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1----* BreakthroughHit: "Fire and Rain".* CareerResurrection: ''Gorilla'' was this in the mid-70's, and from the 90's onward he's been making a comeback.* CreatorBreakdown: "Fire and Rain" was inspired by the suicide of a woman he'd become close to when they were in rehab together. And oddly enough, fans started an urban legend that a completely different one was involved, where his band secretly arranged for his girlfriend to visit him on tour, only for her plane to crash.* WhatCouldHaveBeen: He was under consideration to play at Film/{{Woodstock}} due to his connection to Music/TheBeatles. When the request for the Beatles to perform at Woodstock was sent to Apple Records, the label asked the promoters whether Taylor, their latest signing, could perform as well. When it looked like Music/TheBeatles were definitely not going to happen, Taylor's appearance fell apart too.----


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