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1[[quoteright:350:]]²[[caption-width-right:350:After everything he has faced, Daredevil is truly [[MythologyGag born again]].]]²²With heightened drama, massively compelling characters and terrific [[TheOner one-shot hallway fights]], this show proved that Creator/{{Netflix}} and the mainly light-hearted [[Franchise/MarvelCinematicUniverse MCU]] could mix.²----²[[foldercontrol]]²²!!Season 1²[[folder: Episode 1 - Into the Ring ]]²* Right from the start, Matt unleashes the devil on a pack of sex-slaver scum. The NoHoldsBarredBeatdown of Turk Barrett at the end of the fight is [[PayEvilUntoEvil satisfying as hell]].²* Karen Page defending herself against the prison guard's attempt to kill her in her cell, including letting him think she was dead, then clawing at his [[EyeScream eye]].²* Matt's fight with Rance. Rance has been established as one of Fisk's top fighters/killers/problem solvers, yet Matt dominates the fight. It's close and brutal and Matt takes a beating, but he manages to avoid every knife strike, recover from falling out a three-story window, and seems to not take any lasting damage. In many of the fights, Matt at least has an element of surprise. He didn't even have that here. Plus, it's very early in his crimefighting career.²[[/folder]]²²[[folder: Episode 2 - Cut Man]]²* Matt manages to ''[[ perfectly time a fire extinguisher drop]]''.²* [[ The hallway fight at the end of the episode]], with a heavily injured and exhausted Matt still managing to wipe the floor with a bunch of human traffickers. There is a clever cut between the set up and the actual fight, but the action itself was shot as a [[TheOner oner]]. A special moment includes launching a microwave to take out one thug.²* If you're familiar with ''Series/AgentsOfSHIELD'' then you'll know that Jack Murdock's last opponent was Carl "The Crusher" Creel, aka the Absorbing Man, who at the time was a boxer that cheated by turning his fists into steel beneath his gloves. Jack unknowingly took on a metahuman who likely cheated and ''still won.'' He more than proved what a great fighter he was, and he really ''could'' take a beating.²** Additional awesome for this fight is the prepwork that Jack put into it. [[spoiler: Jack knew that there would be harsh penalties for winning the fight instead of throwing it. That's why he put the winnings from the fight into a credit union account that was under his son's name instead of his own. He tells his bookie to cash out ''immediately'' and then lie low for a few days. School may not have been his strong suit but he is still a smart guy.]]²[[/folder]]²²[[folder: Episode 3 - Rabbit in a Snowstorm]]²* Minor one: when Wesley is mentioning the homework he's done on Matt and Foggy, he mentions that Matt graduated ''summa cum laude''[[labelnote:Explanation]]Graduating with highest honors, a feat that is usually mathematically impossible unless you have a record of straight (or nearly straight) "A"s in your grade point average, and in one of what is perhaps one of the most difficult academic disciplines, aside from medicine.[[/labelnote]] from Columbia Law. [[BadassBookworm Triple bonus points for doing so while blind.]]²* Matt vs. Healy. Healy's an even better fighter than Rance, and their fight is a lightning-fast brutal martial arts duel.²* There's something compelling about [[ Matt's closing argument in Healy's trial]] that makes it worth posting here:²-->'''Matt Murdock:''' Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, forgive me if I seem distracted. I've been preoccupied of late with, uh, questions of morality. Of right and wrong, good and evil. [[BlackAndWhiteMorality Sometimes the delineation between the two is a sharp line]]. [[GreyAndGrayMorality Sometimes it's a blur]]. And often it's like pornography: you just know when you see it. A man is dead. I don't mean to make light of that, but these questions...these questions are vital ones because they tether us to each other, to humanity. Not everyone feels this way. Not everyone sees the sharp line, only the blur. A man is dead. Um, a man is dead. And my client, John Healy, took his life. This is not in dispute. It is a matter of record. Of ''fact''. And facts have no