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1[[quoteright:268:]] ˛%%˛%%˛%% Administrivia/ZeroContextExample entries are not allowed on wiki pages. All such entries have been commented out. Add context to the entries before uncommenting them.˛%%˛%%˛The spiritual successor to Music/HilaryDuff's ''Film/ACinderellaStory'', Another Cinderella Story tells the tale of Mary Santiago (Music/SelenaGomez), an aspiring, talented dancer living in servitude under her adopted mother/boss, the wealthy, influential Dominique Blatt (Creator/JaneLynch) and her two daughters, Bree (Creator/KatharineIsabelle) and Britt (Creator/EmilyPerkins). Mary doesn't think that her life can get any worse: the only thing making it better is her trendy best friend Tami (Creator/JessicaParkerKennedy), who is the one who tells her about the new celeb in town, Joey Parker (Drew Seeley).˛˛Joey, on the other hand, is a famous, [[DawsonCasting "young"]] dancer/singer who comes back to Los Angeles with his best friend Dustin/The Funk (Marcus Paulk) to remember why he started dancing - but all he can find is his AlphaBitch ex-girlfriend Natalia (Nicole La Placa), who seems determined to get back together with him (much to his dismay). ˛˛At a masked black-and-white ball Dominique, Bree, and Britt try their best to keep Mary out of, Joey dances anonymously with Mary, and is left exhilarated even after she leaves to meet her midnight curfew. Determined to find her, he takes the Zune she leaves behind and sets out to find her.˛˛[[ Was apparently turned into a stage musical in Germany.]]˛˛!!Tropes associated with this movie:˛˛%% * AllOfTheOtherReindeer: Mary˛* AlliterativeName: Bree and Britt Blatt, Mary's evil stepsisters.˛%% * AlphaBitch: Natalia.˛%% * BetaCouple: Tami and the Funk.˛* CinderellaPlot: Mary Santiago is an aspiring dancer adopted by a woman named Dominique to do her and her daughter's housework. The Prince is a famous musician named Joey Parker, moving back to the city with his best friend. They meet at a MasqueradeBall, and Mary loses her Zune, which Joey retrieves and uses to find her. The plot continues after he discovers who Mary is, as the stepfamily continue to conspire against her and ruin her new relationship and dancing aspirations.˛%% * CoolLoser: Mary and Tami.˛%% * DanceOfRomance: The reason Joey falls for Mary. ˛* FairytaleMotifs: Mary is in a CinderellaPlot with her as Cinderella, Dominique as the WickedStepmother, Britt and Bree as the stepsisters, and Joey as PrinceCharming. Tami is the FairyGodmother. She has her family help clean up Mary's house and provides her with a dress for the ball. Tami's vehicle that she drives Mary to the ball in is orange and resembles a pumpkin, aka the pumpkin carriage. Tami even calls it The Great Pumpkin.˛* FosteringForProfit: Dominique adopts Mary for the sake of using her as unpaid help.˛* FlippingTheBird: Variation. Tami shows her fist to Natalia and screams, "Check out my totally invisible finger!"˛* HateSink: Holy carp, Dominique. She is an AbusiveParent and a complete JerkAss, and she has absolutely no redeeming qualities whatsoever. It's a wonder how she managed to get away with her treatment of Mary before the events of the film.˛* HighSchoolDance: A black and white masquerade ball, also implied to be a dance for Valentines Day.˛%% * {{Jerkass}}: There's Dominique, Natalia, Bree, and Britt.˛%% * JiveTurkey: The Funk. ˛* TheGirlWhoFitsThisSlipper: Joey sets out to find Mary by seeing who can identify the songs on the top of her playlist. Naturally, dozens of girls turn up.˛* LaserGuidedKarma: [[spoiler: Dominique, determined to keep Mary away from the Manhattan Academy of Dance in fear of losing her, tells the Academy's teacher that Mary has broken both legs and is unable to dance. Near the end of the movie, Dominique falls off the stage of Joey's concert and breaks both her legs.]]˛%% * LittleMissSnarker: Mary, [[spoiler: especially when Joey calls her up to the stage during his concert to apologize.]]˛%% * LonelyRichKid: Joey, from what we can see, poor guy.˛%% * OfficialCouple: Joey and Mary, The Funk and Tami.˛* NotWhatItLooksLike: Mary walks in on Natalia on top of Joey in bed. It turns out that Natalia had broken into his house and jumped on him.˛* ProductPlacement: Probably the only movie in existence to feature a Zune instead of an iPod.˛%% * RichBitch: Natalia, played completely, absolutely straight. Dominique, as the middle-aged version.˛* SeparatedByTheWall: The male lead is teaching a dance class and the female lead is following along on the other side of the one way mirror. At one point they both lean into the mirror in the same exact spot and appear to feel something from it, even though he doesn't know she's there and they haven't properly met yet.˛%% * SingleGirlSeeksMostPopularGuy: Everyone but Mary (who likes Joey for himself) and Tami who is probably dating Joey’s friend The Funk.˛* StressVomit: Joey meets a nervous male fan who vomits when Joey shakes his hand.˛* TrashOfTheTitans: Dominique's bedroom, also of her daughters has something that’s died in her closet.˛* WhenTheClockStrikesTwelve: When Dominique tells Mary she can't go to the ball as she has to clean her [[TrashOfTheTitans ridiculously filthy room]] before midnight, Tami arrives with some acquaintances of her family, telling Mary that she's going to the ball. She did go, and she did have a good time, but she had to get back before midnight or else Dominique would suspect something.˛%% * WickedStepmother: Dominique, Dominique, Dominique. ˛* YouMustBeCold: In the scene where Joey identifies Mary, he gives her his jacket as it is really cold.˛----˛Tell me something I don’t know!


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