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1[[quoteright:275:]]께''The prince dreams of becoming a princess...''께If you were looking for the trope, that's called {{Determinator}} now.께High school student Kiri Minase looks like a supermodel, often acts like a fairy tale prince, and is wildly popular with the local schoolgirls- several confess their love every week. Problem is, Kiri is a (straight) ''girl''. She hates having inherited her model dad's looks, and has tried all her life to become girlier (which hasn't worked too well). She only acts princely to girls who confess their love because she knows what [[AllLoveIsUnrequited unrequited love]] is like and doesn't want to hurt them- otherwise, she acts like a normal teen girl.께She's in love with her neighbor, the effeminate Tohya Enishi, and has been ever since they were young. One day, Tohya decides he wants to become a male model with Kiri's mother's agency. In order to stay close to him, Kiri decides to become a model, too... But there's a catch. Her mother will only hire her as a ''male'' model, going by the alias "Tatsuki."께And then, people start falling in love with Kiri, Tatsuki, or sometimes both at once... Drama, romance, and of course, much HilarityEnsues.께Spanning 13 volumes, it's a quite good addition to the family of {{Gender|Bender}} [[{{Crossdresser}} Blender]] anime and manga series. Pity that only 8 volumes have been translated.께Also known as "''[=NebaGiba!=]''," it was written and illustrated by Hiromu Mutou.께----!!This manga provides examples of:께* ACupAngst: Kiri, but only briefly, since a flat chest is much easier to bind down while she's being Tatsuki.* AscendedFanboy: Yuki, the freelance photographer* AttractiveBentGender: Possibly justified, as Kiri looks like a {{Bishounen}} whether she's crossdressing or not, thanks to genetics.* BeachEpisode* BeautifulAllAlong: Kiri's goal in life is "to become a prettier princess than [[DudeLooksLikeALady Tohya]]."* BecomingTheMask: Characters who know about Kiri and Tatsuki tend to warn her periodically that if she's not careful, her life as Tatsuki will take over her life as Kiri.* {{Bifauxnen}}: Kiri, and she hates it.* BitchInSheepsClothing: Makoto, though she warms up over time* BiTheWay: Many characters, most notably Akira, who is attracted to both Kiri and Tatsuki, and Mano, who often seems attracted to his models, despite the fact that he is married and has a son (Akira).* {{Blackmail}}: Yuki, Yuki, Yuki...* {{Determinator}}: In a series called "''Never Give Up''," you'd expect at least one. As the series progresses, Kiri gains more and more confidence until she becomes a full-blown {{Determinator}}.* DrivenToSuicide: Kiri threatens to leap off the roof of her school whenever she has a nasty realization, and Natsu yanks her back. Played for comedy. * DudeLooksLikeALady: Tohya, frequently lampshaded, mostly by Natsu.* GenderBlenderName: Makoto is a gender-ambiguous name, and Kiri thinks she's a guy until she sees her on TV.* [[HugeGuyTinyGirl Huge Guy Tiny Guy]]: Kanou and Riku* HugeSchoolgirl: Kiri* LongHairIsFeminine: Kiri envies Natsu, her best friend, for her long-haired.* IWantMyBelovedToBeHappy: Akira doesn't mind Kiri and Tohya being together because Tohya makes Kiri happy. (He's not going to just hand her over, though.)* [[KnightTemplarBigBrother Knight Templar Big Sister]]: Tohya's older sister Asaki is ''very'' protective of her little brother.* LoveAtFirstPunch: Parodied in a 4-koma. Akira comments that he must be special to Kiri, since he's the only one she's violent towards. [[TheMasochismTango She wonders why that makes him happy...]]* LoveTriangle: Kiri has feelings for both Tohya and Akira, both of whom are also in love with her.* MasculineGirlFeminineBoy: Kiri is more masculine and Tohya is more feminine. As the series progresses and they get more comfortable with themselves, this starts to switch somewhat.* NoodleIncident: The "blackmail" photo of Kiri's father in drag. "Oh yeah, I remember that, I did that for a festival when I was a high school student."* OlderThanTheyLook: Riku and Yuki* SecretKeeper: Kiri's mother, Tohya, and Natsu* SugarAndIcePersonality: Tohya is a male example. Natsu is also a bit like this.* SweetOnPollyOliver: It's not entirely certain whether Akira is this or HoYay for Tatsuki. Also Riku to Tatsuki, to a much lesser extent.* SweetPollyOliver: Kiri/Tatsuki께----


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