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Context Trivia / KateBeckinsale

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1* AwesomeDearBoy: Stephen Sommers was reluctant to ask her to do ''Film/VanHelsing'', fearing it was too similar to ''Film/{{Underworld}}''. However she signed on at once.* ContractualPurity: Early on in her career, she took so many ActionGirl roles precisely to stop people from thinking she was a "corset queen" in various period dramas. It had the effect of making people more familiar with her action movies, and therefore forgetting that she got her start in period dramas.* CreatorBacklash: She despised the corset she had to wear for ''Film/VanHelsing'' and said she wanted to burn it at the end of filming.* FakeAmerican: She is British, but in films is frequently cast as American characters due to her pulling off a flawless American accent.* FunnyCharacterBoringActor: Inverted. She's known for playing {{English Rose}}s or humorless {{Action Girl}}s. Offscreen she's a huge prankster and loves fart jokes. * PlayingAgainstType: ''Love & Friendship'', an adaptation of Jane Austen's ''Literature/LadySusan'', has her playing a conniving manipulator who's also a rather cruel mother. * RomanceOnTheSet: She met her husband, director Len Wiseman, on the set of ''Underworld''.* StarMakingRole: Her role as the vampire hunter Selene in the film ''Underworld'' made her a star.


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