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1%%NOTE: Please check if a meme is already listed here before adding it.----''Please add entries in the following format:''* The meme. [=[[labelnote:Explanation]]The explanation behind the meme.[[/labelnote]]=] [[labelnote:Example]]Like this.[[/labelnote]]----* '''I DON'T CAAAAAAAAAARE!'''[[labelnote:Explanation]]The CatchPhrase of [[BumblingDad Timmy's dad]] in ''VideoGame/HappyWheels''.[[/labelnote]]* But Dad, that was a backfli-DON'T QUESTION MEEEE![[labelnote:Explanation]]This exchange between Timmy and his father happens in a situation such as him performing a backflip and saying "Frontflip!"[[/labelnote]]* It's not called being gay. It's called being [[ FABULOOOOUUUS!]]* [[ It's just you, me, and the loading screen.]]* [[VideoGame/MetalGearSolidVThePhantomPain Why are we still here? Just to suffer?]][[labelnote:Explanation]]Usually played during a "sad" moment in a video.[[/labelnote]]* [=PewDiePie=] is out of ideas.[[labelnote:Explanation]]This was a common response in the comment sections back when he started doing "challenges" or would commentate on videos, with Felix turning it into a running joke.[[/labelnote]]* Respekt Waman.[[labelnote:Explanation]]Several videos he has made capitalizing on the "respecting women" meme has shown his humorous mispronunciation of the word "women".[[/labelnote]]* Zero Deaths![[labelnote:Explanation]]Tries to brag he's the best gamer ever, especially with any of the ''VideoGame/DarkSouls'' series, only for him to die. He then claims it never happened. This also applies to any difficult game he plays.[[/labelnote]]* [[LetsPlay/JackSepticEye Jackspedicy]].[[labelnote:Explanation]]In [[ his fiverr video]], Pewds pays Jesus to advertise a fake [=YouTube=] channel called "[=JackSepticEye2=]", after which Jesus, due to being an "illiterate bastard", says "[=JackSpedicy2=]". [[/labelnote]]* Heated Gaming Moment.[[labelnote:Explanation]]In his apology video, he tried to excuse the infamous uttering of the N-Word by saying it was during "in the Heat of the Moment". In a later video, Felix said that this wasn't an actual excuse but sounded like one. This has since been used to refer to toxic and/or racist gamers revealing themselves to everyone else.[[/labelnote]]* '''$399'''.[[labelnote:Explanation]]Born from his constant plugging of his gamer chair, often used to mock the expensive price point.[[/labelnote]]** But can you do ''this''?[[labelnote:Explanation]]A joke about the chair's reclining capability from [[ this video]] in response to a meme making fun of the chair's price, now used just as much as an in-joke.[[/labelnote]]* SKRATTAR DU, FÖRLORAR DU![[labelnote:Explanation]]You laugh, you lose! (in Swedish)[[/labelnote]]* MEME REVIEW![[labelnote:Explanation]]A weekly "show" where he reviews memes, often saying that he is killing the memes in the process. It is parodied from Youtuber thatistheplan, who would previously do the "meme reviews" before shutting down the channel.[[/labelnote]]* 9-year-olds.[[labelnote:Explanation]] During his drama with Alinity, the streamer called his entire fanbase 9-year-olds. Pewdiepie embraced this with merch, jokes, and every single fan of Pewdiepie's labeling themselves as 9 regardless of actual age.[[/labelnote]]* His grudge against Creator/TSeries.[[labelnote:Explanation]]Indian entertainment service Creator/TSeries was the second most subscribed channel in 2018, quickly closing the gap on Felix by late-2018. Things would then heat up everytime the channel got close to overtaking him. Efforts were made by Pewds himself to "lash out" against T-Series, including [[ writing a diss track against them.]][[/labelnote]]** Subscribe to Pewdiepie![[labelnote:Explanation]]In an effort to increase his support from being overtaken by T-Series, some people began making comments or writing anywhere to subscribe to his channel, like this one. It has since become a DiscreditedMeme.[[/labelnote]]** I'm doing my part![[note]]His fans promoted to regular people in public to subscribe to Felix so that he could still be the number one [=YouTube=] channel, with them saying that they're "doing their part".[[/note]]* Pewds carrying a shopping cart.