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1[[quoteright:224:]]²[[caption-width-right:224:*Gasp!*]]²²-->Pftthpbt.²²[[ Ask Fluffle Puff]] is a Blog/AskAPony Blog. It all began on of the author's other blogs--WesternAnimation/DanVs [=FiM=]--wherein Dan was asked a simple question: "Fluffy ponies?" The soft pink puffball of a pony originally appeared to torment Dan for a one-off gag, but she quickly took on a life of her own, [[SpinOff enough to merit her own blog]]. [[MorePopularSpinoff One that quickly overtook the original blog in popularity]].²²The titular Fluffle Puff is a strange [[WesternAnimation/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagic pony]], under the care of Twilight Sparkle ([[MyFriendsAndZoidberg and]] [[WesternAnimation/DanVs Dan]]) who just so happens to be completely covered in thick pink fur. She [[CuteMute never speaks]] (though she blows raspberries and occasionally squeaks everywhere) and seems to have a childlike view of the world around her, but she also happens to have [[LoveFreak an intense and endless love of the world around her.]] How bottomless is her love? So much so that Queen Chrysalis moves in with Twilight in order to drink up all of Fluffle's love. Combined with her sheer adorableness, Fluffle Puff actually manages to tame the fearsome Changeling Queen, and now she lives (mostly) peacefully with Twilight at the Golden Oak Library. Well, except for all the antics Fluffle Puff and her get up to. And given that Fluffle's innocence is such that it borders on warping reality, maybe it's a good thing there's someone as powerful as the Changeling Queen around to keep her in check...²²In [[ a blog post]] in April 2018, it was announced that the Fluffle Puff blog would be ending. However, the author has said that Fluffle Puff will be continuing, albeit as an original OC, rather than as a ''My Little Pony'' OC, with Chryssi and [[spoiler: Marksaline]] getting deeper reworks as well. The new blog, ''Floof 'n' Friends'' can be found [[ here]].²²----²'''This blog provides examples of:'''²* ActorAllusion [[invoked]]: Ever noticed that the G-rated Twilight Sparkle and the (''very'') R-rated Juliet Starling (from ''VideoGame/LollipopChainsaw'')[[note]]both voiced by Creator/TaraStrong[[/note]] sound alike? [[ Dan does.]]²* AFormYouAreComfortableWith: [[spoiler:'Marksaline', the... ''thing'' that came out of the Franchise/DeadSpace marker, may not really be an alicorn conveniently modeled after Chrysalis somewhat - yet she is.]]²* AllAnimalsAreDogs: ²** Chrysalis, a horse-insect hybrid, [[ grooms herself like a cat]].²** And Fluffle Puff might as well be a cat, seeing that she purrs, plays with cat toys, loves boxes and tends to knead Chrysalis.[[note]]The ending of "My Little Foodie" indicates that [=MixerMike=]'s family has had many cats as pets, giving him much knowledge about cat behavior.[[/note]]²* AmbiguousInnocence: Fluffle Puff is a big ball of huggable fluff who wants to give everyone around her hugs while being a CuteMute. She's also a [[Franchise/DeadSpace Unitologist]] and is best friends with the "Big Name" villains of the series so far, and even appears to be in a romantic relationship with Chrysalis in particular (though it seems to have softened Chrysalis up somewhat). She was also able to NoSell Discord's Discording powers, albeit briefly, and when they finally worked, they turned her into a palette-swapped version of Nightmare Moon, who immediately smashed him in the face with a rock, after which she turned back to normal (either under her own power or Discord trying to avoid getting worse). She also has an un-ponylike taste for meat.²* AchievementsInIgnorance: Fluffle Puff has the Element of Tacos. No, it's not a real Element of Harmony, but as long as Fluffle doesn't know that, she can generate (and enjoy) infinite tacos as much as she wants.