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Heartwarming / Gilbert Gottfried

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A few times, Gottfried has been known to break character and show that he really does have a heart.

  • Upon the passing of Robin Williams, Gilbert tweeted a message "From the parrot to the genie."
    • And then he went on to write an article for CNN about his experience with Robin Williams, and talks about the shock of his death and the cause.
      " I've known people who have committed suicide, and my shock always reveals how little I knew about them."
    • Not long after he tweeted a message about the passing of Joan Rivers: "First Robin, and now Joan. The world is suddenly a less funny place."
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  • Sharing an article about the photography of his sister Arlene on Facebook.
  • His and Jonathan Freeman's appearance at Owen Suskind's Disney Club in Life, Animated. Also how Gilbert became an autism awareness advocate once he learned that Owen's father, Ron, communicated to his son through Iago.

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