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1[[quoteright:265:]][[caption-width-right:260:Cover of ''Extra Story''.]]˛˛->''Which would be, an incident that would change her destiny...\˛Which would be, the beginning of a whole other magical girl tale...''˛˛''Puella Magi Oriko Magica'' is a manga SpinOff of ''Anime/PuellaMagiMadokaMagica'' created by Kuroe Mura, released in Japan shortly after the anime's conclusion. Unusually, it was released only as a series of books instead of being serialized in a magazine beforehand, similar to the manga adaptation of ''Madoka Magica''.˛˛'''THIS PAGE HAS UNMARKED SPOILERS FOR ''MADOKA MAGICA''. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.'''˛˛Oriko Mikuni, a new MagicalGirl, sees a vision where a powerful witch attacks Mitakihara City. As she realizes that she is unable to fight the witch herself, she receives another vision of a little girl. She quickly tells Kyubey that this girl is a very good magical girl candidate.˛˛Elsewhere and elsewhen, Kyoko Sakura fights a witch in a new city. At the end of the battle, she finds a little girl, who was orphaned when her parents were killed by the witch. This girl, Yuma Chitose, is the same girl Oriko saw in her vision. In a rare moment of compassion, Kyoko decides to look out for Yuma, though she is adamant that Yuma should not become a magical girl.˛˛As she continues to fight witches, Kyoko realizes that despite the large number of witches in the city, there are no other magical girls. Kyubey reveals to her that all of the previous magical girls in the city were killed... by ''another magical girl.''˛˛And so the stories of these girls, as well as those of Mami, Homura, and Madoka, converge...˛˛The series has been licensed by Creator/YenPress and both volumes were released in July and October of 2013.˛˛Additional ''Oriko Magica'' stories are being serialized in ''Magazine/MangaTimeKirara Magica'', the official ''Madoka Magica'' magazine. The first, a two-parter entitled ''Noisy Citrine'', expands upon the backstory of Kirika Kure. The second story is entitled ''Symmetry Diamond'' and focuses on Oriko and Yuma. Both stories were collected in a trade paperback entitled ''Puella Magi Oriko Magica: Extra Story'', which also included a new story named ''Last Agate''. The paperback was released in Japan on September 2013, and in the US on March 2015. A {{Prequel}}, titled ''Sadness Prayer'', began serialization in ''Kirara Magica'' on November 2013, and it's first volume was released on February 2015 in Japan and November 2016 in the US.˛˛Oriko, Yuma, and Kirika all made [[ appearances]] in the ''Puella Magi Madoka Magica Online'' game. All three are also playable in the 2017 smartphone game ''[[VideoGame/MagiaRecordPuellaMagiMadokaMagicaSideStory Magia Record]].''˛˛'''NOTE:''' Keep in mind that ''Oriko Magica'' is used to both refer to the ''Oriko'' series in general, as well as the first installment of the series when referring to specific installments.˛˛----˛!!Tropes in ''Puella Magi Oriko Magica'' include:˛˛* AlasPoorVillain: [[spoiler:Oriko]] was never truly evil, [[WellIntentionedExtremist although her methods were pretty brutal]], and she died protecting [[spoiler:the lifeless body of Kirika]].˛** Considering how utterly ''horrible'' said methods were, some people consider her TogetherInDeath scene with [[spoiler:Kirika]] a borderline KarmaHoudini, even when she does acknowledge that she was wrong.˛* AllThereInTheManual: The first collection included artwork of three of the witches in their original magical girl identities, specifically Cecil, Stacy, and Virginia, but not what their original names or abilities were. The fact that Rosasharn didn't have a magical girl form included has led fans to believe she was originally a familiar.˛* AlternateTimeline˛** It's not known when, what period, or what individual timeline ''Oriko Magica'' takes place in. Common speculation pins it between timelines four and five of ''Madoka Magica''.˛** ''Symmetry Diamond'' and ''Last Agate'' takes place in a separate timeline from the original ''Oriko Magica'' story.˛* AlwaysInClassOne: [[ContinuityNod Just like in the manga adaptation of the original]], Mami is shown to be in class 3-A.˛* AntagonistTitle: Only applies to the ''Oriko Magica'' installment.˛* ArtEvolution: The art is noticeably smoother and more anatomically correct in ''Noisy Citrine'' compared to ''Oriko Magica''. It gets even more so in ''Sadness Prayer''. ˛* ArtShift and/or GenreShift: Happens quite often to some characters when they shift between serious and humorous moods.