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1[[quoteright:296:]]˛˛''Ondine'' is a 2009 Irish romantic drama film starring Creator/ColinFarrell, Alicja Bachleda, Alison Barry and Stephen Rea. It is the first film to be both written and directed by Neil Jordan since ''Film/TheCryingGame''. ˛˛The film is set in the West of Ireland. Farrell plays a fisherman called Syracuse who catches a woman in his net one day. The woman is mysterious and wishes not to be seen by people. Syracuse's daughter Annie suspects she is a selkie. ˛----˛!!This film provides examples of:˛˛* ActuallyPrettyFunny: Despite having nearly drowned, Ondine bursts out laughing when she gets the pun behind Syracuse's nickname.˛* TheAlcoholic: Syracuse and Maura, the difference is Syracuse has kicked his addiction.˛* AsLongAsItSoundsForeign: [[spoiler: The song Ondine sings is just a foreign pop song, but Syracuse was briefly convinced it was magical]].˛* AsYouKnow: Annie gives Ondine a list of selkie rules. [[spoiler: Subverted and coupled with FridgeBrilliance after the twist]].˛* BitchAlert: Annie's mother. She doesn't get any nicer.˛* CatchPhrase: Annie, "curiouser and curiouser". See ShoutOut below.˛* ChekhovsGun: Annie and Ondine find something in the water and bury it in the garden. Annie thinks it's her seal coat [[spoiler: but it's really the drugs she was helping smuggle]].˛* CitizenshipMarriage: [[spoiler: Syracuse and Ondine/Joanna to allow her to stay in the country]].˛* ContrivedCoincidence: [[spoiler: Alex being the perfect candidate to donate a kidney to Annie after the car crash, just as Syracuse makes a wish]]. Funnily enough this one doesn't make sense [[spoiler: after the twist]].˛* DaddysGirl: Annie though it's not hard since he's the only competent parent she has.˛* DoesNotLikeShoes: Ondine, who prefers to walk around barefoot. ˛* DoingInTheWizard: [[spoiler: Ondine isn't really a selkie, just a really good swimmer. The song she sings is actually a foreign pop song and her selkie husband is a drug smuggler]].˛* DomesticAbuse: Syracuse and his wife [[{{Understatement}} do not have a healthy relationship]], and it's entirely her fault. ˛* EmbarrassingNickname: Syracuse dislikes being called "Circus" because it serves as a reminder of his [[TheAlcoholic alcoholic]] past.˛* {{Fanservice}}: There's no real reason for Ondine to wear nothing but sexy outfits throughout the whole movie while everyone else dresses like the hardy port residents they are, but she does it anyway, and the camera sure enjoys portraying gorgeous Alicja Bachleda in all her glory whenever she has any screentime. ˛* HalfwayPlotSwitch: The first 60% of the film is a romantic drama with a fairytale feel to it. The last 40% is a crime thriller. ˛* HeadTurningBeauty: ''Everybody'' drops what they're doing to gawk at Ondine when Syracuse returns to port with her standing on deck. Granted, she is a beautiful woman who's wearing a sexy dress at that moment, but the other fishermen on ''every single damn ship in the harbor'' act like they've never seen any remotely attractive female being in the flesh ever before.˛* IllGirl: Annie needs a new kidney.˛* IdiotBall: Syracuse grabs it firmly [[spoiler:during Alex's wake when he, a recovering alcoholic, gets pissed as a fart and proceeds to ditch the beautiful, caring woman that brought him nothing but unnatural luck, just because his abusive asshole wife told him so]]. Sadly a result of peer pressure.˛* InformedAttribute: Syracuse gets called "Circus" all the time, supposedly because he was a funny drunk. [[spoiler: When we finally see him drunk, he's not funny at all.]]˛* LadyDrunk: Maura is introduced this way.˛* LightHairedSwimmer: Ondine has blonde hair and [[spoiler: even though she's not really a selkie]] she's still a good swimmer.˛* LingerieScene: Ondine gets quite a few of them.˛* MagicRealism: [[spoiler: Subverted]].˛* MeaningfulName: Ondine means "out of the water"˛* MoodWhiplash: The film's light-hearted first half turns very grim when [[spoiler: Alex dies in a car crash, Syracuse falls off the wagon, Ondine reveals she's just a drug smuggler and they get hunted by her drug baron. Things then return to light-hearted when Syracuse and Ondine (real name Joanna) get married at the end]].˛* {{Oireland}}: Mostly averted with an Irish cast though Colin Farrell does seem to slip into it a bit with his heavy Cork accent.˛* OnlySaneMan: Stephen Rea's character the Parish Priest.˛* RunningGag: Syracuse being called "Circus" by just about everybody again and again despite his ceaseless protest. Even the priest gets in on it several times.˛* RuthlessForeignGangsters: [[spoiler: Ondine/Joanna's drug baron attacks in the third act]].˛* SadlyMythtaken: A Scottish mythical creature with a French name, living in Ireland. [[spoiler: Of course subverted with the twist]]. Selkies are a part of Irish folklore too˛* SceneryPorn: Plenty of shots showcasing the Irish countryside.˛* {{Scotireland}}: Selkies are Scottish creatures while Merrows are the Irish equivalents. Alex, who is Scottish, lampshades this.˛* UsefulNotes/{{Scotland}}: Alex (Annie's stepfather) is Scottish.˛* SelkiesAndWereseals: Ondine is suspected of being a selkie, though she displays some traits that don't match mythology - such as a haunting singing voice (see the Sirens). [[spoiler: She's not a selkie at all]].˛* SexySoakedShirt: Ondine gets a couple of these after going swimming in her dress.˛* ShesGotLegs: Ondine does like to wear dresses that show off her lovely legs, be it the one Syracuse bought for her, or the ones she picked by herself later. Clothes aside, there's a whole scene dedicated to nothing else but Ondine's naked legs when she dives out of sight on his boat and continues to steer with one foot while sitting on the floor. The sexiness overload actually prompts Syracuse to awkwardly adjust his collar.˛* ShoutOut: Annie's catchphrase is one to ''Literature/AliceInWonderland''.˛* [[SirensAreMermaids Sirens Are Selkies]]: Ondine has a haunting singing voice that is said to hypnotise lobsters and fish into the nets.˛* UnkemptBeauty: Syracuse looks like he's never even touched a comb or razor. General consensus is that this makes the already MrFanservice Colin Farrell even more attractive. Ondine, although looking a lot more civilized than him, most definitely counts as well.˛* WeirdnessCensor: The two officials that board Syracuse's ship for inspection halfway into the movie appear to be a lot more concerned with the fact that a specific net of his isn't wet than with the other fact that there's a young, scantily dressed, completely unknown woman hiding underneath said net in the ship's hold. Syracuse himself seems to find the whole situation fairly entertaining, and once the officials have left without much of a fuss, it's never brought up again.˛* WildHair: Syracuse. Ondine to a somewhat lesser but still valid degree.˛* WiseBeyondHerYears: Annie is very intuitive and GenreSavvy to the world around her, but this still clashes with her childhood innocence.˛* WomenAreWiser: Averted with Maura, Annie's mother who is an alcoholic mess. Even her equally boozed up husband is more competent than her.˛----


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