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1[[quoteright:333:]]²[[caption-width-right:333:L-R: Ali, Jackson, CJ.]]²²''Dude, What Would Happen?'' is one of a slew of reality shows produced by Creator/CartoonNetwork for the infamous Creator/CNReal block in 2009. It and fellow show ''Destroy Build Destroy'' were both cancelled on September 21, 2011, making them both the longest-running CN Real shows.²²The show attempted to be a kids' version of ''Series/MythBusters'', [[{{Dissimile}} only they don't deal with myths, old wives' tales, or things kids might actually ask]]. Instead, the titular Dudes - C.J. Manigo, Jackson Rogow and Ali Sepasyar - are usually given a question, and then use it as a jumping-off point for "wacky" ''Series/{{Jackass}}''--style hijinks. For example, what sticks to peanut butter on an inclined surface longer (one of the substances they used in testing was [[ShapedLikeItself more peanut butter]]), if covering a piano in ''deflated'' basketballs would make it bounce, or what would happen if you popped the world's biggest zit (which they "solved" by filling a punching bag with cream and dropping it off a building).²²It wound up [[CriticProof outlasting the other shows on the CN Real block]], and was AdoredByTheNetwork for a while (the Dudes were even used in an anti-bullying campaign on the network years after the show ended).²----²!!This show provides examples of:²* FoodAndAnimalAttraction: In one episode, one of the guys dresses as a carrot to lure a horse.²* NeverTrustATrailer: They would often try to pass this off as some kind of kid-friendly science show (basically a ''[=MythBusters=]'' ripoff), when in reality it's "doing stupid stuff for the sake of it" (basically a ''Jackass'' ripoff).²* SurferDude: They seem to be ''trying'' to go for this, anyway.²* TotallyRadical: The title says it all. These guys don't talk like real people.²----


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