˛* TheBadGuyWins: [[spoiler: Oriko ultimately succeeds in killing Madoka.]]˛* BeCarefulWhatYouWishFor: Kyoko ''specifically tells'' Yuma not to contract with Kyubey because of this. [[spoiler:She doesn't listen.]]˛* BigDamnHeroes: Let's just say that each character gets to be a BigDamnHeroes for someone else. Must be a RunningGag...˛* BlondeBrunetteRedhead: Mami, Kirika, and Kyoko.˛* BloodierAndGorier: Compared to the ''Madoka Magica'' anime, which never went past a bit of blood. ''Oriko Magica'''s very first chapter has people being eaten alive.˛* BolivianArmyEnding: ''Last Agate'' ends with [[spoiler: Kirika and Oriko ready to face down Walpurgisnacht]]. The reader is aware that [[ForegoneConclusion they probably won't make it]].˛* BrainsAndBrawn: Oriko Mikuni and Kirika Kure.˛* CallForward: The story begins with Oriko having a vision of a powerful witch destroying the city, similar to Madoka's dream in episode 1 of ''Madoka Magica''.˛* TheCameo˛** [[spoiler:Charlotte]] in chapter 3.˛** Blink and you might miss this -- the first chapter has a (rather gruesome) image of Kyoko's sister, Momo.˛** Several ''Madoka Magica'' witches briefly appear in ''Extra Story''.˛* ContinuityNod˛** In chapter 2, Kyoko mentions that she wanted to have a dream of a happy life [[spoiler:when she believes she's going to die]].˛** Images from episode 10 appear in chapter 6.˛* DecoyProtagonist: Applies to ''Oriko Magica'' only. Oriko isn't exactly the main character, although in this case it's because [[spoiler:Oriko is the BigBad]]. Kyoko and Yuma are the main characters in the first volume, with Mami taking a supporting protagonist role; Homura becomes the main character in the second volume, with the others becoming more supporting˛* DemotedToExtra: Homura, Madoka, and Sayaka in the first volume of ''Oriko Magica''. All three girls get expanded roles in the second volume, to varying degrees. Volumes following ''Oriko Magica'' don't depict them at all, and though ''Sadness Prayer'' does have some pictures and discussion of Madoka, she never directly appears.˛* DerangedAnimation: Even by ''Madoka Magica'' standards the art style is a major point of contention in this manga. Supporters call it stylized while detractors call it significantly OffModel, with impossible facial expressions, contorted bodies, and a lot of general oddity. While the art did improve in the sequel series ''Extra Story'' and ''Sadness Prayer'' the backlash was noticeable to get [[SelfDeprecation mocked]] [[LampshadeHanging in omakes]], where Oriko catches Kirika and Sasa making off model [[NightmareFace Nightmare Faces]] at each other and mistakes the face-making for a battle technique, then fails to replicate one of her own.˛* DiabolusExMachina: Right when it looks like [[spoiler:Homura might save Madoka in this timeline]], [[spoiler:Oriko fires a parting shot that kills Madoka.]]˛* DividedWeFall: The magical girls pair off in four distinct groups: Kyoko and Yuma, Mami on her own, Oriko and Kirika, and finally Homura with Madoka and Sayaka, though the latter two [[spoiler:don't contract in this timeline]].˛* DramaticIrony: See ForegoneConclusion below. The reader might get the impression that everything the characters did was [[ShaggyDogStory a waste of time.]]˛* DoomedByCanon˛** [[spoiler:Madoka]]. On the other hand, [[spoiler:Mami]], [[spoiler:Kyoko]], [[spoiler:Sayaka]] all make it in this timeline, as well as [[spoiler:Yuma]] given what ''Extra Story'' says about her fate in other timelines.˛** [[spoiler:Komaki]] in ''Sadness Prayer''. Given that ''Sadness Prayer'' is a prequel and she makes no appearances in ''Oriko Magica'', the fact that she dies is pretty obvious, especially if you manage to pinpoint her corpse in one (rather hard-to-see) panel. The same also applies to [[spoiler:Sasa]], minus corpse cameo.˛* DownerEnding: [[spoiler:Oriko]]'s plan is thwarted, [[spoiler:Oriko]] and [[spoiler:Kirika]] are killed, and neither Madoka nor Sayaka contracted. But then, with the last of her strength, [[spoiler:Oriko]] kills [[spoiler:Madoka]] by [[spoiler:impaling her with a chunk of Kirika's witch through the torso, [[TheBadGuyWins thus succeeding after all.]]]]˛* DoNotGoGentle: Delivered by [[spoiler:Yuma]] when [[spoiler:Mami]] and [[spoiler:Kyoko]] have hit their {{despair event horizon}} after learning the {{awful truth}} and are ready to lay down and die.