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1* Rin's EstablishingCharacterMoment involves her checking up on a sleeping Nadeshiko, and later sharing her food and letting Nadeshiko use Rin's cell phone to call home, even though Rin doesn't even know her. Rin may be a bit of a loner, but she's also a caring person.** Rin's development continues across the series; we see her come to rely on the OEC at points - even Chiaki, the member she's seemingly least fond of - while continuing to camp solo, and she joins them for their Christmas camp-trip. Volume 7 of the manga also shows her making solo-camp advice to Nadeshiko and - after worrying she may have put her in trouble doing so - sneaks out to the camp site Nadeshiko is staying at to ensure she's okay; she later finds Sakura there doing the exact same thing. This is later mirrored with the return from the OEC's trip to Izu; having travelled back alone in the dark and cold, Rin finds Nadeshiko and Sakura waiting for her at a certain point to make sure she makes it home okay, the former having been worried that Rin wasn't answering her messages. *** Rin's relationship with her parents and grandpa is also quite sweet; they're incredibly supportive of her hobby - later revealed to be because they too used to accompany Grandpa on riding trips. Her grandpa also enjoys spoiling her when it comes to this particular passion, and his kindness is rewarded upon Rin's return from Izu with a box full of local delicacies. * After Nadeshiko gets a part-time job, she uses part of her salary to surprise her sister with a reusable heating pack, having remembered that Sakura is the one who uses them the most.-->'''Sakura''': ''(smiling after noticing the gift)'' And here she said she was gonna use that money for camping. She really outdid herself.* When Toba hears about Chiaki, Aoi and Ena's winter camping trip from Rin, she sets out to check up on them, calmly lecturing them to do adequate preparation and run their plans by her in advance. For someone who initially didn't want the job because it'd cut into her drinking time, Toba really has come to care about her students.** Toba eagerly pitches in for some expensive dried Ise shrimp for the birthday meal, not because of Chiaki's "evil" plan to manipulate her into buying it with the money saved from not drinking, but because Ena asked her to.** In Volume 9, Toba mentions that one of the best parts of being a club advisor is watching her students grow. She even cuts back on her drinking (however slightly) for the sake of the job.* In one chapter/episode, when the girls first meet Chikuwa, Ena's dog, Nadeshiko gets chased when Ena gives her a sausage that Chikuwa really likes. After a while, they come back accompanied by a bunch of kids chasing her around. The girls (Chikuwa included) decide to play with the kids and have fun doing so. Awwwww.* In the first episode of the second season, a younger and less experienced Rin goes camping by herself. Her father isn't far from her campsite, and is shown talking to the man who helped Rin with her fire, while Rin's mother slipped a pack of instant ramen in Rin's bag, giving her something to eat when Rin burns her curry rice. Years later, Rin goes on another solo camping trip, and Nadeshiko offers her curry noodles, echoing what Rin's mother did for her before.* Episode 9 of season two, Rin takes a predawn motorcycle ride with her grandfather. It's silent, neither saying a thing, just riding together, Rin on her scooter, Grandpa on his cruiser motorcycle. And yet its one of the most heartwarming things in the entire series.


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