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1''Final Crisis Aftermath'' was a Creator/DCComics series of four miniseries spinning off from the events of ''ComicBook/FinalCrisis''. Each one deals with a different aspect of the fallout from that crisis.께In ''Run!'', Michael Miller, the Human Flame, wakes up in a hospital to discover that his former boss Libra has fallen and he is now one of the most hated people in the multiverse. He thus goes on the run, desperately searching for an edge to protect himself.께In ''Dance'', Japan's Super Young Team tries to capitalize on their role in saving the multiverse. Problem is, nobody really noticed them, so they hire a PR team to try and market them. Meanwhile, a sinister conspiracy is at work in their native Japan.께In ''Escape'', Thomas Tresser, better known as Nemesis, is kidnapped and reprogrammed by the Global Peace Agency, who seek to use him to gather dangerous technology in the hopes of preventing another crisis.께And in ''Ink'', Mark Richards, the Tattooed Man, tries to parlay his newfound status as an honorary JLA member to become a local hero in Liberty Hill.께----께!!This series contains examples of:께[[folder:Run!]]* ComedicSociopath: The miniseries runs on it. The first issue alone has Mike causing a shoot-out in a children's restaurant and setting some poor schmuck in a sheep costume on fire.* EvenEvilHasLovedOnes: Mike has a wife and daughter. [[SubvertedTrope Subverted]] as he doesn't especially love them.* EvilIsPetty: The main reason why Human Flame has been a small-time villain for most of his career is because he just can't stop himself from being a dick to everyone else. At heart, he's just an asshole with fancy equipment.* IJustShotMarvinInTheFace: In the first issue, Mike and Joey's plan to rob the Kyrgyzstani mob goes south after Joey accidentally shoots the mob boss.* KickTheDog: In the opening of the first issue, Mike wakes up from a coma and punches an attending nurse in the face. Later, he returns to his family, makes a big show of how he's going to do right by them this time... and then steals his wife's car with his daughter's bike still attached.* NeverMyFault: Mike refuses to take any responsibility for his actions during Final Crisis, insisting that he was under mind control for most of it.* RobbingTheMobBank: In the first episode, Mike and his erstwhile partner Joey try to rob the Kyrgyzstani mafia at gunpoint. Unfortunately, Joey accidentally shoots the boss in the throat, leading to the rest of the mob chasing them.* SmugSnake: Mike thinks that the fact that he killed ComicBook/MartianManhunter makes him a major player. Nobody else seems to be impressed with him.[[/folder]]께[[folder:Dance]]* TheAlcoholic: Shy Crazy Lolita Canary is constantly drunk.* TheEvilsOfFreeWill: The Brain Drain promises to unite all of mankind and make all our lives easier by invading our minds for its sinister purposes.[[/folder]]께[[folder:Escape]][[/folder]]께[[folder:Ink]][[/folder]]


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