²* AdoptTheFood: Fluffle adopts the Foodies in "My Little Foodie", also technically, Chrysalis adopted Fluffle.²* BecomingTheMask: In one post, Chrysalis reveals that she doesn't even like Fluffle Puff, and is merely using her endless, unconditional love as an infinite power source to defeat Twilight. But then it dawns on her that Fluffle Puff is the only pony who's ever truly cared for her like she was no different from anyone else, and she decides the "magic of friendship" may not be so bad after all.²* BeleagueredAssistant: Fluffle hurts herself very often, enough for Nurse Redheart to regard with some exasperation.²* BewareTheNiceOnes: When her fake Element of Harmony got broken, Fluffle lost the ability to spontaneously generate [[TrademarkFavoriteFood tacos]]. [[ This was the result.]]²* BiggerOnTheInside: When asked what her x-ray looked like, Fluffle has an ''[[ entire galaxy]]'' underneath all that fur; other examples include having the entire [[WesternAnimation/AdventureTime land of Ooo]] contained [[ in her body]], [[ a full-size window A/C unit]], as well as being able to fit [[ The Diarchs, Fausticorn, Chryssi, Discord, and the Mane Six]]..²* BreakoutCharacter: Fluffle started out on the author's ''WesternAnimation/DanVs [=FiM=]'' blog, but ended up becoming the most popular aspect of it.²* BrickJoke: The first EG video has Fluffle's note to Chryssi stating she's not allowed to use scissors. In "EG Part 3", we find out why- apparently, using scissors in her vicinity (or perhaps that particular pair) causes her hair to fall out. Thankfully, it grows right back.²** Poptart ends with the poptart floating in space, the tissues from an earlier episode are still there.²* BodyHorror: Marksaline has holes in her cheeks, through which her teeth are visible. She tapes them closed in "Electric Floofaloo" so she can help Fluffle Puff blow up balloons.²* {{Cameo}}: Fluffle guest stars in a [[ trailer]] for ''WebAnimation/MidnightMares''²* CerebusSyndrome: Invoked when Queen Chrysalis puts her New Year resolution into action. Then subverted when [[spoiler:[[MySpeciesDothProtestTooMuch the Changelings aren't that willing to go with it]].]]²* ClapYourHandsIfYouBelieve: How Celestia fixed Fluffles Element, she just duct taped some fake jewlery to it and told Fluffle it's fixed, she also told everyone not to [[PuffOfLogic tell Fluffle about it because it'll stop working again.]]²* ClingyJealousGirl: Chrysalis towards Fluffle Puff, as much as [[{{Tsundere}} she would never admit it.]] [[ Once, Cadance ran across Fluffle Puff]]. She wanted Shining Armor [[ImTakingHerHomeWithMe to take her home with them]]. ''[[UnstoppableRage Chrysalis didn't like that.]]''²-->'''Twilight Sparkle:''' (''to Cadance'') Yeah, you should really let her go. Like ''right now.''\²'''Cadance:''' But why? She's so huggable!\²'''Chrysalis:''' [[IncendiaryExponent Because]] [[BurningWithAnger I]] [[GreenEyedMonster said]] [[DontMakeMeDestroyYou so!]]²** In the very next comic, she violently attacks anyone who comes in contact with Fluffle Puff, which Fluffle Puff uses to drink everyone else's tea.²* {{Cloudcuckoolander}}: Fluffle gives Pinkie a run for her money in how odd she acts.²* CollectorOfTheStrange: Fluffle collects fake mustaches she made from others' manes or tails, which she tends to munch off or otherwise steal.²* CompressedHair: It is actually possible to compress Fluffle Puff's enormous fluff, revealing that she's indeed shaped like a pony underneath, like with a ninja outfit or a full-body cast, though neither lasted long.²* CoolCar: Fluffle's '57 Chevy in ''[[ EG Part 2]]'' & ''[[ Part 3]]''.²* CovertPervert: Fluffle. Chrysalis sometimes poses as a model for Fluffle's "suggestive" drawings, and she has the occasional fantasy of her in revealing outfits.