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1Here's where i put ideas for the Tv Tropes Pantheon.²²! Deities²!! Main Focus²²[[folder:Hinawa]]²'''[[VideoGame/Mother3 Hinawa]], Patron Saint of [[SunnySunflowerDisposition Sunflowers]]'''²[[quoteright:150:]] ² [[caption-width-right:150:Hinawa]]²* Potential House: Pantheon/TreesAndFlowers²* Quasideity²* Symbol: A single sunflower. Alternatively, a picture of her with her sons and husband.²* Alignment: NeutralGood²* Portfolio:²* Domains: Flowers, Death²* Friendly towards: '''Lucas''', Toriel, Frisk²* Unfriendly towards: Galeem, Dharkon²* OddFriendship with: Mufasa, Simba²* Pities: Porky Minch, Flowey, Asgore, those with deceased mothers²* A kind soul, Hinawa was once a human woman who lived with her family in the Nowhere Island. She however, perished after facing a mechanical Tyrannosaurus rex known as a "Mecha Drago", which bit her in the heart. Even so, she appears as a spirit, once to help Lucas escape and once to save Claus from Porky's manipulation.²** One day, a vast field of sunflowers appears in the House of Plants. Lucas, who was wandering there for some sunflowers, is attracted to it until he encounters his mother as a spirit. He then hugs her, crying. After much begging, the Main Gods decides to make her a Goddess of Sunflowers.²* Appears in the Pantheon as a spirit, mainly towards Lucas and most non-hostile child deities. Due to this, she develops a friendship with Mufasa, who also appears in ghost form, despite one being a lion and the other being a human.²* (Simba)²* Gets along with Toriel due to being a fellow loving mother. She has allowed Lucas to mingle with the monster frequently.²* (Frisk)²* Surprisingly, she gets along with Flowey, despite his apparent hostility towards her and to the chagrin of most. [[spoiler:In truth, Flowey is actually not only friendly towards her, he behaves and reminds her very much of Lucas, her own son during his days as a monster. Hinawa sympathizes with him mainly because of his predicament.]]²* It's hard for her to make enemies, thanks to her friendliness. Some of the few deities she dislikes are Galeem and Dharkon. Mainly Galeem, as during a past adventure, he captured her spirit and forces her into his army of Puppet Fighters.²* Even she felt sorry for Porky Minch to an extent, mainly because of his childhood and backstory.²* (Children with deceased mothers)²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Gordos]]²'''[[VideoGame/{{Kirby}} Gordos]], Deities of [[InvincibleMinorMinion Invincible Minions]]'''²[[quoteright:268:]] ² [[caption-width-right:268:A Gordo]]²* Potential House: Pantheon/{{Enemies}}²* Quasideities (sort of)²* Symbol: Themselves²* Alignment: TrueNeutral²* Portfolio: [[TheSpiny Covered in]] [[SpikesOfDoom spikes]], [[InvincibleMinorMinion cannot be killed]]²* Domains: Enemies, Immunity, Spikes²* Allies: [[Pantheon/{{Leadership}} King Dedede]]²** OddFriendship with: Master and Crazy Hand, [[Pantheon/{{Enemies}} Goombas]]²* Enemies: Kirby²* Opposed by: Mario, Many of the fighters in Smash Bros²* The Gordos are a species native to Planet Popstar, known for it's spike-covered bodies. These creatures are most notable for being impervious towards any of Kirby's attacks, which earns them the title of Invincible Minions.²* They seem to have some manner of affiliation with King Dedede. They regularly show up during the Smash Bros tournaments as a part of King Dedede's moveset. For this reason, many deities participating in Smash Bros kept a distance from them.²* There is a larger variant of them that can apparently be defeated everytime they shed their spikes, though they only appear rarely.²²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Planet Popstar]]²'''[[{{VideoGame/Kirby}} Planet Popstar]], Holy Seat of [[Main/WorldShapes Unusual Planet Shapes]]'''²[[quoteright:350:]] ² [[caption-width-right:350:Planet Popstar]]²* A planet, deep in space, shaped like a yellow five-pointed star.