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1[[quoteright:300:]]²Antony and the Johnsons are the group performing the musical works of [[FaceOfTheBand Antony Hegarty]].²²The group released their debut album in 1998, after Antony was discovered by British experimental musician David Tibet (of Current 93 fame), who offered to release her music on his own label ''Durtro''. ²The debut "''Mysteries of Love''" didn't really make a splash commercially or critically, and thus three years went on before the next EP, "''I Fell In Love With a Dead Boy''" which, along with the title track, contained a David Lynch/Angelo Bardalamenti cover from their ''Series/TwinPeaks'' soundtrack collaboration and a Current 93 cover, as a tribute to Tibet.²²The EP found its way to Hal Wilner, he played it to his friend Music/Lou Reed who was quickly enamored by Antony's unique voice and vision of Baroque Pop. The Music/VelvetUnderground legend quickly recruited Hegarty for his upcoming record ''The Raven'' and the exposure enabled Antony to ink a deal with American label Secretly Canadian. ²Antony then released another EP entitled ''The Lake'' (on which Lou Reed lends his vocals for a feature), whilst Secretly Canadian also re-released her debut album in America in 2004. ²²A year later her second full-length album, ''I Am a Bird Now'' was released in 2005, and was met with both commercial and critical success, even earning Antony a Mercury Award and some unkind words from supposed favorite [[Music/KaiserChiefs Kaiser Chiefs]], who claimed Antony shouldn't be allowed to win as, even though being born in the UK, she lived and worked in the US. [[GreenEyedMonster Yeah]]... Antony then worked with a myriad of creative individuals for different projects, lending her skills to produce music for works such as the movie adaption of ''Film/VForVendetta''. ²²In the middle of January 2009 Antony's third full-length album ''The Crying Light'' was released and went straight to #1 on the Billboard list, garnering further critical praise for its loads of themes, as well as the evolving musicianship of Antony and her group members. The group then toured extensively, often performing with symphonic orchestras. In June 2010 the group ended their touring in Japan, where Antony along William Basinski and Johanna Constantine performed with Yoshito Ohno, the son of 103-year old Kazuo Ohno, depicted on the cover of ''The Crying Light''. The elderly dancer died the following June, and Antony wrote an obituary for him in English paper ''The Guardian''²²October 2010 saw the release of the groups fourth full-length album ''Swanlights'' released simultaneously with a book also titled ''Swanlights'' containing Antony's drawings and collages made in collaboration with photographer Don Felix Cervantes, once again showcasing Antony's creativity and talent. To no one's surprise, the album met critical and commercial success, earning several high placements on different medias end of the year lists and cementing the group in the musical industry.²²As of recent news, Antony has been chosen to curate Meltdown 2012, an annual festival wherein a musician is picked to chose the entire lineup, playing at Southbank Centre. Previous curators include [[Music/NickCave Nick Cave]], [[Music/PattiSmith Patti Smith]] and [[Music/DavidBowie David Bowie]].²²After coming out as transgender, she has started working under the stage name Anonhi. She announced a fifth album in February. ²²----²[[LongRunnerLineUp Antony and the Johnsons are]]:²* Anohni (formerly Antony) Hegarty - lead vocals, piano²* Julia Kent (previously of Rasputina) - cello²* Parker Kindred - drummer²* Jeff Langston - bassist²* Doug Wieselman - horns²* Maxim Moston - violin, arrangement²* Rob Moose - guitar, violin²* Thomas Bartlett - piano²²Studio Albums:²* Antony and the Johnsons (1998)²* I Am a Bird Now (2005)²* The Crying Light (2009)²* Swanlights (2010)²²[=EPs=]:²* The Lake (2004)²* Hope There's Someone (2005)²* You Are My Sister (2005)²* I Fell in Love with a Dead Boy (2006)²* Another World (2008)²* Thank You for Your Love (2010)²* Swanlights (2011)²²²!!Relevant Tropes:²* BaroquePop: One of the heavy-hitters.²* PopStarComposer: Sort of. Antony has created several tracks for both movies and other endeavors, but she's usually hired because of the loads of orchestral stuff he throws in her own music.²* LongRunnerLineUp


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