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1The four stars of the hit comedy reality TV series, ''Impractical Jokers.''²²!! '''In General:'''²²* ButtMonkey: All four have their moments, given that it's essentially the premise of the show, but Murr gets it the worst because he's treated this way even outside the challenges.²* {{Catchphrase}}: Whenever the jokers need to give someone directions: "Up your ass and to the left."²* FourTemperamentEnsemble: Q is Melancholic, Murr is Sanguine, Joe is Choleric and Sal is Phlegmatic.²* GagHaircut: In the Season 1 finale - Joe got a mullet, Q got bright red curls, Sal got two bleached horns, and Murr's head was completely shaved except for a tuft at the front.²* VitriolicBestBuds: They may be best friends, but the amount of hell they're willing to throw each other's way has to be seen to be believed at times. ²²!! Brian Michael "Q" Quinn²[[quoteright:350:]]²²->"I'm thirty-six, I live alone, and I have two cats."²²* BadassBeard: Starting mid-Season 2.²* BaldOfAwesome: After sacrificing his hair to make Murr's wig, he is rendered (mostly) bald for a time. [[DownplayedTrope That said, it's rarely noticeable because he still wears hats most of the time.]]²* ButtMonkey: Started down this road in season 2; the other guys suddenly started to give him worse punishments than ever (probably because he's won so many), culminating in the episode where they would pull a challenge out of a lottery barrel at random and they would vote on who should do it. Q got the first one, and while he was doing it, the others decided to make him do ''every'' challenge they picked. But, he managed to succeed at all three, and the others made the mistake of taking the punishment together if he managed to ''unzip a man's fly'', resulting in Q testing them about his life (to see who his best friend was) on the edge of a CLIFF. [[spoiler: Joe won.]]²** In some older episodes, Q would either get a free pass for the challenge or he'd forfeit because he had such bad luck with the crowds. A man even ''threatened to kill him and several other people'' if Q's charity was fake in one of his challenges.²* DoesNotLikeSpam: There are two foods he refuses to eat: peanut butter and sushi. The latter has been exploited once to make him lose a challenge.²* EveryoneHatesMimes: He thinks mimes are creepy and the punishment of "Mime and Punishment" found him forced to spend 24 hours chained to one. A montage shows Q slowly breaking down because the actor refuses to break character. Once the punishment is over, the mime walks off after saying a farewell.²* FaceOfAThug: Q is a nice enough guy, but the fact that he looks like a hobo is often poked fun at by the others.²** In one challenge involving the guys finding a potential roommate, Q was given a free pass because, supposedly, no-one answered his poster.²** Funny enough, people have been nicer to him on sight with a beard. Earlier episodes had people actually tell him to leave them alone even when he was hardly saying anything let alone being rude.²* {{Flanderization}}: A real-life example, mentioned in the "Anniversary" episode, that the guys started off telling Q he resembled a homeless person (despite being originally clean-shaven) and over time, he actually started to look and act like a homeless person.²* HeelFaceTurn: There are a few times when Q thinks a punishment goes a little too far.²** In "Look Out Below", he is clearly not as enthusiastic as Sal and Joe are to watch Murr skydive. In the Inside Jokes special for the episode, it was revealed that Q even tried to talk the other guys out of having him skydive in the first place, but it was decided they would go ahead with the punishment.²** While Q was in high spirits during the 'Browbeaten' punishment, which had them shaving Murr's hair and eyebrows off right before he had to update his driver's license photo, he stated at the beginning that if he were the one getting the punishment, he would've quit the show entirely.²* ICantDance: Q is arguably the worst dancer of the four. It ended up serving as his downfall in a challenge. [[spoiler: He wasn't supposed to talk but the girl who danced with him ratted him out and disqualified him, making Q the only loser even though the other guys also failed the challenge (Joe and Sal were even given physical threats to go away).]]²** Especially noticable and exploited in the "Q'S CREW" punishment.²* IncomingHam: "WELCOME TO THE CASTLE OF WHITE!"²* JabbaTableManners: In the "Eat and Run" challenge.