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1! ''Monster Rancher 2''
2* [[ The music for the opening movie]] conveys a sense of wonder and lets you know that this game is a huge step up from the first. The official soundtrack also features [[ an arranged version.]]
3* [[ IMa, the upbeat track that plays while completing the interview in the beginning of the game.]] Unfortunately, you never hear it after you begin the game proper, but you'll be humming the melody long after.
4* The four seasonal tracks that play at your ranch ([[ Spring,]] [[ Summer,]] [[ Fall,]] and [[ Winter]]) all have a warm nostalgic quality to them.
6! ''Monster Rancher 3''
7* The very Irish-sounding [[ main theme of Monster Rancher 3]] sets the tone of the game, which takes place in a more fantasy-like setting than the previous entries.
8* The [[ shrine theme]] makes it much easier to spend hours upon hours using discs to generate monsters.
9* The regional [[BattleThemeMusic battle themes]] are all phenomenal, with driving rhythms that ramp up the tension.
10** [[ Morx,]] the forest region.
11** [[ Kalaragi,]] the jungle region.
12** [[ Takrama,]] the desert region.
13** [[ Brillia,]] the tundra region.
14** [[ Goat,]] the coastal region.