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1[[quoteright:300:]] ˛˛->''"Wait, hold on here. Is this a barbershop? Is this a barbershop? If we can't talk straight in a barbershop, then where can we talk straight? We can't talk straight nowhere else. You know, this ain't nothin' but healthy conversation, that's all."''˛-->-- '''Eddie'''˛˛A 2002 American comedy film directed by Creator/TimStory and released by [[Creator/MetroGoldwynMayer MGM]]. Starring Music/IceCube, Cedric the Entertainer, Sean Patrick Thomas, and Anthony Anderson, ''Barbershop'' revolves around social life in a barbershop on the South Side of Chicago. The movie also proved to be a star-making vehicle for acting newcomers Eve and Michael Ealy, and was followed by two sequels, a spinoff, and a TV adaptation.˛˛Calvin (Music/IceCube) has plans to launch a record label… which is yet another of the many plans he's had. Right now, though, he owns a pretty-much insolvent barbershop in [[UsefulNotes/{{Chicago}} south Chicago]]. His father and grandfather [[FamilyBusiness owned it before him]], and he has a retinue of (mostly) black barbers working for him. Calvin has other plans, though, and sells the shop to [[SmugSnake Lester Williams]]. However, Lester wants to take the shop in a direction that Calvin doesn't approve of, and Lester demands double what Calvin paid him to buy it back. Add to this that two guys steal an [=ATM=] from the convenience store near the shop, hoping to get rich from the money inside. Later on in the day, the police storm the shop and arrest one of the barbers. Said barber is an ex-con with two strikes on his record, and the robbers (one of them is the barber's cousin) used his truck in the crime. Even worse, they're willing to let him take the rap for the burglary. Can Calvin save his friend and the shop?˛˛In 2004, MGM released the sequel, ''Barbershop 2: Back in Business''. All of the original cast returned, but director Tim Story did not. This film was directed by Kevin Rodney Sullivan. In the same year, Billie Woodruff directed a spin-off film entitled ''Beauty Shop'', with Music/QueenLatifah as the lead (Latifah's character made her debut in ''Barbershop 2''). The film was pushed back from a late summer 2004 release, and finally reached theaters in February 2005.˛˛During the fall of 2005, production company State Street and Ice Cube debuted ''Barbershop: The Series'' on the Creator/{{Showtime}} cable network, with Omar Gooding taking over [[Music/IceCube Cube]]'s role of Calvin. The character "Dinka" is renamed "Yinka" on Barbershop: The Series, as "Dinka" is not a typical Nigerian name (although a certain tribe in the Nigerian middle belt bears the name "Dimka"). In addition, Isaac's last name is changed from "Rosenberg" to "Brice", and the character Ricky has been replaced by a more hardened ex-con, Romadal.˛˛In 2016, the third film in the series, ''Barbershop: The Next Cut'', was released. Directed by Malcolm D. Lee and distributed by MGM and Creator/NewLineCinema, this film brought back Ice Cube, Cedric the Entertainer, Sean Patrick Thomas, and Anthony Andersen and added Music/NickiMinaj, Common, Regina Hall, and J.B. Smoove among other new cast members.˛˛----˛˛!!''Barbershop'' contains examples of the following tropes:˛* AskAStupidQuestion:˛** Calvin tries to break up a fight over [[SeriousBusiness who drank Terri's apple juice]], and Checkers Fred chimes in saying that Calvin's dad wouldn't let something like this happen in the shop. Calvin asks, "Do I look like my father?" It seems the entire shop thinks so.˛** Billy tries to get his sister to stay quiet about the [=ATM=], at one point appealing to her situation, asking who would take care of her if something were to happen to him, like jail. She immediately says, "My mama".˛-->'''J.D.:''' [[LampshadeHanging She got you on that one, dog]].˛* BewareTheNiceOnes: Dinka punches Terri's cheating ex-boyfriend in the face when he won't take a hint, and also for insulting him moments before.˛* BigFun: Dinka. In [[FunnyForeigner West Africa]], "girth is a sign of opulence".˛* BlatantLies: J.D. claims that the [=ATM=] is something it isn't.˛** "This is my grandmother's oxygen machine!"˛** "This ain't nothin' but a big video game!"˛* BrickJoke:˛** Midway through the film, Calvin asks Samir if he can get some free Now & Laters. At the end of the film, when Calvin is giving out candy to kids (likely for good grades), one of them wants Now & Laters.˛** Someone keeps drinking Terri's apple juice.˛** [[spoiler:The reward for the [=ATM=]]].˛** Lamar paying for his haircut.