²* KindheartedCatLover: In the punishment special, he revealed one of his 3 cats was rescued from traffic right before Murr became a human pinata. Said cat is lying in his arms for all of his segments.²* LoopholeAbuse: He loves doing this, in episodes such as "Take the Cake", where the guys had to convince someone to let them stay for dinner, which Q did by offering to pay for their meal (Joe subsequently referred to him as both "a genius and a cheater").²* {{Malaproper}}: He gets words ''and'' letters mixed up when speaking. The kicker is the punishment in the episode "Film Fail", where he has to explain scenes he created to an audience of movie buffs.²--> '''Q''': We met at an-, uh, at a- orchid. (He meant "orchard").²--> In another episode, he pronounces shiitake mushrooms as shit-take mushroom²--> Q: I was wondering what Kate Upton would look like with texticles²* NakedPeopleAreFunny: In the picture where he and Murr are in bed with Sal's sister, and during the "Sweat the Small Things" home invasion.²* NiceHat: It's downright weird to see Q without a hat of some kind.²* NoSocialSkills: Due to his habit of mumbling and mixing up words and letters, he's had some poor luck with social interaction at times especially in earlier episodes where he was given a pass in some challenges because not a lot of people want to approach him. He's even forfeited challenges if people have been intentionally ignoring him or have threatened him.²* NoodleIncident: Why did Q's tooth fall out? Apparently, it has something to do with a German police officer...²* OnlyKnownByTheirNickname: His real name is Brian.²* OnlySaneMan: Well, the ''sanest'' of the bunch. With a NeatFreak NervousWreck of a germophobe (Sal), a LargeHam with a ThousandYardStare (Joe), and a sensitive ButtMonkey with acrophobia (Murr), he's a step closer to normal.²* RaisedCatholic: Attended Catholic School with the other Jokers but confirmed on a Website/{{Twitter}} Q&A that he is an atheist, and actually apologized to a fan for making what was interpreted as an anti-Christian joke.²* RetiredBadass: He's a former firefighter, which the becomes the basis of a few punishments. One punishment had Q perform in a badly written play for his fellow firefighters, then, as revenge for that punishment, Q had the other three go through a firefighting boot camp in a later episode.²* TrueCompanions: He tests it by ordering his friends to answer questions about him while standing over a cliff. [[spoiler: Joe wins while Murr and Sal, in that order, are forced over the edge into the very cold river below.]]²* VomitDiscretionShot: In the "Not Safe For Work" punishment, where the sight of Murr posing nude in front of a classroom of art enthusiasts was apparently just too much for Q's stomach to handle, prompting him to drop his lunch in a bucket (from laughing too hard).²** It happens to him again during "Stare Master", when he went behind a tree, and "Statue of Limitations", where he ducked behind a counter to throw up. ²* [[WhyDidItHaveToBeSnakes Why Did It Have to be Spiders?]]: Is revealed to be arachnophobic in his "Spider-Man" punishment.²²!! James Stephen "Murr" Murray²[[quoteright:234:]]²²->"You don't ever want to confise the inferior vena cava with the pulmonary valves, or someone could die."²²* AnimalMotifs: Ferrets, Much to his annoyance.²* BaldOfAwesome: Sort of.²** Completely subverted when he's forced to shave his head and eyebrows, then get his driver's license picture taken. He looks like a serial killer.²** Then ''inverted'' when he had to wear a wig made of Q's hair for the rest of season 6.²* ButtMonkey: He is often subjected to MyFriendsAndZoidberg treatment by the other guys and his punishments are noticeably more brutal than anyone else's. Chances are, if someone's gonna get screwed over, it's Murr; i.e. Joe making him lose the hide-and-seek challenge by calling his phone and causing it to ring, even though Sal and Q were also fair game. There's also they fact they've used his crippling fear of heights against him numerous times.²* CatchPhrase: Some variation of "I think I have a foolproof plan."²* DisproportionateRetribution: Too many to list; the guys seem to always give Murr the worst punishments.²** A notable example is the punishment for "Human Pinata." Even though both Joe and Murr lose, the guys decide to give the punishment to Murr for no apparent reason, other than because it was funny.²* EmbarrassingOldPhoto: There is a particularly humiliating one of a younger, hairy-chested Murr wearing nothing but his favorite blanket, which once popped up in a live theater in front of a hundred people.²* HumiliationConga: The lie detector punishment.