²* Symbol: A yellow five-pointed star.²* Alignment: NeutralGood²* Portfolio: [[WorldShapes A planet shaped like a five-pointed star]]²* Sacred to: Kirby and most deities affiliated with him.²* Planet Popstar is a planet located in a distant area in space. Home planet to Kirby, it is notable for being in the shape of a five-pointed star with two rings.²* Kirby and many of the deities affiliated to him has been rallying for their home planet to be part of the Pantheon for a while. Ultimately the Main House relented, and agree to make their planet a Dominion.²* Many creatures, such as Waddle Dees, Bronto Burts and others, live on this planet.²* Boasted to be "A kingdom famous for peace and quiet". This despite the fact that it is regularly invaded by various abominations. Thankfully, Kirby is always around to save the day.²* There are, in fact, several planets similar to it. One notable example is Ripple Star, which looks like a smiling heart, and where Ribbon the fairy hails from. Kirby hopes that someday Ribbon can join the Pantheon.²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:The Octonauts]]²'''WesternAnimation/TheOctonauts [[labelnote:members]]Barnacles, Kwazii, Peso, Tweak, Shellington, Inkling, Dashi, and Tunip[[/labelnote]], Divine MixedAnimalSpeciesTeam''' (Inkling: Professor Inkles; Dashi: Sauci)²[[quoteright:350:]] ² [[caption-width-right:350:The Octonauts [[labelnote:From left to right]] Tweak, Tunip, Dashi, Peso, Barnacles, Kwazii, Shellington, and Inkling[[/labelnote]]]]²* Potential House: Pantheon/BeastOther²* Demideities²* Symbol: [[ The Octonauts Symbol]]²* Alignment: LawfulGood²* Portfolio: MixedAnimalSpeciesTeam, UnderwaterBase, SomethingNauts²* Domains: Animals, Teams, Nature²* Allies: [[Pantheon/{{Nature}} Captain Planet]], [[Pantheon/TheatricProduction Pit]], [[Pantheon/{{Faith}} Palutena]], [[Pantheon/{{Twins}} Lucas]], most Spongebob deities²** Barnacles: [[Pantheon/GamingGenres Banjo and Kazooie]], [[Pantheon/{{Mammals}} Winnie the Pooh]], Mario²** Kwazii: Friendly cats, [[Pantheon/BeastHandlers Sakaki]]²** Peso: [[Pantheon/{{Birds}} Madagascar Penguins, Hubie and Rocko]], [[Pantheon/{{Monsters}} Prinnies]], [[Pantheon/{{Leadership}} King Dedede]], House of Pantheon/HealthAndDiseases, Pantheon/GUAGMedicalDivision, Pantheon/GUAGKibouGo, [[Pantheon/MedicalConditions Fred]]²** Tweak: The House of Pantheon/{{Technology}}²** Shellington: [[Pantheon/AquaticLife Oshawott]]²** Inkling: [[Pantheon/JokesAndComedy The Inklings]], [[Pantheon/{{Hats}} Ika Musume]]²** Dashi: ²** Tunip: Kirby, The Lumas²* Respect: [[Pantheon/BeastHandlers Steve Irwin]]²* On good terms with: All other good-and neutral-aligned deities.²* OddFriendship with: [[Pantheon/AquaticLife The Orca]], [[Pantheon/{{Reptiles}} Sobek]] (All), [[Pantheon/AnthropomorphicAnimals Ichigo Momomiya]] (Kwazii only)²* VitriolicBestBuds with: [[Pantheon/{{Anger}} Squidward]] (Inkling only)²* Rivals: [[Pantheon/AquaticLife Bruce]] (Kwazii only)²* Oppose: Hexxus, HYDRA (All), Spider deities, Muffet, Katz, Sabor, Scar (Kwazii)²* Opposed by: [[Pantheon/BossFights Viridi]], [[Pantheon/AquaticLife Bruce, Lord Fredrik]], [[Pantheon/{{Mammals}} Bashmaster]], [[Pantheon/{{Reptiles}} Ramon]], King K. Rool (All) ²* Fears: Flowey (Tunip only)²* The Octonauts are a group of anthropomorphic animals that explores the seas to help sea creatures in need. They use their octopus-shaped ship called the Octopod as a way to travel through the vast oceans. One day, their voyage brought them into the oceans of the Pantheon, where, after they tended on many of the native sea creatures and a few deities, are allowed to have a spot in the Pantheon.²** In the Pantheon, they start to turn their talents on helping any deity that is injured, or needs help rescuing, as a result of [[ForeverWar various mayhem and destruction]] that occurred in the Pantheon.