˛* CassandraTruth: Lamar tells Calvin he will have a job interview later, though Calvin disbelieves him. He comes in anyway to get a haircut but cuts and runs. Later on in the film he returns with money, but Calvin tells him to keep it.˛* CatFight: Offscreen, but Terri beats up the girl her ex-boyfriend was just screwing with.˛* CelebrityCameo: Jalen Rose gets a haircut at the shop.˛* {{Cloudcuckoolander}}: Eddie sits around not doing very much and talking about various things. This is not to say he doesn't have moments of wisdom, though.˛-->'''Eddie:''' [''in a discussion about Jesse Jackson''] Jesse, [[Music/MichaelJackson Randy, Tito, Freddie]], ''[[Film/ActionJackson Action]]''!˛* ComicallySmallBribe: Billy pays his sister $10 to keep her from telling his mother that he and J.D. stole an [=ATM=] and brought it to their house.˛* CoughSnarkCough: "*cough* Bullshit! *cough*"˛* DemotedToExtra: In the third movie, Isaac and Jimmy are only on-screen for about five minutes.˛* DutchAngle: Used during the argument between Jimmy and Ricky, and the subsequent discussion about ribs.˛* ExactEavesdropping: [[AvertedTrope Averted]]. Dinka tries, but fails:˛-->'''Dinka:''' Something about a monkey coming back… but his ass has too much pressure.˛* EpicFail: Billy tries to break the [=ATM=] open with an axe. One of his first swings destroys a lamp in the hotel room. A subsequent swing causes the head of the axe to fly off the handle. Even the axe handle gets destroyed over the course of his efforts. To top it all off, [[spoiler:the [=ATM=] had just been installed and had no money in it]].˛* ExactWords: Lester plans to turn the barbershop into a strip club. Calvin protests, saying that Lester said the sign out front would always say "barbershop". Lester says he'll keep it—he'll call it "the Barbershop".˛* FamilyBusiness: Calvin's grandfather owned the barbershop, and his dad ran it for forty years. Calvin himself took it over two years prior to the start of the movie.˛* FatAndSkinny: J.D. and Billy. This is one of the rare moments in which the fat person is the StraightMan of the two.˛* FreezeFrameBonus: In the scene where J.D. is wheeling the ATM, you can catch a quick glimpse of Calvin walking from behind.˛* TheFriendNobodyLikes: Apparently some customers don't like Eddie.˛-->'''Calvin:''' Just go sit at Eddie's!\˛'''Eddie:''' I'm busy.\˛'''Customer:''' I don't wanna sit at Eddie's!˛** A few of the workers seem to get fed up with Jimmy.˛* FunnyForeigner: Dinka, the West African immigrant barber.˛* GetOut: Terri says this to his cheating ex-boyfriend, while hitting him on the head.˛* [[GossipyHens Gossipy Hen]]: Janelle has this reputation.˛-->'''Calvin:''' First get the shop open, ''then'' start the rumors.˛* HeelRealization: Of a sort. Calvin decides he doesn't want to sell the barbershop to Lester after all.˛* HiddenDepths:˛** Dinka has a great appreciation for poetry.˛** Ricky is actually pretty smart. He not only stuns Jimmy with presenting an argument, he also corrects him on the fact that scallops are shellfish.˛* HonorBeforeReason: J.D. calls Billy out for chasing a guy who owes him $5 when they have an ATM machine loaded with tons of money. Billy tells him it was a principle and J.D. would have done the same thing.˛-->'''J.D.:''' Yeah, but I would have whooped his ass days ago!˛* HypocriticalHumor: ˛** A woman hears about the ATM theft on the radio, she says that "some people are bad at parenting". Then when her daughter drives her scooter past her, she tells her to be careful. Then the daughter enters her brother Billy's room with the ATM machine.˛** When Terri is throwing her tantrum over someone drinking her apple juice, Calvin tells her to stop cussing, but seconds later, compares Hennessy to her "funky '''ass''' apple juice".˛* InspectorJavert: Detective Williams automatically assumes Ricky stole the ATM, due to his criminal history and already having two strikes. He came to the barbershop to get a trim (which Ricky deliberately gave him a bad cut), only to tell Ricky if he finds out he's the culprit he'll personally have him arrested. When officers found the truck used to steal the ATM and belonged to Ricky, he immediately barged into the barbershop to place him under arrest.˛* InsufferableGenius: Jimmy comes across like this. He isn't as smart as he tries to come off; he claims that scallops aren't shellfish, only to be corrected by Ricky later in the film, and that Samir is Pakistani, but he's from the Indian state of Punjab.˛* {{Irony}}: The stolen ATM is brand new and didn't even have any money. Not that J.D. and Billy ever found out.