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1[[quoteright:311:]]˛˛->''"(Stephen J. Cannell) still gets branded Johnny One-Note (yet has anyone ever noticed any similarity between ''Series/TheGreatestAmericanHero'' and ''Baa Baa Black Sheep'' except that both involve flying?)."''˛-->--'''The UsefulNotes/LosAngeles Times'''˛˛Stephen Joseph Cannell (February 5, 1941 – September 30, 2010) was the creator or co-creator of such TV shows as ''Series/TheRockfordFiles'', ''Series/TheATeam'', ''Series/TheGreatestAmericanHero'', ''Series/HardcastleAndMcCormick'', ''Series/TwentyOneJumpStreet'', and ''Series/TheCommish''. Suffered from dyslexia. Famously appeared in his [[VanityPlate Vanity Plates]] on a typewriter and also as the [[ on camera host of]] ''Scene Of The Crime'' and ''U.S. Customs Classified''; he also acted several times, most notably as the BigBad on ''{{Series/Renegade}}'' (another series from his company), and was a novelist.˛˛Also played poker [[Series/{{Castle}} with a fictional crime writer]]. He died in 2010; his [[EmptyChairMemorial seat, chips, and whiskey remain at his spot]] to this day. (Cannell has a posthumous executive producer credit on ''Film/TwentyOneJumpStreet'' and its sequel; he also helped produced some movies when he was actually with us, such as the movie version of ''Series/TheATeam'' and ''Film/ThePokerHouse''.)˛----˛!!Series from Cannell (created or co-created by, except where noted with an asterisk):˛* ''Chase''˛* ''Toma''˛* ''Series/TheRockfordFiles''˛* ''Series/{{Baretta}}''˛* ''City of Angels''˛* ''Richie Brockelman: Private Eye'' (with Creator/StevenBochco; SpinOff from ''The Rockford Files'')˛* ''Baa Baa Black Sheep''˛* ''The Duke''˛* ''Stone'' (with Creator/LevinsonAndLink - Cannell had previously written for [[Series/{{Columbo}} their best-known creation]])˛* ''Tenspeed and Brown Shoe'' (the first series to come from Stephen J. Cannell Productions)˛* ''Series/TheGreatestAmericanHero'' (the first series to feature [[ his legendary logo]])˛* ''The Quest''*˛* ''The Rousters''˛* ''Series/TheATeam''˛* ''Series/HardcastleAndMcCormick''˛* ''Series/{{Hunter}}''*˛* ''Riptide''˛* ''The Last Precinct''˛* ''{{Series/Stingray 1985}}'' ˛* ''J.J. Starbuck''˛* ''Series/{{Wiseguy}}''˛* ''Series/TwentyOneJumpStreet''˛* ''Sonny Spoon''˛* ''Unsub''* (has "Developed by" credit)˛* ''Top of the Hill'' ˛* ''Booker'' (SpinOff from ''21 Jump Street'')˛* ''Broken Badges''˛* ''Series/StreetJustice''˛* ''Silk Stalkings'' (Cannell's longest-running series, lasting eight seasons)˛* ''The 100 Lives of Black Jack Savage''˛* ''Series/TheCommish''˛* ''Personals''* (game show)˛* ''Palace Guard''˛* ''{{Renegade}}''˛* ''The Hat Squad''˛* ''Missing Persons''*˛* ''Cobra''˛* ''Series/CaesarsChallenge''* (game show; also the final game show to air on Creator/{{NBC}} Daytime)˛* ''Traps''˛* ''Hawkeye''*˛* ''Marker''˛* ''Series/{{Profit}}''*˛˛----˛!!Tropes:˛* TheCameo: Regularly on ''Series/{{Castle}}'' as himself, and in episodes of [[DescendedCreator his own]] ''Tenspeed And Brown Shoe'' and ''Silk Stalkings''.˛* CompilationMovie: The three-part series opener of ''City of Angels'', "The November Plan," was later edited into a feature film and released to cinemas internationally under that title.˛* CoolOldGuy: Despite the fact that his popular self-titled production logo scared some fans (particularly children), he was known as a [[NiceGuy really decent and likable guy]]. Also, when ''WesternAnimation/TheSimpsons'' paid homage to his closing logo in the episode. "The Front", he loved it so much, upon meeting showrunner at the time, Mike Reiss, [[SugarWiki/HeartwarmingMoments he gave him a hug.]]˛* DescendedCreator: Cannell himself played the evil Lt. Donald Dixon on ''Series/{{Renegade}}''.˛* FollowTheLeader: ''The Last Precinct'', Cannell's only SitCom (created with regular collaborator Frank Lupo), was clearly patterned after ''Film/PoliceAcademy'' (in the pilot a character even says "How [the cops] got out of the police academy I'll never know").˛* WhatCouldHaveBeen: 1980's ''Nightside'' was a pilot for a never-made series which was created by Cannell and [[Series/BattlestarGalactica1978 Glen]] [[Series/TheFallGuy A.]] [[Series/QuincyME Larson]]. Stephen J. Cannell and Glen A. Larson - it would have been a 1980s TV dream come true.˛** In 1997 Creator/{{CBS}} asked him to oversee a revival of ''Series/HawaiiFiveO'', but it didn't turn out too well (among other things, he brought back Chin Ho -- who had been KilledOffForReal). Said pilot has never been made available to the public in any form to this day, and with the successful [[Series/HawaiiFive0 new version]] almost certainly will never be screened in the future.˛----


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