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1[[quoteright:350:]]²[[caption-width-right:350:L to R: Mithra Jin, Tablo, DJ Tukutz]]²²Epik High is a three-member Korean hip hop group (comprised of DJ Tukutz and rappers Mithra Jin and Tablo) initially formed in 2001. Along with their peers, they contributed to developing the then-nascent hip hop scene in South Korea. After multiple setbacks and three label changes, Epik High won Album of the Year in 2014 for their album "Shoebox" and held the largest North American tour for a Korean artist since The Wonder Girls the following year.²²----²²!! Epik High contains examples of:²²* BoastfulRap: Lots - "Top Gun," "Breakdown", "Free Music," and "Burj Khalifa," just to name a few. ²* {{Bowdlerise}}: Large parts of "Born Hater," the title track for their ''Shoebox'' album, had to be re-written in order for the song to be considered acceptable for broadcast due to the heavy swearing present in the original song. ²* CoverVersion: of [[Music/BigBang Taeyang's]] "Eyes, Nose, Lips," though technically it's more of a reinterpretation of the original song. ²* IcarusAllusion: "Icarus Walks" from ''Pieces, Part One''²* LonelyPianoPiece: "Over" and "Spoiler" have shades of this, and a lot of their instrumental pieces (e.g. "Forest" and "Ocean. Sand. Trees.") are basically these. ²* MyspeldRokband²* NewMediaAreEvil: "High Technology"²* OddlyNamedSequel2ElectricBoogaloo: ''Map the Soul'' and ''Remapping the Human Soul''.²* OneLetterTitle: ''[e]''²* PrecisionFStrike: El-FUCKING-Greco in "Born Hater." ²* SelfEmpowermentAnthem: "Up" ²* TickTockTune: "One"²²----²²!! Epik High's music videos contain examples of:²* BackToFront: "One Minute, One Second" ²* LoonyFan: the girl from "Fan." ²* LyricsVideoMismatch: "Trot/High Technology" and "Don't Hate Me." Both could also fall into the SurrealMusicVideo category.


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