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1''Enûma Eliš'' [[note]]That's not the title, by the way, since it doesn't have one ''per se''. "Enûma Eliš" are the first two words of its first verse, which it is commonly known by; they translate to "When on High".[[/note]] is one of the oldest literary works on the planet, older even than ''Literature/TheIliad'' and Literature/TheBible. It is the CreationMyth of Myth/MesopotamianMythology and exists in several copies but most of them are from Babylon. Consequentially, a lot of the Babylonian copies serve as a hymn glorifying the patron deity of Babylon, Marduk; Assyrian copies, on the other hand, don't mention Marduk at all and attribute all his accomplishments to Ashur. It is likely that the original Sumerian text had either Ea/Enki or Enlil (who still figure in later copies) in the spotlight.˛˛The book is a major source of {{Mesopotamian Monstrosit|y}}ies in modern works.˛----˛!!''Enûma Eliš'' provides examples of:˛* BigScrewedUpFamily: The gods. BrotherSisterIncest, OffingTheOffspring, OedipusComplex, FreudianExcuse, implied ParentalIncest, all within five generations.˛* BloodyMurder: Tiamat gives birth to dragons that, among other awesome features, have "venom for blood".˛* CreationMyth: Probably the UrExample, at least among currently extant texts.˛* FaceHeelTurn: Tiamat.˛* MotherOfAThousandYoung: Tiamat.˛* OurFounder: Marduk founds Babylon toward the end of the story. There's a suspicion that the ''Enûma Eliš'' existed in multiple Mesopotamian cities -- typically with that city's primary god taking Marduk's role.˛* OurGodsAreDifferent: In particular, Marduk gets a very embellished description.˛* RevengeMyopia: Tiamat does her best to avenge Apsu's death at the hands of the Annunaki, completely ignoring the two small facts that Apsu was actively planning to kill them and that ''she herself ratted him out to them'', allowing a preventive strike. On the other hand, it could be argued that Qingu manipulated her into this [[DragonWithAnAgenda with an eye to getting the Tablets of Destiny for himself]].˛* SeaMonster: Apsu and Tiamat, the original chthonic embodiments of the waters, are sometimes depicted as this.˛* ScorpionPeople: Scorpion-men among the monsters created by Tiamat in her war against the gods˛* TopGod: Marduk demands that he be made this in exchange for defeating Tiamat.˛* WoobieDestroyerOfWorlds: In the more recent [[ Speiser translation]], Tiamat tried to discourage Apsu from killing their own kids, and only went AxCrazy after he was murdered. (There's also no hint she tried to warn the gods of what he was planning.)˛----


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