˛* EvenEvilHasLovedOnes: All else aside, Oriko and Kirika do genuinely love and care for one another.˛* {{Expy}}: Yuma and Oriko seem to function as counterparts towards Madoka and Homura respectively. Much like Madoka inspired hope, later actually becoming hope itself, Yuma is the bright-eyed idealist who ends up [[spoiler:inspiring Kyoko and Mami to keep fighting after they hit their DespairEventHorizon]]. Oriko seems to be a counterpart to Homura, in that both are taking drastic measures to try and save their world after going through much suffering in their lives. The differences lie in that, even though [[spoiler:Yuma inspires Kyoko and Mami]], her efforts aren't enough to [[spoiler:completely thwart Oriko and save Madoka]], and Oriko's actions have [[spoiler:left her with too much blood on her hands to the point that she questions as to whether or not it was worth it]]. They seem to function in the sense that nature abhors a vacuum.˛* ForegoneConclusion˛** As this takes place in a previous timeline, it's already established that [[FailureIsTheOnlyOption Madoka will either die and/or contract and become a witch by the end and Homura will travel back in time.]]˛** ''Last Agate'' ends with Oriko and Kirika getting ready to face [[spoiler: Walpurgisnacht]]. Given the usual track record of wins versus, there's a high possibility they'll fail.˛* {{Foreshadowing}}˛** Kirika's introduction at the end of ''Oriko Magica'' chapter 2 already implies that she's not exactly good.˛** As with Sasa's introduction in ''Extra Story'' chapter 2.˛* ForWantOfANail: Spin-off ''Symmetry Diamond'' is about what happens when Oriko foresees Walpurgisnacht instead of Kreimhild Gretchen. Turns out [[AlternateUniverseReedRichardsIsAwesome she's downright heroic when circumstances allow for it]].˛* GallowsHumor: While bantering with Mami, Kirika praises Mami's endurance. Mami claims she's so proud, she'll repeat that to all her friends at teatime. Mami is, at the time, losing hope of survival and has no way of getting back-up. ˛* GambitRoulette: Oriko [[spoiler:began the magical girl killings]] and [[spoiler:tricked Yuma into contracting]] to [[spoiler:distract Kyubey from Madoka]] and to ensure [[spoiler:Madoka would be placed in a position where she would get killed]]. Kyubey eventually sees through it.˛* GuestStarPartyMember: In ''Puella Magi Madoka Magica Online'', players had the chance to get an Oriko, a Yuma, and a Kirika in their team.˛* IdiosyncraticEpisodeNaming˛** As with ''Madoka Magica'', all ''Oriko Magica'' chapters are named after a line said in them.˛** The three stories in ''Extra Story'' have RockThemeNaming instead.˛* ImagineSpot: Kirika has a few of these featuring Oriko in ''Noisy Citrine''.˛* InsistentTerminology: Kirika's BerserkButton is people referring to her feelings for Oriko as a "crush" rather than "love."˛* KarmicDeath: [[spoiler:Yuma]] reveals that she was constantly abused by her mother. In a brief flashback, it is shown that [[spoiler:Yuma]]'s mother is killed [[spoiler:by a witch]], and it was neither fast nor painless.˛* KickTheSonOfABitch: The first time we see [[spoiler:Yuma]]'s mother being eaten by an unseen witch, it's one of the most horrific, stomach-churning things to yet happen in the franchise. A few pages later, we learn what she was ''actually'' like, and people wish they could high-five said witch.˛* MaleGaze: A few times, often at the expense of correct anatomy. This lessens somewhat in ''Extra Story'' and ''Sadness Prayer'', but still pops up on occasion.˛* MortalWoundReveal˛** After a near-fatal fight with [[spoiler:Mami]], [[spoiler:Kirika]] reveals to [[spoiler:Oriko]] that her soul gem has been cracked.˛** Following [[spoiler:Oriko]]'s supposed attempt on [[spoiler:Homura]]'s life, it's shortly revealed that [[spoiler:Madoka]] was actually the person she was aiming for.˛* MultipleHeadCase˛** The witch Cecil has two extra heads on tentacles coming out of the eye sockets of her main head.˛** The cat witch Stacy has two faces.˛* MythologyGag: Mami first appears in chapter three after she's defeated Charlotte, the exact opposite of how things happened in ''Madoka Magica''. Mami even remarks that [[HarsherInHindsight she would have been killed if she had let her guard down]].˛* NoNameGiven: [[spoiler:Kirika]]'s witch form. Odd, considering that all the witches in the first volume were named. However, from a sign in her barrier before the main room's door, her name might be "Margot".