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1[[quoteright:220:]] ''Burnt'' is a 2015 drama film starring Creator/BradleyCooper as a brilliant but temperamental chef trying to return to prominence.----!!Tropes present in this film include:* DrugsAreBad: Adam has a history of drug abuse that destroyed his career. * FastFoodNation: France has become one because of fast food chains exported from the United States such as Burger King. * FoodPorn: Yes, naturally, it's a movie about a gourmet chef.* FrenchJerk: A lot of the French characters are quite arrogant and hostile. Ironic or not, the French think of Americans as {{jerkass}}es. * InsufferableGenius: Everyone thinks that Adam is a genius, but he's frequently temperamental and abusive to his staff. * OffTheWagon: After losing his chance to get a three-star rating from Michelin, Adam goes on a bender and tries to suffocate himself with a sous-vide bag.* PovertyFood: Although a master in making gourmet food, Adam loves Burger King and chows down on a Whopper and fries calling them delicious and affordable. Helene denigrates Burger King for being [[NutritionalNightmare high in fats and salts]], and so there is a correlation between being poor and being obese/unhealthy. * WorthyOpponent: Adam's arch-rival Reese tells him that he needs Adam to be great to inspire greatness in himself.


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