²---> Chryssi's Chores: Dust the places I can't reach... in a [[FrenchMaid maid outfit]]. *Fluffle Puff gets thrown out the door, then climbs in through the little window and puts Chryssi out instead*²* CreepyGood: Fluffle's sister, a creepy [[Franchise/DeadSpace Marker made pony]], is perfectly nice. If a tad spooky.²* CrouchingMoronHiddenBadass: Fluffle is simply the best pillow fighter there is.²* CuteMute: Fluffle's only vocalizations are raspberries, small gasps, squeaks, giggles, pops, yawns, the occasional 'nom' and a [[SurpriseCreepy surprisingly creepy blood-curdling scream]]. She sometimes types on the blog, though ([[TalkingWithSigns and has a childlike way of writing]]). ²** In one installment, when Fluffle Puff and Chrysalis undergo a FreakyFridayFlip, Chrysalis is able to speak in her body. It's not made clear if Fluffle Puff can herself speak (but not choosing to) or if VoicesAreMental.²** In some of the videos, it seems she can converse with Chryssi via raspberries, somehow. (Maybe Chryssi uses magic to translate?)²* DemotedToExtra: Thanks to his [[WesternAnimation/DanVs his own show ending]] and ''Dan Vs. FIM'' [[MorePopularSpinoff being abandoned by Mike]], Dan rarely appears nowadays and doesn't do much when he does show up; [[LampshadeHanging lampshaded]] [[ when he asks why he's still here]].²** Twilight becomes less important to the blog as time goes on, partially because of Dan's role decreasing and primarily due to her kicking Fluffle and Chrysalis out after Tirek blows up her tree home, resulting in them moving to a different house away from her.²* DoesNotLikeSpam: Fluffle doesn't like [[ hamburgers]] or [[ Totino's Pizza]].²* EarlyInstallmentWeirdness: In one of the earliest posts of ''Dan Vs. [=FiM=]'', [[TheUnintelligible Fluffle Puff]] [[ talks]]. Multiple copies of her, but in different colors, also appear.²** She also speaks in [[ GO FAST]], which predates the blog. In addition, [[spoiler:she doesn't have her mane under her fur.]]²* EldritchAbomination: [[spoiler:Apparently, Fluffle Puff's big sister is one, and she comes from [[Franchise/DeadSpace the Marker]].]]²* EveryoneHasStandards: Fluffle Puff loves everyone, but even she can't stand [[ Thorax's new look]].²* ExpyCoexistence: Fluffle would later appear as part of the new ''Floof and Friends'' blog where she meets the human Fluffle.²* ExtremeOmnivore: Fluffle Puff has been seen to eat meat, and she's also eaten paper, crayons, gold bits, tinsel, Monopoly houses, foam packaging peanuts, and her own thought bubbles.²* EyeScream: Quite literally; Fluffle has had several bad experiences regarding foreign objects getting into her eyes that leave her crying out in pain.²** In [[ "Bubbles"]], a soap bubble blown by Ditzy Doo [[note]]the author's preferred name for Derpy[[/note]] lands on Fluffle's eye. Cue the screams of pain.²** In [[ "Nightmare Night"]], Fluffle achieves GlowingEyes by, well...²--> '''Chrysalis:''' How are you doing that with your eyes?²--> *Fluffle smiles, holds up a can of "Glow In The Dark Paint"*²--> '''Chrysalis:''' ''(Incredulously)'' You put ''paint'' on your eyes?²--> *[[PuffOfLogic Fluffle drops the can and screams in pain]]*²* FacePlant: Happens to Fluffle ''constantly'', even beyond the point of being a RunningGag. She's also somehow capable of moving around while lying face-down on the ground.²* FantasticArousal: Fluffle once licked one of the holes in Chrysalis' legs. If her shocked face and blush are anything to go by, she apparently liked it quite a bit.²* FreezeFrameBonus: In [[ "Master of Pillows"]], Sweetie Belle is launched into the path of a pillow, as opposed to the other way around. (Judging by her expression, she seems to be pretty pleased with this turn of events.)²* FriendlyEnemy: Twilight and Chrysalis have entered this status, due to their mutual dislike of Dan and fondness for Fluffle Puff.²-->'''Question:''' Twilight! Chrysalis is abusing your Dan!