[[labelnote:Explanation]]On November 5th, [[ Ricky Berwick]] posted a [[ tweet]] where his friend actually met Felix ''in person'', carrying a shopping cart on their way to a grocery store. The photo later reposted into the submissions subreddit and eventually became a meme in the sub, with redditors making edits and jokes out of it.[[/labelnote]]* Pewds has no legs![[labelnote:Explanation]]Another in-joke from the submissions subreddit. It originated from the fact that most of Felix's videos are shot from waist-up, giving the impression that he doesn't have a pair of legs.[[/labelnote]]* X for Meme Review / LWIAY.[[labelnote:Explanation]]Started from begging Mariza to star in a LWIAY episode (which [[ she eventually did]] in Episode 44), fans have jokingly requesting Felix to host an episode of either LWIAY or Meme Review with famous celebrities or other [=YouTubers=], from Dr. Phil, Elon Musk, to [=Tekashi69=]. The meme's driving force skyrocketed when Felix managed to get '''''Ben Shapiro''''', of all people, to host the Bonus Meme segment in the [[ 40th episode]] of Meme Review. The meme reached its peak when he got Musk himself, ''along'' with Creator/JustinRoiland to host Bonus Meme on the 50th episode.[[/labelnote]]* X did an oopsie![[labelnote:Explanation]]A term used by Feli[[IHaveManyNames - I mean, Poppy Harlow and Gloria Borger]] in Pew News everytime someone gets into a controversial situation, including Felix himself.[[/labelnote]]* Found Felix[[labelnote:Explanation]]Due to Felix's common blonde-hair-and-beard facial features, the submissions subreddit has taken a toll of finding random photos of unrelated people and calling them Felix because of [[IdenticalStranger how similar they are to him.]] It goes so far that they made an entire subreddit dedicated to finding Felix lookalikes.[[/labelnote]]* The picture of Pewds at his 2015 book signing in New York.[[labelnote:Explanation]]The image has become notorious for being the go-to image used by nearly every media outlet whenever they write an article on Felix. Newsweek lampshaded this in an article on him in March 2019, choosing a different picture specifically because of this.[[/labelnote]]* [[WereStillRelevantDammit This game is still relevant god damn it!]][[labelnote:Explanation]]This phrase is uttered by Pewds during one (now two) of the VideoGame/PewdiepiesTuberSimulator advertisements that plays during the end of his videos. It has become quite popular on the Pewdiepie subreddit.[[/labelnote]]** [[BigWhat WHAT!?]] You've never played Tuber Simulator?[[labelnote:Explanation]]The beginning of Felix's fourth VideoGame/PewdiepiesTuberSimulator ad. Some videos have him saying the BigWhat at the end himself to segue into the clip.[[/labelnote]]* Would you like to buy a house?[[labelnote:Explanation]]After finding out that realtor ads provide the most money compared to ads of other types, Felix started randomly shouting out real estate terms in his videos to sway the algorithm to play one. His fandom joined in in the subreddit and the comments.[[/labelnote]]* Quite a few from his 2019 ''VideoGame/{{Minecraft}}'' playthrough:** There's X in Minecraft!?[[labelnote:Explanation]]As Felix hadn't played the game in 8 years, he had no idea how much had changed in the beginning. The quote comes from him finding horses near his spawn, responding with "There's horses in Minecraft!?", which had been around since July of ''2013''. This led to pretty much any feature that was added after 2013 taking the place of the X.[[/labelnote]]** #1 on Trending for Gaming[[labelnote:Explanation]]Felix would end up getting the top spot on Trending for Gaming ''every single day'' after starting his playthrough after infamously being shut out of Trending entirely for other huge videos such as "[=YouTube=] Rewind 2018 but it's actually good" and "Congragulations".[[/labelnote]]** I'm a veteran![[labelnote:Explanation]]Said jokingly whenever Felix does something that normal ''Minecraft'' players shouldn't do such as jumping on crops and digging straight down over Diamond. This leads to joking statements that he is using veteran techniques and newbies just wouldn't understand.[[/labelnote]]** Jorgen, where are you?[[labelnote:Explanation]]During Part 4, his's horse Jorgen kept on disappearing whenever Felix dismounted him thanks to a glitch, which ends up worrying Felix.[[/labelnote]]----


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