²* InTouchWithHisFeminineSide: He is into boy bands and intense personal grooming (such as shaving his chest and plucking his eyebrows).²* MrFanservice: Murr is the thinnest of the four, has been naked the most times and there are hundreds of fangirls calling him cute/hot/etc. on social media.²** [[ZigZaggedTrope Zig-zagged]] in "Stripteased," where he is forced to participate in a strip show for a packed house... covered in red skin and sores from an induced allergic reaction.²* MyFriendsAndZoidberg: He is often subjected to "odd man out" treatment by the other guys, though they obviously care for him.²* NakedPeopleAreFunny: In "Strip High Five." It happens twice more in the first three episodes of the second half of Season 2, both of them as part of a joke on Sal: pictures of Murr and Q in bed with Sal's sister, and Murr, Joe, and Q hopping around naked in Sal's house.²** In the episode "Not Safe For Work", Murr's nudity is so funny that it causes Q to laugh so hard he has to puke in a bucket.²* NiceGuy: Is quite possibly the most sincere and sensitive member of the cast, especially when it comes to outright insulting a woman. ²* OhCrap: After losing an episode, Murray gets dressed as a pinata and hit with bats by the other Jokers until candy comes out. Unfortunately for Murr, they decide to bring in a ringer: Joe's brother-in-law, a muscular man who wasn't exactly pleased about Murr groping his wife, Joe's sister, during a raunchy political correctness video on a previous episode. Murray is understandably terrified when they hand him a bat and let him go to town.²** UpToEleven: Actually, more like eleven ''million'', in the third season premiere. Murr is the episode's big loser, and he's tricked by the other guys into thinking that his punishment was just another challenge; he thought that they were teaching a skydiving class, but in fact, he would have to actually go skydiving (something he had vehemently refused to do his entire life). His desperate pleading didn't help, and he screamed his way all the way down to the ground.²* {{Omniglot}}: Which earns him a pass in the challenge where the guys must teach foreign language classes, demonstrating at least a passing familiarity with Armenian, Dutch, and Chinese.²* OnSecondThought: In the episode "Joke & Dagger", Murr, the episode's loser, was forced to take a Coney Island knife show's "Wheel of Doom". Murr refuses this in fright, but the other Jokers tell Murr that if he refuses the punishment, he's out of the show, causing Murr to take the punishment with fear. Thankfully, the wheel was rigged for the balloons to pop themselves and the knife thrower was faking throwing the knives. Only one would think if the Jokers would try to do this punishment un-rigged. ²* OnlyKnownByTheirNickname: The other guys mostly call him Murr.²* PantyThief: As part of his punishment in "Panty Raid."²* PerpetualSmiler: His smile never seems to crack even under the worst punishment.²* PrematurelyBald: He mentions in "The Butt of the Jokers" that he started balding at 20. He still has some hair, though.²* ScreamsLikeALittleGirl: Memorably when he has to skydive, he screams the whole way down.²* TheSouthpaw: Murr is the only left-handed Joker.²* TheStrategist: Murr at least sees himself as this and usually walks confidently into a challenge with a [[RunningGag foolproof plan]]. With a couple of exceptions, [[AvertedTrope the end results usually don't go his way]].²* ThisIsGonnaSuck: His reaction when he has to cross the tightrope first in the Live Punishment.²* ThrowTheDogABone: While he was the first loser in the Nitro Circus special, he made up for it by having the fastest time on the obstacle course and winning $100,000 for the Make A Wish Foundation.²* VitriolicBestBuds: With Sal. There have been several instances where Q and Joe will leave and they'll immediately begin arguing about something.²* [[WhyDidItHaveToBeSnakes Why Did it Have to Be Heights?]]: The skydiving punishment.²** It happens again in the Live Punishment Special when Q picks him to be the first one to cross the tightrope.²** "Hell-Copter" has Murr once again punished alongside Sal and sitting on the edge of a helicopter. Thankfully, he didn't have to jump like Sal did.²²!! Joseph Anthony "Joe" Gatto²[[quoteright:250:]]²²->"If Ray Ray come 'round these parts looking for me, you don't go droppin' no dime. Do yous?"²²* AchillesHeel: Ever since Joe got married to his wife Bessy, he's gained [[LoveIsAWeakness a new weakness.]]²** His Achilles Heel got discovered in the season 3 premiere in the hotdog stand challenge when he refused to say that a pig in a blanket is his wife on a cold day.