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1[[quoteright:330:[[Film/CasinoRoyale2006]]]]²[[caption-width-right:330:[[Theatre/{{Macbeth}} Will all great Neptune's ocean]] wash [[TheseHandsHaveKilled this blood clean from my hand?]]]]²²->'''Spencer:''' She takes really long showers when she gets depressed.\²'''Sam:''' Well, when do you think she's going to come out?\²'''Spencer:''' I don't know. She took a chair in there.²-->-- ''Series/ICarly''²²[[BrokenBird A character (often female)]] has had a rough day. She's [[BreakTheCutie suffered some sort of physical or emotional trauma]] that makes her want to run home and [[TroubledFetalPosition curl up into a ball]].²²Naturally, the first thing the woman wants to do is go home and take a nice, long, hot shower. This is not surprising; many people find the best way to relax after a hard day is to take that shower, put on fluffy pajamas and just let it all go. [[KillItWithWater Water is also an archetypal purifier in general]], capable of symbolically washing away sins or past events -- though that doesn't mean it'll ''work''.²²Of course, when it comes to {{fanservice}}, these showers of angst are solid gold (and no, not ''that'' kind of shower). You can't argue with the titillation provided by seeing a hot-bodied person nude, soaking wet, and [[TheWoobie in desperate need of support]] (though in most cases of Shower of Angst, the person showering will be so distraught or depressed that he or she will shower with clothes on, resulting in a SexySoakedShirt scene). However, in some cases, [[FanDisservice this can border on creepy]], such as when a woman takes a shower of angst after being physically or [[RapeAsDrama sexually abused]] (or is [[BathSuicide suicidal and trying to kill herself by slashing her wrists and letting the running water bleed her dry]]). That particular version of the trope is common in soap operas, most serious movies, and cable dramas.²²The post-rape shower also has ramifications in a CrimeAndPunishmentSeries scenario -- if the victim takes a shower before a SAE kit has been collected, then vital forensic evidence is lost. Unfortunately, it's TruthInTelevision.²²Men are not in the least exempt from this trope, since every shower scene is also a ShirtlessScene. The male variant often features a hunky male leaning towards the wall, with the running water falling on his back.²²Contrast RedemptionInTheRain -- a joyful, liberating shower in the rain. Can also be an instance of OutDamnedSpot if the showering is because a character is trying to wash away guilt. SisterTrope of BathroomStallOfAngst.²----²!!Sub-pages and Examples:²[[index]]²* ShowerOfAngst/AnimeAndManga²* [[ShowerOfAngst/LiveActionFilms Films — Live-Action]]²* ShowerOfAngst/{{Literature}}²* ShowerOfAngst/LiveActionTV²* ShowerOfAngst/WesternAnimation²[[/index]]²²[[foldercontrol]]²²[[folder:Advertising]]²* The [[ "Shower" ad]] from the Montana Meth Project.²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Comic Books]]²* After a story in which ComicBook/GreenArrow was tortured, his girlfriend ComicBook/BlackCanary found him huddled in the bathtub, half-dressed, with the shower on full blast.²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Comic Strips]]²* In one ''ComicStrip/LibertyMeadows'' strip, Dean the Pig takes one, after he hit on Ralph by mistake (he even sings "the crying game"). Ralph was in drag at the time, to catch an unruly beaver that was causing trouble at the sanctuary. Said beaver ends up with his own shower scene afterwards.²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Fan Works]]²* ''Fanfic/ACrownOfStars'': After [[spoiler:getting kissed by Shinji]] Asuka feels confused, frightened and needed, so she decides to have a shower in order to trying to clear her mind.