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1[[quoteright:200:]]²²Thirteen years ago, Maki's girlfriend Misaki got knocked up and dropped out of school. In her despair, Maki pronounced a terrible curse: "May your child fall in love with me in your stead." Back in the present, Maki, now a successful pharmacist, finds herself besieged by Chisato--Misaki's frighteningly smart and industrious daughter--who proclaims her eternal love for her, completely unfazed by the fact that Maki can only see her as her friend's child.²²''The Structural Formula of First Love'' is a oneshot YuriGenre manga by Creator/ShunintaAmano focusing on the strange intergenerational relationship between Maki and Chisato.²²----²!!The manga contains examples of following tropes:²²* BerserkButton: Chisato's is Maki reminding her of her age.²* ChristmasCake: Maki, an unmarried working professional, is 29 in the main story (34 in the epilogue).²* DistantFinale: The conclusion of the story takes place five years after [[spoiler:Chisato leaves for a boarding school]].²* IntergenerationalFriendship: Between Maki and Chisato, although the latter would definitely prefer it to be more.²* IWillWaitForYou: Inverted. [[spoiler:Maki is definitely not waiting for Chisato's return from boarding school, but Chisato definitely wants to ''return''.]]²* LoveFatherLoveSon: Maki intended for her curse to invert this... and it seems to have GoneHorriblyRight.²* MaybeMagicMaybeMundane: Was Maki's curse a real thing or a complete fiction? On the one hand, [[spoiler:it was only natural that she'd spend a lot of time with her BestFriend-slash-OldFlame's daughter, and Chisato had plenty of chances to develop strong affection for her. On the other, what were the odds of Chisato affection turning into an all-out love?]]²* MayDecemberRomance: What Chisato desperately wants from Maki. [[spoiler:In the end, Maki gives in. She is 34, Chisato is 18.]]²* RomanticTwoGirlFriendship: What Maki and Misaki's relationship turned out to be.²* SchoolgirlLesbians: Maki and Misaki were these back in school. Chisato proclaims herself one, as well.²* StoicSpectacles: Maki has them to go with her calm and (mostly) rational personality.²* ThePowerOfLove: Chisato claims that it's the power of her love for Maki that helps her get perfect grades (in an attempt to earn her love).²* TroublingUnchildlikeBehavior: PlayedForLaughs, mostly. Around Maki, Chisato exhibits behavior more typical of a young adult than a thirteen-year old.²* WickedWitch: Maki sees herself as one, on the account that her curse seems to have worked.²----


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