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1A few times, Gottfried has been known to break character and show that he really ''does'' have a heart.* Upon the passing of Creator/RobinWilliams, Gilbert tweeted a message "[[{{Disney/Aladdin}} From the parrot to the genie."]]** And then he went on to write an ''article'' for CNN about his experience with Robin Williams, and talks about the shock of his death and the cause.--->" I've known people who have committed suicide, and my shock always reveals how little I knew about them."** Not long after he tweeted a message about the passing of Joan Rivers: "First Robin, and now Joan. The world is suddenly a less funny place."* Sharing an article about the photography of his sister Arlene on Facebook.* His and Jonathan Freeman's appearance at Owen Suskind's Disney Club in ''Film/LifeAnimated''. Also how Gilbert became an autism awareness advocate once he learned that Owen's father, Ron, communicated to his son through [[Disney/{{Aladdin}} Iago]].


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