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1* Kacey coming back to help out Gravity 5 in "How To Rock Braces and Glasses."** Kacey and Stevie's fist bump in that scene, to signify their new status as friends.* Stevie giving up her chance of winning the bet to stick up for Kacey in "How To Rock a Messy Bet."* Kacey dropping out of the election for class president to support Kevin in "How To Rock an Election."* The end of "How To Rock a Secret Agent", where Kacey rattles off Stevie's favorite color, middle name, and birthday, all things that Stevie had previously [[WhatTheHellHero called her out]] for not knowing.* Moments where Grace thanks or compliments Gravity Five. She really can be a nice person when Molly isn't telling her what to do.* The end of "How To Rock a Lunch Table": Kacey, after spending the whole episode obsessing over sitting at the Perf table, decides (with a little help from Zander) that her current table can be just as awesome as long as [[TrueCompanions her friends]] [[ThePowerOfFriendship are there.]]* Stevie encouraging Kacey during her part time job at Danny Mangos.** Kacey helping Stevie get her job back.* Kacey introducing the members of Gravity 5 by name on stage and saying they're a team she's proud to be part of.* Anything between Nelson and Grace.** The ending of "How to Rock a Singing Telegram"-->'''Grace''': You know Nelson, if you had asked me to go to the dance, I would have said yes.-->'''Nelson''': You would? Will you go to the dance with me?-->'''Grace''': We're already at the dance.-->'''Nelson''': Will you stay at the dance with me?-->'''Grace''': Okay.* Molly, [[AlphaBitch of all people]], gets one in "How To Rock a Uniform":-->'''Molly:''' If Kacey and I can find common ground, anyone can.* The ending of "How To Rock Camping" was really sweet. After successfully [[spoiler: saving Zander from the poisonous berries he ate]], the group sits by a campfire and sings "Only You Can Be You" together. For one night, it's like the social barriers that typically divide them have disappeared.* Gravity 5 still letting Grace perform with them after Kacey comes back in "How to Rock Cee Lo"* Kacey and Molly finally coming to a truce (and extending it to the others), especially since that turns out to be the series finale.


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