²** A season later, the jokers played a challenge where they have to kiss the actor hidden in the scene. Joe found his in a snap, but Bessy came over and sat beside her. When he tries to go for the kill, he chickens out and kisses her. Leaving, he tells the other jokers to [[PrecisionFStrike go f--- themselves]].²** Later on in the season, Joe asks a woman some questions. When he gets to the question "Are you a good kisser?", he closes the book and tells her he's done. Asked if he found out she's a good kisser, Joe replies "No, I'm good".²*** In the next season, in a recent challenge, the boys had to be managers at a Hooters restaurant. When it was Joe's turn he first had to clink his wedding ring against a glass, which he did with an uncomfortable look. But then when an attractive waitress passed by the guys told Joe to take off his ring and go after her, which he refused to do. He even turned to the camera, showed his ring and said "My kryptonite." ²* AsideGlance: He throws these out quite frequently, usually whenever the challenge is ridiculous.²* BellyDancer: He got hit with this in the punishment at the end of [[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin "Bellydancer."]]²* BigEater: Seriously, the guy can stuff an entire doughnut into his mouth in one sitting!²** There's a challenge where Joe is eating a large pastry while Murr is up and Sal calls him out on it. He had breakfast at home, a breakfast sandwich, a big bowl of macaroni and cheese, two slices of pizza, a sub sandwich, a pickle, and an apple before he began eating the pastry.²--->'''Joe''': What's your point?²--->'''Sal''': You're like rail thin for what you eat.²--->'''Q''': You're like the Kate Moss of fat fucks.²* BigFun²* CatchPhrase: "LARRY!"²* DraggedIntoDrag: In "Bellydancer", "Dog Days of Bummer" and "Fe-Mail".²* FearlessFool: Joe is constantly described as by the other guys because he apparently has no fear. Although, there are barriers even he wouldn't reach. For example, Joe will shake his rear end in a woman's face, but couldn't work up the nerve to insert the word "circumcision" into a sentence. A case of EveryoneHasStandards, according to Joe himself.²* FunPersonified²* ImaginaryFriend: We have yet to find Larry.²* IncomingHam: Pretty often, particularly when Larry is mentioned.²* LargeHam: Is he ever.²* LaserGuidedKarma: What people who felt sorry for Murr after the Human Pinata ep felt finally happened to Joe at the end of Dog Days Of Bummer.²** After what happened to Murr during Look Out Below, viewers felt he got it again at the end of the Great Escape.²* NakedPeopleAreFunny: Narrowly [[SubvertedTrope subverted]] in "Strip High Five", where he survives humiliation in front of hundreds by ending up in his underwear. Also in "Down in the Dump", when he's wearing only Q's cap in front of his crotch, and during the "Sweat the Small Things" presentation for Sal's home invasion.²** And in one of the White Castle challenges, "White Castle regulations is the cap and apron."²** Then his rear on Q's computer during an identity theft presentation...²* NervesOfSteel: Joe got this label from the start, as the "shameless" one, but it got the display of a lifetime when he sat on a toilet in a cafe, threw the door open, and yelled for toilet paper for several minutes. See also FearlessFool.²* NoIndoorVoice: Whenever he calls for Larry.²** In the first episode as well, when he screams a White Castle customer's order back to him.²* NoSenseOfPersonalSpace: His common trick of "nosing" slips into this category.²* RidiculouslyCuteCritter: His pet dog, Cannoli. Likewise for the other ''five'' dogs of his we meet over the course of the show.²* TheTeetotaler: As revealed in the nightclub challenge.²* ThousandYardStare: One of Joe's signature traits. It becomes even funnier in "Stare Master" when he goes around staring at people in the gym without changing his expression and just staring. He even stares while eating a sub sandwich!²* TrademarkFavoriteFood: Doughnuts.²* {{Troll}}: Joe is the most prone to messing with the other guys (usually [[ButtMonkey Murr]]) even outside of challenges.²* TrueCompanions: [[spoiler: He won Q's friendship test and didn't have to go over a cliff.]]²* WackyGuy²²!! Salvatore Edward Anthony "Sal" Vulcano²[[quoteright:350:]]²²->"If you ever do that to me again, our real relationship is gonna be in jeopardy."²²* {{Acrofatic}}: He is a very good dancer.