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1[[quoteright:300:]]께Jeff Nichols (b. December 7, 1978-) is an American film director best known for his collaborations with Creator/MichaelShannon and his vivid and emotional depictions of life in the American south.께After studying filmmaking at the University of North Carolina School of the Arts, he made his debut feature, ''Film/ShotgunStories'', which debuted to terrific reviews at the Sundance Film Festival but was unable to secure a good theatrical release. It did, however, garner universal acclaim from critics for Nichols' direction and the lead performance by Creator/MichaelShannon. Most notable among the film's supporters was Creator/RogerEbert, who named it one of the best films of 2008 and chose it as a featured selection for his film festival, Ebertfest. This gave the film (and Nichols) a much-needed ColbertBump.께He followed up ''Film/ShotgunStories'' with ''Film/TakeShelter'', which starred Creator/MichaelShannon and Creator/JessicaChastain in a story about a man who becomes tortured by apocalyptic visions and dreams, and despite fears that they may be a sign of schizophrenia, allows them to consume him until he risks his family's financial security on a high-tech tornado shelter. The film again played to acclaim at the Sundance as well as Cannes film festivals, where the performances from Shannon and Chastain were singled out, as was the mood and atmosphere in Nichols' direction. Nichols has since become an icon of American indie film, although he has also made one studio film (''Film/MidnightSpecial'') and hasn't ruled out working with major studios in the future.께Jeff is also the brother of Ben Nichols, the frontman for Lucero, who composed music for ''Film/ShotgunStories'' and have also contributed songs to most of the rest of Jeff's filmography. Not to be confused with Creator/MikeNichols.께!!Filmography:께* ''Film/ShotgunStories'' (2007)* ''Film/TakeShelter'' (2011)* ''Film/{{Mud}}'' (2012)* ''Film/MidnightSpecial'' (2016)* ''Film/{{Loving}}'' (2016)* ''Film/AQuietPlace'' spinoff (2023)* ''Yankee Commandante'' (TBA)께!! Tropes Associated With Jeff Nichols films께* AcclaimedFlop: All of his films, except ''Mud''.* ProductionPosse: Michael Shannon appeared every Nichols film. Adam Stone was the cinematographer for all of them and David Wingo was the composer except for ''Shotgun Stories''.


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