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Here's where i put ideas for the Tv Tropes Pantheon.


Main Focus

Hinawa, Patron Saint of Sunflowers
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: A single sunflower. Alternatively, a picture of her with her sons and husband.
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio:
  • Domains: Flowers, Death
  • Friendly towards: Lucas, Toriel, The Human Child.
  • Unfriendly towards: Galeem, Dharkon, Ridley, Scar
  • Pities: Porky Minch, Flowey
  • A kind soul, Hinawa was once a human woman who lived with her family in the Nowhere Island. She however, perished after facing a mechanical Tyrannosaurus rex known as a "Mecha Drago", which bit her in the heart. Even so, she appears as a spirit, once to help Lucas escape and once to save Claus from Porky's manipulation.
  • Her temple appears as a field of sunflowers. Rarely, she may appear as a spirit, mainly towards Lucas and most non-hostile child deities.
  • Surprisingly, she gets along with Flowey, despite his apparent hostility towards her and to the chagrin of most. In truth, Flowey is actually not only friendly towards her, he behaves and reminds her very much of Lucas, her own son during his days as a monster. Hinawa sympathizes with him mainly because of his predicament.
  • Some of the few deities she dislikes are Galeem and Dharkon. Mainly Galeem, as during a past adventure, he captured her spirit and forces her into his army of Puppet Fighters.

Gordos, Deities of Invincible Minions
  • Quasideities (sort of)
  • Symbol: Themselves
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio:
  • Domains: Enemies, Immunity
  • Allies: King Dedede
  • Enemies: Kirby
  • Opposed by: Mario, Many of the fighters in Smash Bros
  • The Gordos are a species native to Planet Popstar, known for it's spike-covered bodies. These creatures are most notable for being impervious towards any of Kirby's attacks, which earns them the title of Invincible Minions.
  • They seem to have some manner of affiliation with King Dedede. They regularly show up during the Smash Bros tournaments as a part of King Dedede's moveset.


    Planet Popstar 
  • Planet Popstar, Holy Seat of Unusual Planet Shapes
  • A planet, deep in space, shaped like a yellow five-pointed star.
  • Symbol: A yellow five-pointed star.
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio:
  • Sacred to: Kirby and most deities affiliated with him.
  • Planet Popstar is a planet located in a distant area in space. Home planet to Kirby, it is notable for being in the shape of a five-pointed star with two rings.
  • Kirby and many of the deities affiliated to him has been rallying for their home planet to be part of the Pantheon for a while. Ultimately the Main House relented, and agree to make their planet a Dominion.
  • Many creatures, such as Waddle Dees, Bronto Burts and others, live on this planet.

For Later


  • 5-Volt, Goddess of Downplayed Horrors (House of Fear)
    • Reason: She stars in a sub-mode of Wario Ware called Gamer, which is essentially a Survival Horror game for children.

  • Queen Mary, Divine Saint Named Mary
    • She dedicated much of her life raising a young alien called Giegue.

  • The Jinjos, Deities of Live Items

  • The Octonauts, The Divine Mixed-Animal Species Team


Tropeless ideas


Dominions and Treasures










Great Jewel Reef

  • Location: Sub-House of Aquatic Life
  • A massive, awe-inspiring coral reef, populated by a variety of exotic fish and marine animals from earth.


The Unknown Wilds

  • Location: House of Plants
  • A part of the forest so deep within that virtually no deity are aware of it's existence. It is said to be home to various exotic, unusual, and often hostile fauna and flora from earth, with unconfirmed reports of even mythological creatures.

Club Pantheon

  • Location: House of Children
  • A place where many of the younger non-hostile deities play, mingle and have fun.

Adventuring Dungeons:

Hardware Stores:

Magolor's Temple



King Dedede
  • Place: Combat Division
  • Reason for Joining: He wants to protect his friends and subjects.
  • Loyalty to Cosmos: High. Anyone who is friends with Kirby is a friend of his.
  • Threat Level to Melkor: Moderate.

Bandana Waddle Dee

  • Place: Support Staff
  • Reason for Joining: To protect his king and Kirby.
  • Loyalty to Cosmos: High.
  • Threat Level to Melkor: Moderate.


  • Reason for Joining: Any organization that is out for Kirby's blood is an organization he'd gladly join.
  • Loyalty to Melkor: High (At least that's what he claims)
  • Threat Level to Cosmos: Moderate to High.

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