²* ApologizesALot: This was turned against him in a punishment where he was had to step on a man's shoe, woof at a baby, sneeze on someone, blow an airhorn at someone, and flip off an old lady...all without saying "I'm sorry." Seems like an easy punishment that any of the Jokers could do, right? Nope; Sal was asking to back out as soon as he was at the park waiting for a baby to woof at, the second part of the challenge. He continues on, though, but he was screaming by the time he had to do his last task of flipping off an old lady.²* AsLongAsItSoundsForeign: His weapon of choice when it comes to challenges where he has to speak a different language.²* AwesomeMcCoolName: His last name is one letter away from being "Volcano". That's pretty damn cool.²* BadassBeard: Has one as of the second half of Season 2.²* BerserkButton: Messing with his sister. [[VitriolicBestBuds Murr]] can sometimes be one for him.²* ButtMonkey: He runs second to Murr in this category, since so many things irk him. Frequent targets include his germaphobia, fear of cats, and [[MySisterIsOffLimits his sister]].²* {{Corpsing}}: It's not hard to get him to fall on the floor laughing.²** In fact, during one challenge where the other Jokers were deliberately trying to make each other laugh, the other guys lampshaded this during Sal's turn. Sal tried to show the others how well he could maintain his composure and Joe got him to giggle by saying "fart noise." Just to be clear: Joe didn't actually ''make'' a fart noise, he ''said the words'' "fart noise." And Sal broke. That's how easy it is to make Sal laugh. [[spoiler:Suffice to say he lost that challenge miserably.]]²** Although, a rare subversion did occur during the first challenge in "Browbeaten," where the Jokers had to read off funny made-up names without laughing. Despite his reputation, Sal broke less than either Q or Murr.²* EmbarrassingOldPhoto: The guys like to pull this one on Sal, a picture from a heavier time that has been displayed in a movie theater, a photo booth, and an Employee of the Month picture.²* EmbarrassingTattoo: Has one on his thigh of [[spoiler: Jaden Smith]].²* {{Gasshole}}: During the boardwalk massage challenge.²* TheHyena: More than the others, Sal will laugh so hard at a challenge that he'll fall over. He's usually the first to lose it.²* InsistentTerminology: "I'm not Mexican!"²* LaserGuidedKarma: What people who felt sorry for Murr after Look Out Below felt Sal got at the end of Field of Screams.²* LethalChef: In the Hibachi restaurant challenge.²* LoveIsAWeakness: Gets weepy around couples, which earned him a pass during the jewelry store challenge.²* MySisterIsOffLimits: Taken to extremes when she and Murr got legally married for a Sal punishment.²* NeatFreak²* NervousWreck: He's the fussiest member of the group by far and the easiest to mess with.²* NiceGuy: So nice, he was able to do ''[[ THIS]]'' .²* PizzaBoySpecialDelivery: Referenced in his past as a delivery boy, having the door answered by a topless woman.²* PolitenessJudo: His method of choice during challenges, particularly in the early seasons. It's eventually used against him in the "No Apologies Gauntlet" punishment, which included woofing at a baby and flipping off an old lady without Sal being allowed to say he was sorry.²* SitcomArchNemesis: Benjamin the Cat.²* SuperOCD: As the group's resident NeatFreak he has this. He even takes time to point out all the faults in his hotel room in the "Practically Live!" special. In their "One Night Stand-Up" special, Joe picks on Sal's OCD by pranking him on hotel visits. He starts by cranking the heat up to high and takes a dump in Sal's toilet without flushing. Joe then gives a [[LargeHam Hammy]] re-enactment to Sal's reaction at the "hot shit".²* TheLoad: In team challenges, Sal is the weakest link, due to being more prone to {{Corpsing}} than the others and worse at coming up with convincing responses on the fly. Joe especially seems to become visibly exasperated with him in numerous team challenges.²* ThisIsForEmphasisBitch: "Welcome to White Castle, bitch."²* TokenMinority: Sal is part Italian, part Cuban and part Puerto Rican.²* TookALevelInBadass: He used to bow out of challenges ''a lot'' more frequently in the early seasons. He stopped doing this around the time he grew out his BadassBeard.²* VitriolicBestBuds: With Murr. Q and Joe have even jokingly stated that Sal and Murr wouldn't be friends if they weren't in the picture.²* WhyDidItHaveToBeSnakes: Sal is particularly terrified of cats in addition to being a germaphobe. Of course, the other guys are all too willing to exploit these fears.


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