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1Prince Ethan is captured, enslaved, and tortured by an enemy warlord. He reaches the breaking point, then ends up in the hands of the warlord's son. Rather than mistreat his new acquisition, Samet treats him kindly and begins the slow process of helping him heal. As Ethan recovers, he and Samet befriend each other enough that Samet eventually trusts Ethan with his secret. Rather than aiding his father, Samet is the one trying to stop the warlord's real plan to set himself up as tyrant over the entire land.
3To save the world, the two will even brave the dangers of hell itself.
6!!Provides Examples Of:
8* AbsurdlySharpBlade : Some of Ethan's enchanted knives qualify.
9* ActOfTrueLove: Ethan and Samet's bond has them performing superhuman feats for each other
10* AffablyEvil : Vadin can go from brutally torturing a broken young man to nagging his son about giving him grandchildren without pausing for breath in between.
11* AgonyOfTheFeet : Not played for laughs.
12* AssholeVictim : Nobody really minded when Brelith caught a face full of molten metal.
13* ArchnemesisDad : Samet really doesn't want to be his father's enemy, he just wants his father to not employ a doomsday weapon and make bargains with dark powers.
14* BadassFamily : A tendency of royalty
15* BattleAmongstTheFlames : Happens a lot when Samet is around. He can freeze things or use electricity, he just happens to be at his best with fire.
16* BattleCouple : Samet and Ethan eventually become one of these
17* BecauseYouWereNiceToMe : Robert eventually befriends Samet. [[spoiler: Samet takes a sword for Robert's children and later cuts off his own hand to get to them in time for a RoaringRampageofRescue]]
18* BenevolentBoss : Whether he's actually benevolent or simply knows the power of loyalty, Vadin is generous and polite to his soldiers. He's known to keep his word, though he is prone to reminding people that also holds true for threats. It's a trait he shares with his son Samet.
19* BerserkButton : Do not mess with Ethan in front of Samet. Do not mess with Samet in front of Ethan.
20* BullyingADragon : The sheer number of people stupid enough to pick a fight with Samet is a bit mindboggling.
21* CombatPragmatist : Margaret is no warrior, but she'll grab whatever is at hand and beat you over the head with it
22* ComesGreatResponsibility : To the point that Robert has to occasionally remind Samet that it's okay to let someone else bear some of the weight.
23* ConvectionSchmonvection : Averted. Unless you are Ethan, it's best not to get near Samet when he's angry.
24* CourtMage : There seems to be an entire order of these.
25* CulturedBadass : Samet is educated, well spoken, and polite. He's also capable of making a dragon's head explode.
26* DarkIsNotEvil : Samet is a sorcerer and considered to be hellspawn. He's a good and honorable man trying to save the world. Varorgirin seems to be this as well.
27* DontMakeMeDestroyYou: Samet doesn't like to kill
28* EvenEvilHasLovedOnes : Vadin really does love his son.
29* FriendlyFireproof : Ethan is this to Samet's magic
30* GoodIsNotSoft: Samet doesn't like to kill, but if pushed he doesn't feel a lot of remorse over it.
31* KillItWithFire : Samet's go to method of combat.
32* KnifeNut : Ethan carries two dozen knives
33* LikeAnOldMarriedCouple : Whenever Samet and Ethan start bickering
34* MagicKnight : Averted. Samet is terrible at physical combat and bad enough with a sword that Ethan won't even let him have one.
35* MayDecemberRomance : Margaret is the same age as King Sikander's daughter. He's impressed enough with her actions during the rescue to let her know he'd be very interested in discussing her hand with her father.
36* NoodleIncident : Sir Vincent rescuing Sarah was apparently a series of them.
37* RescueRomance: Both Samet and Ethan rescue each other multiple times. Sarah and Sir Vincent get in on the act as well
38* RoyalsWhoActuallyDoSomething : In addition to Samet himself, King Robert also regularly proves that AuthorityEqualsAsskicking
39* SafeSaneAndConsensual : Samet and Ethan establish safe words very early. [[spoiler: Ethan then gets a second, in the form of Samet's truename]]
40* SceneryPorn : It says something about Ethan's mindset that he finds parts of hell aesthetically pleasing.
41* ScrewTheRulesIHaveSupernaturalPowers : Samet is very polite when he finally gets tired of the council's crap and points out that he is very capable of invoking this troop.
42* ScrewTheRulesImDoingWhatsRight : Once King Sikander learns the true situation, he demonstrates that if he has to choose ToBeLawfulOrGood , he's going to take good. And that AuthorityEqualsAsskicking
43* SilkHidingSteel : Queen Tabitha is no warrior. She can make Robert and Samet both behave themselves with a single polite but firm statement
44* ShipperOnDeck : Ethan and Samet are both these for Sir Vincent and Sarah.
45* TranquilFury : Samet doesn't shout, but when he gets angry the stone beneath his feet starts to melt
46* TrustPassword : Samet and Ethan develop several over the course of the story to help Ethan get through his PTSD. A few times Ethan uses them on Samet. [[spoiler: Samet's truename can be considered one of these, considering the level of trust Samet had to have to share it with Ethan in the first place]]