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1[[quoteright:300:]] ˛˛David Adkins (born November 10, 1956) aka Sinbad is an American actor and comedian. He became known throughout the comedy world through a series of Creator/{{HBO}} stand-up specials and his role on the ''[[Series/TheCosbyShow Cosby Show]]'' spin-off ''Series/ADifferentWorld''. His films include ''Film/{{Coneheads}}'', ''Film/{{Houseguest}}'', ''Film/JingleAllTheWay'', ''First Kid'' and ''Film/GoodBurger''. After his career hit its highpoint in the 90s, Sinbad more or less faded from the limelight. However, he still does TV work, including voice roles on ''WesternAnimation/StevenUniverse'' and ''WesternAnimation/TheLionGuard'' and as a regular on the Creator/{{FOX}} sitcom ''Rel''.˛----˛!!Selected Filmography:˛* ''Series/ADifferentWorld'' (1987-1991): Coach Walter Oakes.˛* ''Film/{{Coneheads}}'' (1993): Otto.˛* ''Film/{{Houseguest}}'' (1995): Kevin Franklin.˛* ''Film/HomewardBoundIILostInSanFrancisco'' (1996): Riley.˛* ''Film/JingleAllTheWay'' (1996): Myron Larabee.˛* ''First Kid'' (1996): Sam Simms.˛* ''Film/GoodBurger'' (1997): Mr. Wheat.˛* ''WesternAnimation/SlackerCats'' (2007-2009): Eddie.˛* ''WesternAnimation/{{Planes}}'' (2013): Roper.˛* ''Rel'' (2018-2019): Dad.˛----˛!!Tropes:˛* FakeMemories: Starting in 2009, he became the subject of a rumor on Website/{{Reddit}} in which multiple people claimed that he had played a genie in a 90s film called ''Shazaam''.[[note]]In reality, no such film ever existed. People were apparently conflating the time he had dressed as a genie for a 1994 marathon of Sinbad the Sailor movies with the Shaquille O'Neal film ''Film/{{Kazaam}}'' in an example of the so-called "Mandela Effect".[[/note]] Sinbad himself was made aware of the rumor and he subsequently appeared in Website/CollegeHumor's [[ 2017 April Fools Day video]], which purported to be lost footage from the movie. He's actually gotten ''really sick'' of people asking him about it.˛* LargeHam: Most of his roles are this. The man loves the spotlight.˛* OlderThanTheyLook: His hair has thinned over the years but he still looks great despite being in his early 60s.˛----


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