²-->'''Twilight:''' I'm afraid I don't know what you're talking about. Would you like some tea, Miss Chrysalis?²-->'''Chrysalis:''' Very well. We will be in our lair. *rolls Fluffle Puff away*²** According to ''Floof 'n' Friends'' Fluffle has this kind of relationship with [[VideoGame/PokemonSwordAndShield Wooloo.]]²* {{Hammerspace}}: Fluffle Puff [[ once]] got a whip out of nowhere to [[ItMakesSenseInContext make Chrysalis wear socks]].²* HappilyAdopted / InterspeciesAdoption : Fluffle Puff's sister is not a pony, and plainly tells Chrysalis that she's not related to Fluffle Puff by blood. Whichever one's adopted seems to get along perfectly well with the other regardless.²* HeroicMime²* HumanoidAbomination: A pony take on the trope with [[spoiler:Marksaline the Necromorph Queen.]]²* TheImmodestOrgasm: [[ Fluffle has one]] after eating an extremely spicy sandwich.²* IndirectKiss: Via a [[ Klondike bar.]]²* InexplicablyAwesome: Fluffle Puff. She can seemingly [[{{Hammerspace}} summon objects from nowhere]], withstand any and all attempts to move her unless she wants to be moved, and is immune to pretty much anything a villainous character throws at her. How? Why? No idea!²* InnocentBlueEyes: Fluffle herself.²* InstantCosplaySurprise: How did Fluffle put long socks on Princess Luna just as she was talking to her? No idea, and Luna certainly doesn't know either.²** In the second "Nightmare Night" video, she also leaps offscreen, then returns from the other side, now dressed as Mothra.²* ItWasAGift: [[ Chrysalis's pink hearted crown]].²* JerkWithAHeartOfGold: Chrysalis, it seems all the love she's been feeding off of Fluffle is starting to stick.²* LiteralMinded: The Valentine's Day special, which uses "Let Me Drive My Van Into Your Heart" from ''WesternAnimation/StevenUniverse'', has Fluffle actually jabbing Chrysalis in the chest with a toy van. Then Chryssi breaks out a heart-shaped pillow.²* LoveFreak: Chrysalis is the horrifying insectoid leader of a group of fearsome shapeshifters... and Fluffle loves her to bits anyway. ItMakesSenseInContext though -- Fluffle loves Chryssi for who she is, and is an endless stream of love, which means an endless food source for Chryssi. At least it only means that to Chryssi at the start, see JerkWithAHeartOfGold above, and MoralityPet below. ²* LoverTugOfWar: [[ Fluffle Puff finds herself between Queen Chrysalis and Princess Cadance in this]] after the latter gets a dose of CutenessOverload upon seeing her (Fluffle Puff, of course).²* MoralityPet: Fluffle herself is one for Chrysalis. Chrysalis claims that it's because she can feed endlessly on her love, but when no one's looking, she tends to dote on the pink fluffball.²* MinorInjuryOverreaction: Fluffle Puff is [[ hospitalized]] after being "booped" on the nose. Mostly because her face freezes in a "scrunched" expression.²* MoreTeethThanTheOsmondFamily: [[spoiler: Fluffle's 'Big Sis', Marksaline the Necromorph Queen.]]²* MundaneMadeAwesome: Fluffle has turned pillow fighting into an art form.²* MundaneObjectAmazement: With a [[ box.]]²* MundaneSolution: How does Fluffle Puff solve a FreakyFridayFlip with Chrysalis? Simply use Chrysalis' powers to shapeshift ''[[ back to herself!]]''²-->'''Chrysalis-as-Fluffle:''' Really?²** When asked what she would do for a Klondike bar, she goes to Sugarcube Corner and buys one. ''With money.''²* NoSenseOfPersonalSpace: Fluffle heavily favors [[TheGlomp glomping]] and licking her friends as a way of demonstrating affection.²** [[spoiler: Marksaline the Necromorph Queen]] also doesn't care for personal space, prompting Chrysalis to nervously remark that it must run in the family.²* NotMeThisTime: When Chrysalis and Fluffle Puff find out that [[spoiler:Golden Oak was destroyed (by Tirek in the Season 4 finale)]] while they were on vacation, Chrysalis is prompt to tell Twilight that it wasn't her, this time.