²* ''Fanfic/AdviceAndTrust'': Shinji and Asuka in chapter 7. After spending [[spoiler:two days locked and insolated, without being allowed washing the LCL off their bodies or changing clothes]], and being dragged out of their cells only to [[spoiler:get fired]], they return to their home feeling confused, hurt, miserable and dirty. So that they decide to have a shower together to clean their bodies and lift their spirits. During the shower they mostly held each other while they washed, looking for reassurance and affection.²* ''FanFic/CodeWings30'': After a strong nightmare, Cassidy goes into a shower to try and calm herself. ²* ''Manga/{{Evangelion 303}}'': This fanwebcomic has ''many'', the first of them happening in the ''second'' chapter. Usually [[{{Tsundere}} Asuka]] takes one when she gets distraught, upset or angry (and [[BrokenBird she]] [[BrokenAce often]] [[BreakTheHaughty feels]] [[DespairEventHorizon like that]] in this story).²* In ''Fanfic/OnceMoreWithFeeling'' Asuka takes a shower every day to try to forget her nightly, worsening nightmares.²-->All in all, this entire process had become less of a morning shower to her then a morning ritual. Not in the least because she had increasingly needed the hot, soothing water to wash away the dark shades that haunted her sleep… even if she would never admit it to anyone. Least of all herself.²* In a now-deleted ''Manga/DeathNote'' fanfic titled "Broken" by [=SekushiAi=], Light starts taking these to an obsessive extent after [[spoiler: being raped]].²* In AKK's ''[[WesternAnimation/AdventuresOfTheGalaxyRangers Galaxy Rangers]]'' fanfic "The Lie," the fact that Zachary spent longer than usual in the shower after being rescued from the Queen was one of the factors that tipped off [[spoiler: Goose]] to the fact that, contrary to the official report, the Queen ''didn't'' toss Zach in the Psychocrypt right away.²* Also from ''Series/ICarly'' in the fanfiction [[ "iFind and Keep You"]], a wedded Carly and Freddie steps into this (along with ShowerOfLove) after Carly goes into an emotional meltdown in reliving her childhood memories with their late best friend.²* In the ''Series/{{Glee}}'' fanfic ''FanFic/HuntingTheUnicorn'', Blaine takes ''a lot'' of cold showers to deal with his ParalyzingFearOfSexuality.²* [[ This chapter]] of an Avatar: The Last Airbender fanfic has Toph crying in the shower after she ran away from her parents home after a brutal fight.²* In ''Fanfic/{{Ponyfall}}: The Dawning of Twilight'', Twilight Sparkle does this after a traumatic experience in the ER where her brony friend Matt works, where she had to help him save someone from bleeding to death. Overlaps with OutDamnedSpot²* Done twice with [[{{Webcomic/Homestuck}} Gamzee]] in {{Fanfic/Hivefled}}, first in Reprise after the first time he is raped by the Grand Highblood, and has to clean himself up alone while wishing his friends were there, and later in Hivefled proper when the trolls are on the ship.²* In rthstewart's ''Literature/TheChroniclesOfNarnia'' fanfiction ''The Queen Susan in Tashbaan'', Susan takes one after [[spoiler: Bardon/Guy's death]], completely calm and not hysterical at all... except for thinking she's back in Narnia.²* Played for laughs in ''[[ Stealing the Deed]]''. Early in the story, Rarity is doing this, though for a practical reason, being a NeatFreak in the aftermath of battle with a [[CoveredInGunge slime creature]] and freaking out. Later in the story, however, Twilight ends up wondering if Rarity needs any help screaming in the shower after having [[{{Yandere}} Trixie's]] [[{{Squick}} obsessiveness]] shoved in her face.²* Parodied in ''WebVideo/YuGiOhTheAbridgedSeries'' where Tristan is washing him self up in a lake, he's muttering "Must... wash... away... the sin..."²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Films — Animation]]²* ''WesternAnimation/SpiderManIntoTheSpiderVerse'': In Peter Parker's flashback to his past as Spider-Man, along with his {{Unreliable Exposit|or}}ion, he notably mentions after his divorce with Mary Jane, "I handled it like a champ." Then we see Peter curled up and crying in the shower while still wearing his Spider-Man costume.