moral judgment. They merely state what is. Not what we think of them, not what we feel. They just ''are''. What was in my client's heart when he took Mr. Prohaszka's life, whether he is a good man or something else entirely, is irrelevant. These questions of good and evil, as important as they are, have no place in a court of law. Only the facts matter. My client claims he acted in self-defense. Mr. Prohaszka's associates have refused to make a statement regarding the incident. The only other witness, a frightened young woman, has stated that my client was pleasant and friendly, and that she only saw the struggle with Mr. Prohaszka after it had started. Those are the facts. Based on these and these alone, the prosecution has failed to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that my client was not acting solely in self-defense. And those, ladies and gentlemen of the jury, are the facts. My client, based purely on the sanctity of the law which we've all sworn an oath to uphold, must be acquitted of these charges. Now, beyond that, beyond these walls, [[ConvictedByPublicOpinion he may well face a judgment of his own making]]. But here in this courtroom the judgement is yours and yours alone.²** What makes it awesome is that Matt acknowledges that he knows this guy is a scumbag, an asshole, and that the "self-defense" story is complete bullshit. But according to the letter of the law, he's absolutely right: the case is open and shut, and Healy should walk. But he's not going to get very far, because the Devil of Hell's Kitchen needs to have some words with him.²[[/folder]]²²[[folder: Episode 4 - In the Blood ]]²* Wilson Fisk's asking Vanessa out, and him being impressed enough to comment, "A woman who can be bought isn't worth having."²* "You want to know his name? How about you ask him yourself?" by Claire Temple. A civilian nurse who was kidnapped and tortured half to death showed her absolute faith in Matt.²[[/folder]]²²[[folder: Episode 5 - World On Fire]]²* Foggy's response when Marci tries to condescendingly convince him to drop his current case, where an elderly Latina woman is worried about her and several others being evicted from her apartment building. It's a scathing TheReasonYouSuckSpeech peppered with complete shut-downs of her thinly veiled arguments, all delivered with perfect calm. It's SO good Marci immediately tells him "[[{{Touche}} You would've killed it here, Foggy Bear. You never should've left]]." There's a reason he was offered a cushy job at a prestigious firm.²-->'''Foggy:''' Marci. Convincing ''my'' client to agree to ''your'' terms? That's your job, and I'm not gonna do it for you. See, you think there are only two options: These tenants take the payout and leave, or leave without taking it. But given how long they've put up with Tully's bullshit, I think you're actually afraid that Mrs. ''Cardenas'' and her neighbors will find a way to eke by. And short of physically and ''very illegally'' forcing tenants from their rent-controlled homes, Armand Tully loses his condos, your firm loses Tully, and that's very bad for business. You want me and my client to think you're doing us a favor, that we have no leverage when really, we have all of it. So you're gonna see us in court, where I will absolutely dismantle you from the top of your salon blowout to the bottom of your overpriced pumps.²** The cutaways to Karen's reactions are just icing on the cake. She's absolutely in ''awe'' of how effectively, completely, and ''hilariously'' Foggy's ripping into Marci. In particular, after his delivery of "Tully's bullshit" shows her torn between applauding and laughing. Foggy emphasizing Mrs. Cardenas' name makes it all the more impressive, since Marci has been consistently misnaming her "Mrs. Carnitas."²* We see that unlike many other stereotypical love interests, Claire doesn't blame Matt for her being kidnapped and insist that it was her choice to help him.²[[/folder]]²²[[folder: Episode 6 - Condemned ]]²²* You have to admit, the one honest cop that Matt ends up encountering, with only two months on the force, opting to shout for help on the radio while Matt is right there threatening to seriously hurt him took some ''serious'' balls. [[spoiler: [[TooDumbToLive Unfortunately, those balls got him killed.]]]]