a steel jaw and did not wear goggles.** Red Menace was meant to be a former Soviet supervillain (hence his name). His original design wore a thick red fur coat and a fur hat that incorporated the Red Star (a communist symbol) on it.** Doomageddon did not exist in the original concept. In his place was a crawling hooded character described as embodying "the spirit of a hyperactive Neanderthal toddler".* WorkingTitle: The series was originally just known as ''League of Evil''.


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