²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Music]]²* Toni Braxton does this in the video for "Unbreak My Heart," as she mourns her boyfriend who had been killed in a motorcycle accident.²** Overlaps with ShowerOfLove as she also recalls how they used to frolic in the same shower stall.²* As does Amy Lee in the video "Everybody's Fool". Complete with a shot of her underwater in the tub with her eyes wide open.²* Music/{{Pink}} in her music video [[ Nobody Knows.]]²* The lead singer of ''Pop Evil'' is briefly seen taking one in the music video for ''Torn to Pieces''.²* Music/ImagineDragons frontman Dan Reynolds seems to have a DeliberatelyMonochrome one in the "Roots" music video, submerging himself in a bathtub while {{singing| in the shower}} about how he needs to reconnect with his past, and reflecting on childhood memories and his explorations of remote New Zealand locations. The memories (including some taken from home movies) play in full-color, as does Dan's rise out of the tub at the end of the video.²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Roleplay]]²* In ''Roleplay/DeptHeavenApocrypha'', this is [[spoiler:Meria]]'s first reaction to having been cheated on by [[spoiler:Seth]] the day after they first slept together. (Given the character, her breakdown [[FromBadToWorse picked]] [[DrowningMySorrows up]] [[RevengeBeforeReason speed]] quickly, but...) The example is a little unusual in that we never actually ''see'' her in the shower -- it's just mentioned by another character that she's been crying in there for hours.²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Theater]]²* ''Theatre/AStreetcarNamedDesire'': Blanche frequently takes a hot bath to "calm her nerves." Later on, after her [[spoiler: rape at the hands of Stanley]] she takes a really long one. Only at this point she's too permanently traumatized for the bath to be much help.²** Earlier, Stanley's friends shove him under a shower spray fully clothed in an attempt to sober him up after he got drunk, subsequently lost his self control and hit Stella.²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Video Games]]²* Norman Jayden from ''VideoGame/HeavyRain'' technically ''does'' have a shower scene, but considering that he's hallucinating and suffering from painful [[DeadlyNosebleed withdrawal symptoms]] at the time, it's not really meant to be {{Fanservice}}.²* Implied to be a part of Angela's backstory in ''VideoGame/SilentHill2'', from how you find the tablet resembling her in the prison's shower room. [[spoiler:Considering her father raped her]], it's not so surprising.²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Webcomics]]²* In ''Webcomic/{{Misfile}}'', after the latest setback in getting back to normal, Ash soaks himself in the shower for over an hour, unwilling to leave the bathroom and face the world. [[ Emily has to go in and snap him out of it]].²%%* PlayedForLaughs in [[ this]] ''Webcomic/VGCats'' strip.²%%* Same in [[ these]] two [[ pages]] of ''Webcomic/{{Fanboys}}''. [[spoiler:It ends… um… [[ShowerOfLove happily]].]]²* This is used in ''Webcomic/AGirlAndHerFed'' to show that the titular girl is not nearly as confident in the outcome of a situation as [[ she appears.]]²* ''Webcomic/LivingWithInsanity'' has one at the start of its [[ Vendetta arc]].²* In ''Webcomic/ElGoonishShive'', Ellen [[ has one]] while suffering from CloningBlues.²* Happens in a ''{{Webcomic/PvP}}'' strip concluding a storyline about Brent becoming a gamer after wearing Skulls "Fez Of Power". After escaping the influence of the Fez, Brent finds out that during his brief delusional state, he (a hardcore Mac fanboy) ordered a Windows-based gaming PC. Cue Brent crying hysterically in the shower.²* ''Webcomic/{{Clarissa|Yungbluth}}'' has the grade-schooler treat her baths like this, [[ParentalIncest and for good reason]].²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Web Videos]]²* Parodied in ''WebVideo/TheGuild'' when a fully-clothed Vork takes one of these in someone else's shower after learning that Clara had betrayed his trust (i.e. [[SeriousBusiness corpse-camped him]] in ''VideoGame/WorldOfWarcraft''.)