²* Although he's an unrepentant criminal, you have to admit that Vladimir's LastStand BolivianArmyEnding is seriously cool.²[[/folder]]²²[[folder: Episode 7 - Stick ]]²%%* Stick's EstablishingCharacterMoment²* Leland Owlsley of all people gets one mixed with a [[SugarWiki/FunnyMoments funny moment]]. When Matt is distracted by Stick's appearance, he nonchalantly tazes him, gets in the car and drives away. Doubles as a BrickJoke since he mentioned to Fisk that he was getting his taser out of storage in an earlier episode specifically because of the threat Matt poses to them.²* Karen gets jumped by two of Fisk's henchmen while leaving Elena's building. Foggy shows up and takes out one of the thugs with a baseball bat, and she sprays mace in the other's face, while the two argue about what they are doing there.²%%* Matt's fight with Stick, while mostly a Tearjerker, has some awesome moments that deserve mention²[[/folder]]²²[[folder: Episode 8 - Shadows in the Glass]]²* Wilson Fisk pulls the rug out from under Matt and Ben when he announces himself at a press conference. He gives a RousingSpeech about how much he loves Hell's Kitchen and wants to make it a better place, thereby painting himself as TheHero and Matt's secret identity as TheVillain. Not only does he OutGambit Matt's plan to expose him, but also renders pointless all of Matt's efforts to dig up information about him from the beginning of the series. ²* Madame Gao calling [[TheReasonYouSuckSpeech Fisk out on his latest errors in judgment]] is equal parts awesome and terrifying. He is literally frozen in fear for a few seconds before turning it into sheer, fearful rage at being outsmarted and blackmailed into submission by her. Wesley's attempts at calming him down are useless. D'onofrio's acting nails every possible aspect of paranoia and fear that you might expect. ²-->'''Fisk:''' [[GetOut Get out.]]\²'''Wesley:''' [[OhCrap Sir,]] [[OOCIsSeriousBusiness if there's anything I can--]]\²'''Fisk:''' [[VillainousBSOD GET]] '''[[NightmareFuel OUT!!!]]'''²[[/folder]]²²[[folder: Episode 9 - Speak of the Devil]]²* Matt, despite [[spoiler: losing copious amounts of blood and being lacerated several places all over his body, using Nobu's weapon to blow up the lightbulb and set Nobu on fire.]]²** Nobu also deserves credit for his reaction to this: [[spoiler: throwing away his weapon, charging Matt, and managing to get in a few more hits even as he burns to death]].²** Earlier, the scene of Matt about to suit up.²* Fisk gets one for actually being shown as a credible threat to Matt rather than a token comic villain. [[spoiler: He does some serious damage to him gives him quite the beatdown]].²** [[spoiler: Matt gets another by managing to actually hold his own against Fisk briefly despite having just come off of a brutal beatdown from Nobu, especially because as their fight at the end of the season shows Fisk would be able to match Matt blow for blow in his prime.]]²* For comic fans, the revelation that [[spoiler:Nobu is a member of the Hand, which is revealed by having him appear in full red ninja garb.]]²[[/folder]]²²[[folder: Episode 10 - Nelson v. Murdock]]²* Matt beating a sexually abusive father to a bloody pulp in a flashback and threatening him to never touch his daughter again. The man spent the next month eating through a straw.²-->'''Foggy:''' Okay, so you get these whatever-you-call-thems when you're a kid. How do you go from that to what you're doing now?\²'''Matt:''' When I was a kid, before the accident...I'd lay awake at night listening to the sirens. I liked to put stories to them. Trying to figure out what they were for, ambulance or cops, robbery or fire. I don't know, just a stupid game. But after I lost my sight, after my abilities developed, I realized how many sirens there actually much this city suffered every single night.\²'''Foggy:''' You've been running around doing this since you were a kid?\²'''Matt:''' No. I...I tried not to make my dad proud. block it out. The sirens, the pain, the fear, all strangling Hell's Kitchen. For years, I buried my head and turned away. Then one night, right after we quit Landman & Zack...I heard it.\²'''Foggy:''' Heard what?