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2 [[caption-width-right:350:At the gates between worlds. In a war outside of time. He fights for us.]]
4--> "Only trust a man with power when he is wise enough not to want it."
5---> Tagline for '''The Never Hero'''
7'''The Chronicles Of Jonathan Tibbs''' is a Science Fiction series written by T. Ellery Hodges. Currently, it consists of two volumes:
9* ''The Never Hero'', published Sep 12, 2014. T. Ellery Hodges' debut novel. In the 2015 Reader's Favorite book award contest, it was awarded an honorable mention in the category of Science Fiction.
10* ''The Never Paradox'', published Mar 23, 2017. In 2017, it was awarded a Bronze Metal for the category of YA Urban Fantasy.
12The series focuses on the titular Jonathan Tibbs, an ordinary man drafted by an alien named Heyer to defend the world from interplanetary threats.
16* ArtificialIntelligence: One of Jonathan's only leads in ''The Never Paradox'' is an alien computer that's less than helpful.
17* TheChooserOfTheOne: Heyer, who stays out of the battles because his role is less replaceable than Jonathan's.
18* EasyAmnesia: The instigating incident of ''The Never Paradox'' is Jon unable to recall the last moments of a recent confrontation, and convinced that it wasn't due to an accident.
19* IJustWantToBeNormal: Jonathan.
20* ItSucksToBeTheChosenOne: Jonathan didn't choose his role, is told that he'll be replaced if he dies, and doesn't even get honored for his service.