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1With a show centered around kids who fight oddness for a living, who would have guessed it would have sad moments?
3!!Season 1
4* No Ifs, And, or Robots: During the beginning, there was a man with the foot-and-voice problem who never got his odd problem fixed, and can't even let them know where his is because his voice was sore, or walk towards them since his feet were literally stones. He could only hope the Odd Squad would notice him and know how to fix them. But even after four hours, nobody noticed the man, and he was still stick in the field. And he can't even call Odd Squad because his phone was dead. Can you imagine being in his situation? This also doubles as NightmareFuel.
5* During the season finale, where Otto was talking about how he would miss Olive now that she was becoming a Ms. O, and that they wouldn’t be partners anymore. [[spoiler: Luckily, he got to go with her to run an Odd Squad together.]] Although [[spoiler: both of them leaving]] still doubles as a tearjerker.
6!!Season 2
7* Extreme Cakeover: When Olympia is trying to contain the cake virus inside anyone with brown eyes, she realized she had brown eyes, and sacrifices herself to contain the virus. She then slowly turns into a cake as she's running towards Orchid who had the helmet. By the time Olympia got the helmet on, she went full cake and the helmet squashed her as a cake [[DisneyDeath making it seem like she was dead.]] Otis was crushed to see his partner seemingly dead, and he even let out a BigNo. [[spoiler: Thankfully the cake virus is contained and Olympia is resurrected back to her normal human form, but still.]] How many of you ''weren't'' totally [[{{Pun}} crushed]] when it seemed like Olympia was dead?
8!!The Movie
10 [[caption-width-right:350:Four former Odd Squad members talking about how much they'll miss Odd Squad.[[note]]Another oddness-stopping organization known as Weird team proved to be more popular than Odd Squad thus putting these guys out of business.]][[/note]]
11* The scene at the beginning of the movie where Olympia, Otis, Oona and Ms. O are standing in the middle of a road talking about Odd Squad being shut down, how they're not needed anymore. All four of them look very depressed. Including Olympia and Oona no less. It only gets more depressing in the middle of the film where the scene is revisited and the audience now knows why the scene happened, also it ends with the agents sadly walking back to their homes and Olympia out of all people decided to go last. This scene is without a doubt one of the saddest moments on the show.
12* The Saddest Song in the World of all Time. Even if it's partially a funny moment, you have to admit, it's also this. Showing scenes of where the kids are now, now that their not working for Odd Squad anymore certainly helps.