²* Their temple appears to be a simple plain with a relatively large, pristine lake at the center. Below the surface, however, is the Octopod, their base. It also has underwater tunnels which all connect to all the Houses in the Pantheon so they can rescue and heal heroic deities.²* Due to their helpful nature to the environment, they become fast friends with Captain Planet.²** Speaking of him, they are aware of the terror Hexxus could potentially cause on nature, and, as they are essentially sitting ducks in the face of Hexxus, Captain Planet has strived to aid the group whenever possible.²* When Viridi heard of an organization who help the environment, she zips into their location in order to find a way to recruit them. However, they deem Viridi's actions as too far and decline her offer, much to her anger.²* Has a strained relationship with the Orca. While the Orca is very hostile outwardly, the Octonauts do their best to respect him like the other creatures. Indeed, the Orca seems to be somewhat more docile towards the group.²* They, being nature lovers, no doubt respect Steve Irwin, with Shellington being outright estatic. They often exchange information about various species.²* The Octonauts possess several ships called [=GUPs=], which they use to help creatures under the sea. Most are useless on land, but some, such as the crocodile-like GUP-K, an unseen mudskipper-resembling GUP-M, and the helicopter-like GUP-H, could traverse land.²* While they don't have much in terms of enemies, K. Rool has an odd rivalry with them, mainly because they are willing to help various deities, up to and including the Kongs, and their underestimation of aquatic life. Ditto with Lord Fredrik.²* Surprisingly, Yunael and Minael of all people has annoyed them. While they can't exactly be said to ''hate'' the Peaky Angels, and the latter aren't ''trying'' to take the former down, the two has been causing trouble in the Octopod, such as Yunael posing as an injured, trapped, or hostile animal, and even an Octonaut at least once, and Minael posing as a GUP.²* Exclusive to Barnacles:²** He is on good terms with other bears in the Pantheon, notably Banjo and Winnie the Pooh.²** He also gets along with Mario due to his experiences in various aquatic domains.²** ²* Exclusive to Kwazii:²** Kwazii tends to believe tales about strange monsters terrorizing the oceans. While those are obviously not real, the Pantheon does have a lot of strange sea monsters.²** Kwazii actually has a fear of spiders (though one that he thought was a spider is really a spider crab). (Muffet, Shelob)²** He is often seen driving the fast-moving GUP-B in the house of Pantheon/AquaticLife. One day, he bumped into a very hungry Bruce, who then attempted to make a meal out of him. Thankfully, the GUP-B's speed allows him to zip away, leaving him to eat his dust.²** It didn't take long for him to find other friendly cats in the Pantheon. Oggy, Mufasa and several others are just some examples. There are, however, some feline-esque deities such as Ichigo Momomiya and Koneko Toujou who confuses him due to looking next to nothing like a cat. Nevertheless, they are on friendly terms.²*** That said, not all cats are friendly. He has encountered some truly vile cats such as Katz and Scar.²** (Sakaki)²* Exclusive to Peso:²** Being a medic, he naturally is an expert at helping anyone who is hurt or sick. He is commonly seen at the house of Health and Diseases, helping sick or injured deities recover.²** Naturally, he is on good terms with various penguins in the Pantheon such as Rocko and Hubie who he occasionally rescues from predators. During his trip to treat some of the house of Pantheon/{{Leadership}} members, he met King Dedede. While he is confused whether or not he really is a penguin, the king enjoys his presence regardless.