\²'''Matt:''' A little girl. Crying in her bed, in a building down the block. Her father liked to go to her room late at night...when his wife was asleep.\²'''Foggy:''' [''horrified''] Oh, Jesus.\²'''Matt:''' I called Child Services. Like you're supposed to. But the mom, she wouldn't believe it. Said it wasn't true. And the dad, he was smart. [''scoffs''] He made sure what he did, how he did it, didn't leave a mark. The law couldn't do anything to help that little girl. But I could.\²[''Flashback starts, with Matt going after the father.'']\²'''Matt:''' I knew his routine. Waited till he was alone.\²[''Matt springs on the father and starts beating the ever-loving shit out of him.'']\²'''Flashback!Matt:''' You touch your daughter again...and I will know.\²[''Matt beats him to unconsciousness; flashback ends.'']\²'''Matt:''' He spent the next month in a hospital, eating through a straw. And I never slept better.²* While not kicking ass and taking names, flashback Foggy doodling a plaque that reads, "Nelson & Murdock: Attorneys-at-Law," on a bar napkin deserves a mention because that is one ''really good'' doodle on a napkin.²[[/folder]]²²[[folder: Episode 11 - The Path of the Righteous]]²* Karen [[spoiler:snatching Wesley's gun from the table, and calling his bluff that it's empty by shooting him in the shoulder. Then she empties the whole magazine into him. Fisk's downfall truly starts right here.]]²** While [[spoiler: Wesley]] may have been TooDumbToLive in the above-mentioned scene, [[spoiler: he manages to keep a completely straight face when Karen snatches the gun. He then gives a convincing (to the audience) bluff that he'd [[BlatantLies never be so stupid as to leave a loaded gun in her reach]]. It didn't work, but he gets an A for effort for unflinchingly acting like he was still in control right up to the moment Karen pulled the trigger.]]²[[/folder]]²²[[folder: Episode 12 - The Ones We Leave Behind]]²* Matt's LeParkour run across Manhattan in pursuit of a drug mule. A better demonstration of Daredevil's powerset can not be imagined; he is able to singlehandedly tail a car across the city without the slightest risk of being seen because he doesn't ''need'' to see the car he's tailing -- he just needs to hear the music from its radio. Though, being crazy-athletic helps too.²* Madam Gao flooring Matt with a single strike and then vanishing during his "WTF" moment. Later she says that everything that's happened so far was a trivial matter to her; so trivial that she's abandoning it because it's no longer "convenient".²[[/folder]]²²[[folder: Episode 13 - Daredevil ]]²* [[spoiler: The last half of the season has demonstrated that actually bringing Fisk to justice may be impossible because he's got so many members of the NYPD (as well as judges and lawyers) in his pocket, meaning the actual local authorities are useless. Then Hoffman spills the beans and we are treated to a few solid minutes of what can only be described as justice porn: a slow motion montage set to opera music of all of Fisk's associates -- cops, judges, and lawyers -- being arrested]]. '''Hell'''. '''Yes'''. ²* Fisk [[spoiler: killing [[DirtyCoward Leland]] [[SmugSnake Owlsley]], even managing to NoSell a taser to the face through sheer rage.]]²-->'''Wilson Fisk:''' [[spoiler: YOU HURT HER! YOU HURT VANESSA!]] ²* Fisk [[spoiler: effortlessly escaping from custody with the aid of a team of gunman and a bribed SWAT troop]]. He then casually strolls down the bridge with his coat flapping, and shouts out instructions to take out anyone who tries to follow him.²* Matt [[spoiler: finally appearing in the red costume, and beating Fisk into submission. Fisk fighting back despite his earlier car wreck is also impressive.]]²* Matt's [[IronicEcho 3-word response]] to Fisk's VillainousBreakdown.²-->'''Wilson Fisk:''' [[VillainousBreakdown I wanted to make this city...something better, than it is. Something beautiful!]] ''[[VillainousBreakdown YOU TOOK THAT AWAY FROM ME! You took EVERYTHING!!!!]]'' '''I'M GOING TO KILL YOU!''' \²'''Matt:''' ''[holsters his clubs]''[[BringIt ...Take your shot.]] ²* Matt wielding his billy club for the first time.²* If you have the descriptive audio on, hearing him finally called Daredevil rather than Matt in the very last scene is exhilarating.