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1->''"Oh, I’m too lazy to read the manual! I need help! Wah! Wah!"''˛-->-- '''Comic Book Guy''', ''VideoGame/TheSimpsonsGame''˛˛At least as far back as the first ''Franchise/FinalFantasy'' on the NES, developers have reckoned that players might actually ''not'' [[ReadTheFreakingManual read the manual]] for all the controls and general know-how of playing the game. As games grew more complicated, it also appeared that some actions were simply really hard to get across with just words, at least without a 12-page essay on the single function. By the [[UsefulNotes/TheSeventhGenerationOfConsoleVideoGames seventh generation of gaming]] and the rise of digital distribution, few games even came with manuals ''at all'', meaning that the game itself is the only place to learn how to play it.˛˛Thusly, in-game tutorials have been in games with increasing regularity, to the point where it's more likely that games have at least one sort of tutorial than none at all.˛˛The basic formula is thus: A game mechanic or element is brought to the players attention, and the player is informed about it, possibly with a demonstration of some sort.˛˛Of course, it's not always that simple. Tutorials themselves have Tropes of their own, each adding another layer of complexity and making game manuals even ''more'' redundant here.˛˛They come in many flavors: ˛[[index]]˛* {{Antepiece}}: A more subtle version, where an easier version of an obstacle precedes the real thing.˛* AutoPilotTutorial: The tutorial that you can look at, but not touch.˛* ForcedTutorial: No matter what you do, you have to do this tutorial. Not so fun when it's something you already know from previous games or you're starting a NewGamePlus.˛* HeKnowsAboutTimedHits: Some tutorials try to at least keep some semblance of being in-universe and not [[BreakingTheFourthWall break the fourth wall]]. Games under this particular trope don't really try in that department.˛* JustifiedTutorial: Tutorials that are part of the setting. The instructor says shoot, text in the HUD says to press R1 to fire. As close to canon as a tutorial can get.˛* SignpostTutorial: Tutorials that appear on signs and scenery.˛* TrainingBoss: Tutorials may end with a bang... caused by you, as now you've got the chance to test your new skills in a BossBattle.˛* TrainingDummy: The standard punching bag for combat tutorials. Hey, ''someone'' needs to get hit.˛* TutorialFailure: The tutorial fails to teach you vital things about the gameplay.˛* YouShouldntKnowThisAlready: Doing actions, before a tutorial tells you about them, will have no result.˛[[/index]]˛----


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