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1British series on Creator/TheBBC, 2007-2009, created by Jimmy [=McGovern=], a TV writer also known for ''{{Series/Cracker}}'' and ''Series/{{Brookside}}''. It will not be returning for a fourth series as the show is made by Creator/{{ITV}} Studios, which has closed the relevant unit for cost-cutting reasons.²²Which is a shame, because it's an excellent series and has won Baftas, as well as International Emmys.²²The series is a batch of loosely linked stories revolving around the residents of a single street in Manchester (you may only see a character once or twice). The stories are hard-hitting kitchen sink dramas of the sort [=McGovern=] is famous for, although happy endings are common.²----²!!This series contains examples of:²* AllStarCast: Bob Hoskins, Frances Barber, Jim Broadbent, Anna Friel, Timothy Spall...²* Ambiguous Ending: Billy's story and Shay's story [[spoiler: is Billy back on his football team or is he still in a coma dreaming that he is? Will Shay get to see his son?]]²* TheAtoner: Paul²* CharacterDevelopment: A lot. Many of the episodes have the characters seeing the error of their ways and becoming better people.²* ChristianityIsCatholic: Eddie, Ojo, and of course, the priest.²* BerserkButton: Frank on his age:²-->"I AM NOT A DINOSAUR! And if you call me that again I'll clock you one, you arrogant git."²* BitterSweetEnding: Angela's story, Yvonne's story (arguably), Jan & Cath's story, Shay's story and Margie and Eddie's story in the last episode [[spoilers: Angela's surrounded by her loving family but her daughter is still disabled, Yvonne's free of her abusive husband but has to live with having killed him, Jan's son has been proven to be innocent but the once loving relationship between the sisters is ruined, Shay has got clean and has hope of seeing his son but still can't at least for now and Margie's dead but Eddie believes she died knowing he loved her and he makes up with his children]]²* Can'tHelpEnough: Eddie.²** Eddie: I've got two options. One: Kill meself. Two: Kill the wife.²** Friend: You could just tell the truth.²** Eddie: That's worse than one and two combined.²* CrazyJealousGuy: Sean²* DarkandTroubledPast: Paul and Ojo²* DoggedNiceGuy: Eddie²* DomesticAbuse: Sean and Margie's dad²* DramaClub: We see Jenna perform a snippet of Lady Macbeth's dialogue.²* {{Foreshadowing}}: "You'll be in the ground before me," is said to Sean by Yvonne's mum, who dies soon after. Yvonne and her sister murder Sean and hide his body in the grave where their mother is buried, so he is literally in the ground before her. Also a MeaningfulEcho.²* DriventoSuicide: Frank [[spoiler: though he doesn't go through with it]]²* HenpeckedHusband: Eddie²* HoYay: Possible interpretation on Billy's friends devotion to him. A far more obvious case with Charlie in series 2²* Hypocrite: ²* JerkAssWoobie: Angela, Joe, Charlie, ²* JerkwithaHeartofGold: Margie, Wayne, Kieran and Shay²* LoveMartyr: Yvonne, to a point.²* MamaBear: Many. Angela (at least after the accident), Margie, Yvonne's mother, Jan, Cath, Dee, Olenka and Madeleine (the mother of Shay's son) ²* MeaningfulMusic: Upon getting home from the doctors after finding out the results of her breast cancer biopsy were inconclusive, she puts on "I Will Survive".²* MoralityPet: Played with regarding both Billy's dad who is blind and Shay's son Otto who has Down Syndrome ²* NotWhatItLooksLike: "The Flasher". A teacher stops to pee while out for a jog. A young girl sees him. A PaedoHunt ensues.²* PaedoHunt: The teacher in ''The Flasher'' and, to a lesser extent, postman Waye²* SingleMomStripper: Dee, who worked as a prostitute at weekends. to try and get her kids into a better school.²* HookerWithAHeartOfGold: Dee.²* RapeasDrama: Yvonne from her abusive husband with her young daughter watching²* ReasonYouSuckSpeech: Frank to Man U supporters, Yvonne's mum and Margie to Sean, Gary's dad to Gary and Kierans date to Kieran²* SlutShaming: Mark's dad does a fair bit of this to Dee for being a prostitute which is incredibly hypocritical since he has been cheating on his wife with prostitutes for years²* TeachersPet: Jenna.²* TheWarOnTerror: One episode revolves around a soldier wounded in a suicide bombing in Afghanistan.²* TheWoobie: Katy, Frank, Billy, Ojo, Yvonne and her children, Eddie, Ian, Damien, Jean, Nick and Otto ²* YourCheatingHeart: Angela with her neighbours husband Peter, Charlie, [[spoiler: Eddie]] out of sympathy²----²<<|BritishSeries|>>


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