˛* {{Jerkass}}: Kevin, Terry's boyfriend, who cheats on her. He also antagonizes Dinka and insults Terri.˛** In the second film, Ricky is this to Isaac, going so far as to diss him on television.˛* KickTheDog: J.D. laughs at Ricky for getting arrested for the theft of the ATM machine because J.D. used his car (which was proof enough for Detective William).˛* KnowNothingKnowItAll: College kid Jimmy likes to correct people but he's frequently wrong. ˛* LetsGetDangerous: In a way, when Dinka and Terri's cheating ex-boyfriend start fighting, Eddie gets off his seat and readily pulls out a knife in case things get ugly. After the ex-boyfriend leaves, Eddie puts the knife away and "fixes" his fro.˛* LivingRelic: Eddie, at least in his own mind if not in reality. He seems to make a distinction between the barbers of his day and the newer barbers at the shop.˛* LoanShark: Lester Williams is described as one. Calvin tells his wife otherwise but he may be trying to rationalize.˛* {{Malaproper}}: Eddie. His age may contribute to this.˛* MsFanservice: TERRI. Expected, as she's played by the beautiful Eve.˛* NWordPrivileges: Given that most of those in the shop are black (many played by actual rappers), more than a few get tossed around. Notably, [[InsufferableGenius Jimmy]] and [[TokenWhite Isaac]] don't use the word.˛* NeverMyFault: Calvin explains to his wife is because of his dad the Barbershop is in debt. But then his wife tells him their debt wasn't really that bad until Calvin made it worse with his get-rich-quick schemes. Calvin scoffed at the notion.˛* NoodleIncident: Ricky has a criminal history, and it's mentioned that he has two strikes. If he gets a third strike, he'll go to prison for a very long time.˛* OnlyKnownByTheirNickname: [[PlayingWithATrope Played with]] in the case of Checkers Fred. We know his name is Fred, but he is usually referred to as "Checker Fred", or "Checker".˛* PluckyComicRelief:˛** A lot of Eddie's scenes are oddball rants.˛** Ray (known as "Hustle Guy" on Website/IMDb). He keeps coming back, despite Calvin keeping on telling him to go away, and his sales pitches can be RefugeInAudacity.˛** And then there's J.D. and Billy with their bumbling antics at attempting to open the ATM they stole from a local convenience store.˛* PrettyFlyForAWhiteGuy: Isaac, which causes some tension. He's also the only white guy in the shop's employ.˛* RefugeInAudacity: J.D. is about to get caught wheeling around an [=ATM=] by the police. He sets it up next to a building and attempts to use it. If that wasn't enough, a line forms behind him. He then tells the other patrons that the [=ATM=] has broken.˛* RightUnderTheirNoses: When rolling the stolen [=ATM=], J.D. notices a nearby squad car. Thinking quickly, he sets up the [=ATM=] outside of a building and pretends to use it.˛* SassyBlackWoman:˛** This can describe Terri.˛** Billy's sister, despite her brief role.˛* ScaryBlackMan:˛** The fat guy who keeps taking the stairs when Billy and J.D. want to.˛** Lester Williams displays shades of this, mixed with SmugSnake.˛*** Monk, his righthand man, also displays this.˛* SeriousBusiness:˛** Terri doesn't want anybody drinking her apple juice.˛** Jay owes Billy $5 from gambling. This leads to J.D. getting an ankle injury and both of the thieves attracting the attention of the police.˛** The barbershop and cutting hair in general. [[JustifiedTrope Justified]], given that it's a barbershop and that Calvin and his father gave a lot of people a break and a job when others might not have.˛-->'''Eddie:''' This is the barbershop! The place where a black man means something! Cornerstone of the neighborhood! Our own country club! I mean, can't you see that?˛* SliceOfLife: A considerable portion of the film is this.˛* SmugSnake: Lester Williams comes off as a very greasy, slippery character.˛* StupidCrooks: J.D. and Billy. Taken UpToEleven when they are oblivious to the fact that the ATM they stole is empty.˛* TokenWhite: Isaac, the only white guy in a mostly-black barbershop.˛* WhereAreTheyNow: The end of the film shows the barbershop several months later.˛* WordOfGod: Eddie drank Terri's "goddamn apple juice".˛* WorldOfCardboardSpeech: Samir gives one to Calvin midway through the movie, thanking him for his kind words when he found out the store had been broken into.˛* YourCheatingHeart: Terri's boyfriend Kevin seems to be a serial cheater. In the beginning of the film, Terri discovers the latest woman she's cheating on him with.


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