²** Has a younger brother named Pinto, who he occasionally invites into the Pantheon.²** (Fred)²* Exclusive to Tweak:²** Tweak is known for making various gadgets and inventions to help fellow Octonauts.²** She obviously is on good terms with the House of Pantheon/{{Technology}}, inventing various inventions for them. She has little respect for the GUAM, though.²** While Peso specialises in animals, Tweak specialises in technology. Because of this, she can sometimes be seen fixing up robot deities, such as Mega Man.²** (Dexter)²* Exclusive to Shellington:²** A scientist who studies animals that they encounter. He spends much of his time studying the Pantheon's various species.²** (Oshawott)²* Exclusive to Inkling:²** Inkling is a dumbo octopus and the founder of the group. He doesn't join missions often (likely because he has little defense aside from his ink), but he is one of the smarter members of the group.²** When some Nintendo deities first heard of him, they were confused as he brings to mind of squidlike beings known as Inklings. Once the confusion is cleared, he makes fast friends with them, though he is intrigued with their polar opposite views regarding water.²** Inkling also finds the antics of Ika Musume amusing, though she is too incompetent to properly threaten him and his crew.²** He also met another fellow octopus in Squidward, who despite the grouchy disposition, manages to have Inkling get into his good side.²* Exclusive to Dashi:²** Dashi spends most of her time photographing the more unusual creatures that take residence in the Pantheon. Sometimes, they can even be deities, and strong ones at that, which sometimes gets her in trouble.²** Like Kwazii,²* Exclusive to Tunip:²** Tunip is a Vegimal, strange vegetable-like creatures that serve the Octonauts. Found by Shellington, they spend their times making food such as Kelp Cakes.²** When Kirby visited the Octopod, he encounters the Vegimals making a meal. When he tries some, he decides to grab some. He likes it, as is to be expected, and becomes friends with the Vegimals.²** Tunip and the other Vegimals ran into the Killer Tomatoes. Apparently thinking they were friendly, they decide to offer them Tunip's Fish Biscuits. Needless to say, that didn't end well.²[[/folder]]²²!! For Later²²²!! Ideas²* '''[[VideoGame/WarioWare 5-Volt]], Goddess of [[DefangedHorrors Downplayed Horrors]]''' (Fear)²** Reason: She stars in a sub-mode of Wario Ware called Gamer, which is essentially a Survival Horror game for children.²²* '''[[VideoGame/EarthboundBeginnings Queen Mary/Maria]], Divine [[ASaintNamedMary Saint Named Mary]]''' (Naming Theme)²** She dedicated much of her life raising a young alien called Giegue.²²* '''[[VideoGame/BanjoKazooie The Jinjos]], Deities of [[LiveItem Live Items]]''' (Game Mechanics)²** Reason: They're these colorful creatures that act as an item hidden in worlds, granting you a Jiggy if you collect enough.²²* '''[[VideoGame/KirbyStarAllies The Cult of the Jamba Heart]], Deities of BossSubtitles''' (Boss Design)²** The game they debuted in is notable for being the first Kirby game to have boss subtitles.²²* '''[[WesternAnimation/ShaunTheSheep Shaun]], God of SweetSheep''' (Ungulates)²²!! Tropeless ideas²* '''[[VideoGame/KirbyCanvasCurse Drawcia]]'''²* '''[[VideoGame/KirbySqueakSquad Daroach]]'''²* '''[[VideoGame/KirbyTripleDeluxe Taranza]]'''²* '''[[VideoGame/KirbyPlanetRobobot Susie]]'''²* '''[[VideoGame/BanjoKazooie Bottles]]'''²* '''[[VideoGame/BanjoKazooie Mumbo Jumbo]]'''²* '''WesternAnimation/TheClangers'''²²!! Adoptables²* '''[[VideoGame/{{Ib}} Ib, Garry, and Mary]]'''²* '''[[VideoGame/SuperMarioBros Cheep Cheeps]], Divine [[AquaticMook Aquatic Mooks]]'''²* '''[[VideoGame/VivaPinata The Pinatas]]'''²* '''[[Anime/SelectorInfectedWixoss Ruko Kominato and Tama]]'''²²! Dominions and Treasures²!! Dominions²!!! Ideas²²!!! Adoptables²²!! Treasures²!!! Ideas²* '''[[VideoGame/BanjoKazooie A Jiggy]]'''²²!!! Adoptables²²! Groups²²'''The Prophets of the Sacred Darkness'''²²These users of darkness have shown others that darkness is not inherently evil.