˛** ''Magia Record'' reveals that her name is actually Latria.˛* PantyShot: Yuma pantsed Mami, reducing her to a crying wreck.˛* SerialKillingsSpecificTarget: It's revealed the reason why [[spoiler:Kirika]] is killing magical girls, under [[spoiler:Oriko]]'s orders, is because she and [[spoiler:Oriko]] were planning to go after [[spoiler:Madoka]] to stop her from becoming a world-destroying witch, and using the magical girl killings as a way of disguising their true goal.˛* [[spoiler:ShootTheShaggyDog: Homura fails to save Madoka and is forced to go back in time again.]]˛* ShoutOut: Given the [[JustForFun/OneOfUs author's]] [[VideoGame/{{Touhou}} leanings]], some fans suggest that Oriko's signature sphere weapons are a reference to the danmaku in a BulletHell game.˛* SomethingAboutARose: During the tea party between Oriko and Kirika, the latter is seen admiring the roses and [[HiddenDepths identifying them by breed]]. When Oriko admits the roses were her father's and remind her uncomfortably of him, Kirika swears to forget about them.˛* TakingYouWithMe: [[spoiler:Kirika's witch]] is destroyed, and [[spoiler:Oriko]] knows her plan has failed. What to do? Shoot [[spoiler:Madoka]], taking [[spoiler:Kriemhild Gretchen]] with her, as she's foreseen that [[spoiler:Homura]] won't be able to prevent [[spoiler:Madoka from contracting]].˛* ThirdLineSomeWaiting: ''Oriko Magica'''s plot is about Kyoko and Yuma, while the secondary plot is Mami investigating the magical girl killings. The tertiary plot is [[spoiler:Homura's attempts to protect Madoka]]. All of these plots are connected by [[spoiler:Oriko]], converging in the second volume.˛* TogetherInDeath: The final fate of [[spoiler:Kirika]] and [[spoiler:Oriko]] in ''Oriko Magica''.˛* TomboyAndGirlyGirl: Kirika Kure and Oriko Mikuni.˛* TragicMistake: If only [[spoiler:Madoka]] hadn't decided to [[spoiler:try and help Homura]] in ''Oriko Magica'', [[spoiler:getting herself killed by Oriko in the process]], she'd [[spoiler:still be alive]] and [[spoiler:Homura wouldn't have gone back in time]].˛* TransformationSequence: Oriko has one in ''Oriko Magica'''s prologue.˛* VillainousBreakdown: [[spoiler:Oriko]] is normally cool, calm, and collected -- until [[spoiler:Kirika's witch]] is defeated and she realizes that the world she envisioned will never come to be. Figuring out that Kyubey saw through her plans didn't help her any.˛* WhamEpisode˛** In ''Oriko Magica'' volume 1, the fact that Oriko is not [[CoversAlwaysLie the green haired girl on the cover]] and the reveal that [[spoiler:Oriko is actually an antagonist]].˛** ''Oriko Magica'' volume 2 has the following:˛*** Chapter 5: [[spoiler:The witch Oriko saw was [[DarkMessiah Kriemhild Gretchen]]. Oriko's true goal is to kill [[ApocalypseMaiden Madoka]]]].˛*** Chapter 6: [[spoiler:Oriko began the magical girl killings and made Yuma contract just to distract Kyubey from Madoka.]]˛*** Chapter 7: [[spoiler:Just when it looks like Oriko has been defeated and that this timeline will turn out differently, a DiabolusExMachina occurs and Madoka dies, causing Homura to leave and go back in time]].˛** ''Extra Story: Symmetry Diamond'' chapter 2 has Sasa inexplicably attending Oriko's school and being friends with Oriko, at odds with her introductionary scene in chapters 1 and 2. Later in the chapter it's revealed that [[spoiler:she was brainwashing Oriko]].˛* WhatHappenedToTheMouse: While ''Extra Story'' explains what happens to Oriko, Kirika, and Yuma in other timelines, why ''Oriko Magica''s irregular timeline happens, why Oriko's first vision of [[spoiler:Kriemhild Gretchen/Walpurgisnacht]] is different to begin with, or what happens to any of the ''Oriko''-original magical girls after ''Madoka Magica''s witch retcon is never explained.˛* WhyDontYouJustShootHim: ''Sadness Prayer'' reveals why Oriko didn't just simply track down [[spoiler: Madoka and kill her before she had the chance to get contracted by Kyubey. Oriko would have prophetic dreams/visions about trying to kill Madoka, but every single time Madoka's "guardian angel"- aka Homura- would intervene and kill Oriko first. Oriko concocted the magical girl killings and the witch attack on Mitakihara Middle School as a way of distracting ''both'' Kyubey and Homura from her true goal of killing Madoka.]] ˛----


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