²* OffscreenTeleportation: Fluffle is a master of it. ²* OlderThanTheyLook: The number of candles on Fluffle's Burthmis cake suggests that she's at least 26.²* OneWingedAngel: Big Sis starts growing bigger and nastier as Fluffle keeps whapping her with a newspaper until she's a towering monster. [[spoiler: Chrysalis returns her to normal by offering her a candy bar.]]²* OppositesAttract: Fluffle is nice, airheaded, and all around adorable. Chrysalis is, well, brash, very down to earth, and not as adorable.²* [[KillSat Pomf Sat]]: Orbital. Pillow. Cannon.²* PinkMeansFeminine: Apparently, in this [[ video]], she has pink ''everything''.²* PintsizePowerhouse: Fluffle Puff has been shown to effortlessly beat Snowflake in a tug off war with a casual tug on the rope. To say nothing of her encounter with Iron Will.²* RealityEnsues:²** One fan question is just a string of emojis, which are interpreted as a fancy rain of emoji confetti, leading to Fluffle running outside and jumping around joyfully. The comic ends with both Chrysalis and Marksaline using safety scissors to get the confetti out of Fluffle's fur.²** Another comic has Fluffle stuffing herself into a SailorFuku, which somehow leaves her barely able to move (despite her having done cosplay a dozen times already).²* RealityWarper: Even Pinkie Pie would meet her match when Fluffle's at her best. She can multiply herself, {{OffscreenTeleport|ation}}, seemingly acquire magic powers at will, and [[MundaneMadeAwesome produce tacos at will]] (though the last is with the help of a fake Element of Harmony; of course, how it works is a mystery).²* RecycledPremise: [[ Bulk Biceps learned the same thing]] [[ Iron Will did]].²* ReformedButNotTamed: Chrysalis has no need to go stealing others' loved ones with Fluffle around, but she still has no problems with getting into a fight with Cadence the second she and Shining Armor come to visit Twilight.²** [[ Her New Year's resolution for 2014]] is to assert her dominance…[[spoiler:over Golden Oak. And Equestria.]]²* RidiculouslyCuteCritter: Fluffle herself, natch.²* RunningGag: The word "horse" showing up somewhere, or Fluffle and Chryssi being referred to as "poof" and "bug" in some fashion.²* SelfServingMemory: [[ Weaponized here.]]²* SheCleansUpNicely: [[ Fluffle once wore her own fur as a dress to the Grand Galloping Gala.]] Surprisingly, she pulled it off pretty well. Also, Chrysalis [[ herself]].²** [[ Chrysalis looks great in a suit.]] [[ Fluffle too.]]²*** [[ Then there's the more casual therapist outfit donned by Markseline which isn't too shabby, either.]]²* SheIsNotMyGirlfriend: Chrysalis insists Fluffle is merely her "pillow pet" and there's nothing romantic between them. [[EveryoneCanSeeIt Nopony's buying it.]]²* ShipperOnDeck: Cadence ships Fluffle Puff and Chrysalis.²-->'''Cadence:''' ''(making toy Chrysalis and toy Fluffle Puff kiss, with "mwah mwah" sounds)''²-->'''Chrysalis:''' [[SheIsNotMyGirlfriend Cadence, go home!]]²* ShipTease: Fluffle and Chrysalis.²* ShoutOut: Fluffle Puff's scream is taken from the Pink Gummi Bear, a character in ''WesternAnimation/RobotChicken'', who screams whenever she gets tortured or killed.²** [[ Fluffle's creation of the hard-and-soft-shell taco]] somehow turns into [[Film/TheLordOfTheRings the quest to destroy the One Ring.]]²** Several early comics had [[Franchise/DeadSpace the Black Marker]] hidden in them somewhere, such as Fluffle Puff's drawings or a random desktop paperweight, culminating in ''the Marker itself'' being kept in a room in Fluffle Puff's house (after having appeared earlier in the Everfree Forest and then at Golden Oak for the first Nightmare Night video). [[spoiler: Come Nightmare Night, Fluffle Puff's Necromorph sister came out of the Marker to visit, scaring the daylights out of Chryssi.]]