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1[[quoteright:220:]]께''Harriet The Spy: Blog Wars'' is a Creator/DisneyChannel Movie[[note]]note: not a Disney Channel ''Original'' movie - one of two movies to premiere on the network that year with that distinction, the other being ''[[Film/SixteenWishes 16 Wishes]]''[[/note]] produced by Creator/NineStoryEntertainment that adapted from the original ''Literature/HarrietTheSpy'' book and film adaptation.께Harriet begins the new term at her private school determined to become the new class blogger, a job that had previously gone uncontested to [[AlphaBitch Marion Hawthorne]]. She starts off her blog by [[TheReveal exposing people for who they really are]], but everybody is bored by it, around the same time her father begins to produce the new [[Film/HighSchoolMusical Spy Teen]] movie. She posts a blog about [[CelebrityStar Skander Hill]] in which she criticizes him but her classmates [[CompletelyMissingThePoint completely missing the point]] and she just goes with it. Her two best friends see this as a beginning of her descent into uncharted grounds. 께With lies piling up and her continuous stalking of Skander, her friends get angry at her, Skander becomes [[ParanoiaFuel increasingly scared of a teenage girl]], her nanny Golly keeping secrets and Marion demanding more and more proof, will Harriet be able to come out on top with her blog intact?께----께!! This Movie Provides Exaples Of:께* TenMinuteRetirement: Unlike the original Nickelodeon movie, Harriet's friends leaving her and Golly leaving Harriet's house took up the last third of the movie. Even when they make up, it's rushed and they act like nothing happened.* AdaptationDyeJob: A majority of the cast suffers from this. ** Harriet's original actress, Michelle Trachtenberg, has dark brown hair while Jennifer Stone has auburn hair.** Golly originally had black hair and now she's a blonde.* AlphaBitch: Marion.* AttentionWhore: She never says it, but it's possible this is what Marion thinks Harriet is.* BlondeBrunetteRedhead: Golly, Janie, and Harriet.* CampGay: Skander's costume designer seems to have shades of this. * ChekhovsGun: A throwaway line about Skander never advancing in his career due to being associated with the [[strike: Film/HighSchoolMusical]]* ComicallyMissingThePoint: Harriet's mother mistakes Harriet's disdain and selfish interest in Skander as a crush. If only she knew how wrong she was.* EasilyForgiven: Done so much here, it's very unbelievable.** First, Mr. Welsh takes in an interest in his daughter's blog after he learns she had been the one following Skander everywhere. Any normal parent would have yelled at her for terrorizing their star and ruining their production.** Second, Golly immediately forgives Harriet for following her and starts asking her questions about her trying to pass off her lie as Skander's friend.** Thirdly, Janie and Sport forgive her and talk about Skander's freak-out.** Finally, Skander rejoices in Harriet's viral video boosting his career instead of destroying it. He has every reason to file a restraining order against Harriet and/or sue her for violating his privacy. * FieryRedhead: Harriet seems to have dark red/auburn hair, but she's pretty feisty all the same.* GranolaGirl: Janie* InSpace: Spy Teen is a Film/HighSchoolMusical parody [[AC: With Spies!]]* IsntItIronic: Sport, who can뭪 really play any sports.* NeverMyFault: Mrs. Welsh failed to recognize her daughter's recent behavior towards Skander is partly her doing. That is, until Golly points this out.* NonindicativeName: The movie actually has more spying than blogging.* {{Parody}}: Spy Teen of Film/HighSchoolMusical, it even has [[MerchandiseDriven it뭩 own Sing Along DVD and Blu-Ray.]]* PacmanFever: ''[[MerchandiseDriven Spy Teen The Game]]'' a 3D, but unbelievably crappy-looking SpritePolygonMix, and it comes complete with ButtonMashing and ArcadeSounds.* OfficialCouple: Subverted since the tabloids think Skander and Harriet are dating. They've even supplied the couple name "Skanarriet".* OriginalCharacter: Skander and Coop are one of the few new characters in the movie.* StalkerWithoutACrush: Harriet seems to be this for Skander.** StalkerWithACrush: Her mother accuses her of being this when she finds a copy of Skander's schedule in her room.* StuffBlowingUp: Expect this to happen whenever Janie and test tubes are involved.* TeenGenius: Janie* WhatTheHellHero: A few characters call Harriet out on her behavior:** Golly is shocked to discover Harriet was spying on her and and had been following her around town for a while.** Harriet's father and mother demanded to know why Harriet was stalking Skander and had taken in an obsessive interest in someone she claimed she hated.** Janie and Sport call Harriet out on her Marion-like behavior and spending more time with Marion than her real friends.* YouAreWhatYouHate: Harriet's behavior soon transforms into that of a Skander fan and Marion.* YoureJustJealous: Harriet thinks this was why Janie and Sport were cutting ties with her.** This may be the reason why Marion posted the video of Skander saying he hates his fans. Either that, or it was her way of trying to eliminate the competition and ruin Skander's career at the same time.----


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