²²||TheLeader||Meta Knight||²²! Organizations²²!! Soldiers of Animalia²²With the wake of dangerous Grand United Alliances potentially harming nature, the GUAG has assembled a group of animals to combat them.²²[[AC:The Leaders]]²²These are the leaders of the various factions of this beastly organization.²²||Name||Domain²||Mufasa||Felines²||Amaterasu||Canines²||Mickey Mouse||Rodents/Rabbits²||Twilight Sparkle||Ungulates²||?||Birds²||?||Reptiles²||The Hollow Knight(?)||Insects²||?||Aquatic Animals²²'''The Cat Faction'''²²The feline-themed faction.²²||TheLeader||Simba²||[[TheBigGuy The Big Gal]]||Tigress²||TheSmartGuy||?²||TheChick||Koneko Toujou²||TheHeart||Ichigo Momomiya²||SixthRanger||Kwazii²||GuestStarPartyMember||Oggy²²'''The Dog Faction'''²²The canine-themed faction.²²||TheLeader||Amaterasu²||TheLancer||Scooby Doo²||TheSmartGuy||Fox [=McCloud=]²²²! Landmarks²²!! Great Jewel Reef²* Location: Sub-House of Pantheon/AquaticLife²* A massive, awe-inspiring coral reef, populated by a variety of exotic fish and marine animals from Earth.²²!! The Unknown Wilds²* Location: House of Pantheon/{{Plants}}²* A part of the forest so deep within that virtually no deity are aware of it's existence. It is said to be home to various exotic, unusual, extinct, and/or often hostile fauna and flora from Earth, with unconfirmed reports of even mythological creatures.²²!! Club Pantheon²* Location: House of Pantheon/{{Children}}²* A place where many of the younger non-hostile deities play, mingle and have fun. And to keep things fair for Quasideities, the use of powers are frowned upon if done superfluously. That said, that rule isn't in effect when the club itself is threatened.²²!! Azure Abyss²* Location: House of Pantheon/AquaticLife²* An area deep under the sea where no light penetrates, what scientists call "The Midnight Zone". Even so, life, albeit grotesque, horrific ones, survives below.²²!! Magolor's Shoppe²* Type: Hardware Store²* Location: House of Pantheon/ActsOfFriendship²* Sells: Weaponry, Armor, and Clothes.²²!! Kirby and Dedede's Royal Dining Room²* Type: Unsorted²* Location: House of Pantheon/{{Food}}²* A secret room in the House of Food. Boasting the finest food exported from Dream Land, this is King Dedede and Kirby's private dining room. Fellow deities from their planet are allowed to join in.²* After the Subspace Crisis, Dedede has allowed Luigi and Ness to join their feast.²²!! Nintendo Treehouse²* Type: Unsorted²* Location: House of Pantheon/{{Gaming}}²* A large and fancy lounge where various Nintendo deities hang out and talk about events in their home universes.²* When a new Smash tournament is on the horizon, every Nintendo deity and gaming deity affiliated with the tournaments will gather here to anticipate any potential newcomers. When it is decided, they all heartily congratulate any newcomers.²²!! Octopod Passages²²! Alliances²!! The GUAG²'''King Dedede'''²* Place: Combat Division²* Reason for Joining: He wants to protect his friends and subjects.²* Loyalty to Cosmos: High. Anyone who is friends with Kirby is a friend of his.²* Threat Level to Melkor: Moderate.²²'''Bandana Waddle Dee'''²* Place: Support Staff²* Reason for Joining: To protect his king and Kirby.²* Loyalty to Cosmos: High.²* Threat Level to Melkor: Moderate.²²!! The GUAE²'''Marx'''²* Reason for Joining: Any organization that is out for Kirby's blood is an organization he'd gladly join.²* Loyalty to Melkor: High (At least that's what he claims)²* Threat Level to Cosmos: Moderate to High.²²----


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