²*** In the same vein, there's apparently ponified versions of Isaac Clarke and John Carver in the Fluffle-verse as well, since they barge in looking for Big Sis at one point not long after Marksaline shows up. [[FailedASpotCheck Both fail to notice]] [[EpicFail her hiding in plain sight]] ''[[PaperThinDisguise under a blanket.]]''²** Several references and/or crossovers to ''WesternAnimation/AdventureTime''.²** One video swapped Fluffle Puff into ''WesternAnimation/StevenUniverse'', culminating in Fluffle, Steven, Amethyst, and Garnet all raspberry-ing the SU theme song to [[PassThePopcorn Greg]] and a [[TheComicallySerious thoroughly unamused]] Pearl.²* StatingTheSimpleSolution: [[ Why can't Discord make tacos?]] Because he's never heard of them. Cue rabid, taco-withdrawal Fluffle Puff mauling him.²* StubbornHair: Fluffle's hair obeys physics only when it feels like it. It can be tamed, but doing so tends to make ponies borderline insane. ²* TakeAThirdOption: [[ Tacos or Chrysalis?]]²* TakeThat: In one [[ post]], Thorax visits Chrysalis and Fluffle at their house. Neither of them take kindly to his colourful appearance. This was a jab at the refromed Changelings.²* TheThingThatWouldNotLeave: Chrysalis and Fluffle stayed at the Golden Oak Library until it was destroyed in the Season 4 finale, while they're on vacation. [[spoiler: After which they move in together at Fluffle's.]]²* {{Tsundere}}: Chrysalis to Fluffle.²* TrademarkFavoriteFood: Tacos.²* {{Troll}}: The major personality trait of Fluffle's sis Marksaline, and frequently aimed in Chrysalis' direction. The Electric Floofaloo animation is probably the most egregious example.²* TwinThreesomeFantasy: Inverted in [[]]²* TheUnintelligible: Fluffle Puff communicates only through blowing raspberries and pantomiming, yet the others still understand what she's trying to convey, with the audience being the only ones left out of the loop.²* TheUnreveal: Fluffle's cutie mark (if indeed she has one) has been subject to this multiple times; on the rare occasions the area beneath her fluff is exposed, the audience is prevented from getting a look at it. Examples include: ²** In "Chrysmas Special", Fluffle Puff [[spoiler:shaves off all her fluff in order to create a winter outfit for Chrysalis; however, she spends the entire latter portion of the episode wrapped in a blanket, and by the time she takes it off in TheStinger, [[RuleOfFunny all the fluff has grown back]].]] ²** In "Electric Floofaloo", the blast of static in the final episode appears to have burned off her fluff (at least based on her silhouette), but she's also charred with ash and all the lights are off. ²* VagueAge: Fluffle Puff; Lampshaded in [[ these]] [[ strips]].²** Though the video [[ "Murry Burthmis"]] implies she's 26 as of said video.²* VillainDecay: Chrysalis devolves from a proud and feared queen to a big cuddle-bug for Fluffle Puff. [[spoiler:It's {{Deconstructed|Trope}} as she feels humiliated by how soft she's become and tries to reassert herself by taking over Equestria again, but by that point the princesses no longer view her as a threat and ''let'' her take over, since her original intent to feed her Changelings has been fulfiled now that they're members of Equestrian society, completely removing the need to fight her. This, in turn, humiliates Chrysalis even ''more'' as though she's nothing more than a joke]].²* WasActuallyFriendly: [[spoiler: The Necromorph pony that terrorizes Queen Chrysalis on Nightmare Night turns out to be Fluffle Puff's sister who decided to visit.]]²* WhatHappenedToTheMouse: In [[ "Poofle Universe"]], both Fluffle Puff [[spoiler: and Marksaline]] were performing some crazy ritual, somehow switching with Lion. We get too distracted by the cuteness that many might fail to ask, where did [[spoiler: Marksaline]] go?²* YouWereTryingTooHard: The only possible explanation for [[ this]], and [[ this]].²----


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