²* Website/ThatGuyWithTheGlasses:²** WebVideo/TheNostalgiaCritic suffered an absolutely epic psychotic meltdown when he reviewed ''Film/TeenageMutantNinjaTurtlesIII''. He tells us all to sit back and enjoy it. Five minutes later, he's having a Shower of Angst, as pictured above, spews {{Angrish}} and yells a long stream of psychotic screams and grunts.²** Sean Fausz of ''Epic Fail'' has crying in shower to Céline Dion's "My Heart Will Go On" as a RunningGag.²** And in reference, WebVideo/PawDugan did the same thing in his review of Total Distortion with it being a music game that is devoid of good music.²** Also from Channel Awesome is WebVideo/TheCinemaSnob's meltdown halfway through his synopsis of ''Sadomania'' when he discovers the attractive warden is played by a {{transgender}} woman. Cue shower scene and frantic phone-call to his girlfriend:²--->'''Snob:''' Honey we need to have sex. Right. Now. I'm very, ''very'' confused...²** WebVideo/TheFanFictionCritic will occasionally announce after reading a filthy or horrible fanfiction that she needs to take a shower, bordering on OutDamnedSpot when she does this several times per review.²** WebVideo/{{Phelous}} does this during his review of ''Film/ASerbianFilm'' ... after a particularly horrifying scene.²** WebVideo/MikeJ also does this after waking up from a dream sequence which ends with him [[spoiler: kissing Film Brain]].²** WebVideo/ToddInTheShadows has had a couple as well, in the reviews of Music/ChrisBrown's "Deuces" and Music/FloRida's "Whistle" after each of those songs had particularly blatant {{Double Entendre}}s.²--->'''Todd:''' CAN'T...GET...CLEAN!!!²* Used in WebVideo/TheOrangeInsanity's [[ review]] of ''Film/TheCatInTheHat'', as a reaction to the scene where [[spoiler:The Cat yells "Son of a bitch" in front of the children]], together with [[InelegantBlubbering loud sobbing]] and [[StylisticSuck screaming an utterly broken]] version of ''Unfaithful'' by Rihanna.²-->'''The Orange Insanity:''' I DON'T WANNA DO THIS ANYMORE!! I DON'T WANNA BE THE REASON WHY-- OH MY GOD ''WHY-HY-HY-HYYY?!! [wails violently]''²* Parodied hilariously in [[ Kyle Riabko and Trevor Jackson Are... ]].²* Parodied, like nearly every other breakup trope in ''WebVideo/{{Manwhores}}'', with Kevin having a shower with his clothes still on during his post-breakup montage.²* ''WebVideo/{{yourchonny}}'':²** He comically acts out one of these in his [[ "Getting out of the shower"]] video. While sobbing, goes to wipe his tears...with underwear his dad hung on the shower door. Cue horrified scream.²** Parodied again in the "Things I do when I'm home alone" video, where this is his response to a hater (a chair with clothes and a wig thrown on it).²* ''WebVideo/PeanutButterGamer'' ended up in one at the end of his ''To Kill An Avatar: Pikmin'' video, when he [[MyGodWhatHaveIDone realizes that he just killed innocent Pikmin]].²--> '''PBG:''' "They're dead! The pikmin are ''dead''!"²* Two "Regretting the Past" episodes on ''WebVideo/RockedReviews'' had the albums in question driving Luke to do this.²** In the episode for Music/{{Nickelback}}'s ''Silver Side Up'', Luke feels he's not getting into the proper mood to listen to Nickelback. So he goes into the shower and cries to the music. It didn't work as expected.²** The lyrics to Music/{{Buckcherry}}'s songs on their album ''15'' (specifically, "Next 2 You", "Crazy Bitch", and "Brooklyn") cause him to do this ''three times'' due to [[BrainBleach how dirty they made him feel]]. By the third time, he's washing himself (and his mouth) with bleach. He tries to take a fourth one at the end of the review, [[spoiler:only to find the Denny's Stalker waiting for him in the bathroom]].²* In [[ this]] ''Sims 2'' machinima set to My Chemical Romance's "Helena", the protagonist is a woman in an [[DomesticAbuse abusive relationship]]. One scene has her crying while sitting in the shower.²[[/folder]]²----


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