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1The colorful, [[BlatantLies totally original and innovative]] cast of VideoGame/FinalCombat are as follows:²----²[[foldercontrol]]²²[[folder:The Rocket]]²²->In English Version, is called Rock-it²²The first class introduced, he serves as the mascot for Final Combat. Wields a rocket launcher, shotgun, and firefighter's axe by default.²²!Alternate skins for the Rocket:²* Firefighter (original)²* Aviator²* {{Pirate}} Captain²* Assassin²* Ex-Football Player²* One-Eyed Pirate²* Divine Fist²* DJ²* CowboyCop²* LivingWeapon²²!The Rocket provides examples of:²* AcePilot: The Aviator²* ArtificialLimbs: Divine Fist²* TheAlcoholic: The Firefighter²* ElvisImpersonator: Implied via the character design of the DJ.²* EyepatchOfPower: Worn by the One-Eyed version, naturally.²* TheFace: At least in the meta sense, as he tends to be front and center in all group shots and was the first to be introduced.²* HookHand: One of the alternate melee weapons.²* TheLeader: At least self-appointed, if not true for the team as a whole.²* RocketJump: Not available by default, however.²* RocketPunch: Part of the implied arsenal of the Divine Fist.²[[/folder]]²²[[folder: The Striker]]²The second class introduced, the Striker is the JackOfAllStats of the group. Wields a small armory's worth of weapons by default.²²!Alternate skins for the Striker:²* French Special Forces (original)²* Paratrooper²* Navy Seal²* Traceur²* GentlemanThief²* Air Show Captain²* Vampire²* Bruce Lee Fanboy²* Extreme Sports Enthusiast²* Devil Armor²²!The Striker provides examples of:²* TheAce: Both the backstory and in-game loadout suggests this of all Strikers.²* DemonicPossession: Devil Armor²* EveryoneLooksSexierIfFrench: The original Striker²* TheFightingNarcissist: Definitely true of at least the original and the Paratrooper.²* [[NamestheSame Name's the Same]]: Not that [[Anime/MobileSuitGundam Johnny Ridden]] in Extreme Sports Enthusiast costume.²* {{Parkour}}: Practiced by the Traceur and Extreme Sports Enthusiast.²[[/folder]]²²[[folder: The Fatman]]²²->In English Version, is called Gunner²²The third class introduced, the Fatman is the MightyGlacier of the group. Wields a machine gun, shotgun, and kukri by default.²²!Alternate skins for the Fatman:²* Former Fish Butcher (original)²* Anti-Riot Police²* Wrestling (or Boxer[[note]]the official page uses the term "wrestling", but he's dressed as a boxer[[/note]]) Champ²* Chubby²* Martial Arts Master²* Boxer²* Dragon Knight²* Mechanized Exoskeleton Cosplayer²* Underground Boxer²* RedBaron²* KillerGorilla²²!The Fatman provides examples of:²* BigFun²* FriendToAllChildren²* GentleGiant²* MoreDakka²* TattooedCrook: In the "Chubby" version.²* {{Otaku}} - The Cosplayer is said to be a machine otaku in his profile.²* PointlessBandAid: Martial Artist Master wears one on his nose.²[[/folder]]²²[[folder: The Sniper]]²The fourth class introduced, the Sniper is the GlassCannon of the group. Wields a sniper rifle, pistol, and taser by default.²²!Alternate skins for the Sniper:²* OfficeLady (original)²* CowboyCop[[note]]literally and figuratively[[/note]]²* Succubus²* White-Haired²* Steely-Eyed²* Phantom Assassin²* Yakuza Boss²* Pirate²* CoolBigSis²* AnIcePerson²²!The Sniper provides examples of:²* BareYourMidriff: The Cop and Steely-Eyed skins feature this.²* DragonLady: Most of the Snipers, but the Yakuza Boss version in particular.²* SpyCatsuit: The white-haired version wears one.²* TheStraightAndArrowPath²[[/folder]]²²[[folder: The Firebat]]²The fifth class introduced, the Firebat is the short-range area denial specialist of the group. Wields a flamethrower, shotgun, and electrician's pliers by default.²²!Alternate skins for the Firebat:²* MonsterClown (original)²* Racer²* Rock Star²* Basketball Player²* Skateboarder²* Birdman Mask²* Jester²* Escaped Convict²* Joker (another MonsterClown different in design from the original Firebat)²* Chieftain²²!The Firebat provides examples of:²* AwesomeBackpack: Provides the fuel for the flamethrower.²* CoolMask: All Firebats (except the original and the Jester) wear one.²* FunnyAfro: The original Firebat has a rainbow-colored clown wig²* HotBlooded: All of the Firebats, but the Birdman version especially.²* InstitutionalApparel: The Escaped Convict wears an orange (or light blue) and white striped jumpsuit and is wearing heavy iron handcuffs.²* SerialKiller: The Jester version²[[/folder]]²²[[folder: The Nurse]]²²->In English Version, is called Medic²²The sixth class introduced, the Nurse (originally named "the Medical", but has since had a name change) is TheMedic of the group. Wields a gun that shoots a beam of energy, a crossbow, and a surgical saw by default.²²!Alternate skins for the Nurse²* Nurse (original)²* Street Dancer²* Overalls²* Needles²* Kid Genius²* MagicalGirl²* {{Joshikousei}}²* Florist²²!The Nurse provides examples of:²* AgeInappropriateDress: A barely pubescent girl should ''not'' be wearing clothes that follow along the lines of the TheissTitillationTheory, especially not ones that the official website calls "nose-bleed inducing" for at least one version.²* DeadlyDisc: As an alternate primary weapon.²* FunWithAcronyms: Her default [[HealingShiv Medi Gun]]: CF-ZLQ is short for Final Combat's Healing Gun in Chinese - '''C'''hōng'''F'''ēng '''Z'''hì'''L'''iáo '''Q'''iāng²* HarmfulToMinors: In addition to witnessing levels of violence no child should be exposed to, the Nurse can get killed in the same horrific ways as everyone else.²* HealingFactor: The backpack provides it, but is not available by default.²* LimitedWardrobe: Any skins with a skirt will only have pink panties, regardless of which team.²* MasterPoisoner: Suggested of the "Needles" version.²* {{Moe}}: InvokedTrope. The promotional pages for her even uses the term when describing her.²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:The Mechanism]]²²->In English Version, is called The Engineer²²The seventh class introduced, TheEngineer (introduced as "the Mechanism") is ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin. Wields a building tool, a shotgun & a wrench.²²!Alternate skins for the Mechanism:²* Engineer (original)²* Pirate²* TheCheerleader²* TheSheriff²* AdventureArchaeologist²* BoldExplorer²²!The Mechanism provides example of:²* ArtificialLimbs: All iterations of the Mechanism have some kind of artificial arm either on the left or the right side.²* {{Bifauxnen}}: Her original appearance.²* DroneDeployer: It can't upgrade, though.²* GadgeteerGenius: [[CaptainOblivious Obliviously]].²* GenderBender: The Sheriff version of the Engineer is male to avoid confusion with the Cowboy Cop Sniper.²* SelfDestructMechanism: After deploy the sentry, leave it's area will self destruct, but does not harm anyone near that sentry, including owner itself. It also apply if the owner get killed.²* [[SquishyWizard Squishy Tech Wizard]]²* WrenchWench²[[/folder]]


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