²** By extension, the captions before Matt dons the red suit always refer to him as "The Man in the Mask" or "Masked Man". When he dons the red suit, they refer to him as "Daredevil".²[[/folder]]²²!!Season 2²²[[folder: Episode 1 - Bang]]²* Nobody knows who the Punisher himself is in this episode, but the audience knows how badass Frank Castle is when both criminals and the police assumed that it was a military team instead of one man who executed the Irish mob.²* Frank being one of the few to not only keep up with, but beat ''Daredevil'' in a fight, [[spoiler: albeit with a gun.]]²* Foggy gets one when he's able to convince one of the Dogs of Hell biker member to let him inside their clubhouse despite risking himself getting shanked. He's able to get enough information and respect from the escorting doorman before getting kicked out alive and intact. ²* Karen coming up with a convincing false backstory for Grotto and herself ''on the spot''-- that she's his wife bringing him in to treat an injury from a bar fight-- to not only allow herself the ability to keep watch over him at the hospital, but to possibly throw the Punisher off Grotto's trail. It sadly ends up not working, but it's obvious that Grotto is visibly impressed by her ingenuity.²[[/folder]]²²[[folder: Episode 2 - Dogs To A Gunfight]]²* This episode kicks off Foggy’s main character arc for this season, which is his journey toward stepping out of Matt’s shadow and taking charge when Matt is unable to step up to the plate. After saving Matt's life, Karen and Foggy go to the precinct to deal with Grotto. Reyes tells Foggy to forget whatever deal he got for Grotto as witness protection is way out of his league and takes shots on how his firm is about to collapse. She informs him they'll be taking over but Foggy threatens to calls up the U.S. Department of Justice, telling Reyes that local D.A.s don't have jurisdiction on witness protection, the Feds do and "they're probably as douchey as you, but they can deliver on their promises." Karen puts a hand to her mouth to hide her grin as Foggy tells the D.A. "cut the shit, you're dealing with us." Foggy’s legal abilities were put on display in Season 1 as well, so this is nothing new, but we never get tired of seeing him kicking skulls and taking names. For viewers worried that in a season so full of powerful characters, Foggy might get pushed to the side, this episode does an excellent job of keeping him in the forefront of the action, where he belongs.²* Frank beating the kiddie porn-selling Neo-Nazi to death with [[BatterUp a baseball bat]]. ²** The scene itself is great. Frank Castle is buying police monitoring equipment from a pawn shop owner, he then buys the tape of the video camera that recorded him but since he has the money the guy is willing then he buys the shotgun under the counter which the guy had previously been training on Frank. So the guy has sold a shotgun, the only evidence he even came into the shop, and NYPD tapping equipment. Then just as Frank is leaving:²--->''[Frank deposits a few more $100s. The owner takes out a double-barreled shotgun and empties the shells. Frank pockets the shells, then picks up the communications rig and begins walking towards the door]''\²'''Pawn Shop Owner:''' ''[clears throat]'' Hey, man, hold on. Sure I can't get you anything else? You know, I got it all, man. [[DirtyOldMan Yeah, bondage... back-door, grannies. Or maybe you're in the market for something younger? She's barely 12. Guaranteed!]]\²''[[[BerserkButton Castle stops and drops his satchel]]]''\²'''Pawn Shop Owner:''' [[TooDumbToLive Haha, you like that, huh? For a hundred bucks, she's all yours!]] ''[[[TranquilFury Without saying a word]], Frank flips the sign in the door from "Open" to "Closed", then turns around and begins walking back towards the counter]'' That's my man. ''[As Frank strides towards the counter, [[BatterUp he picks up a baseball bat]]]'' What the hell are you doin'? Hey, man, just take it easy! I-I'm just trying to make a buck! ''[Frank beats him to death with the bat]''²* Frank killing a bunch of bikers who just murdered an innocent truck driver.²** And then there's what he does with it afterwards: [[spoiler:He rigs the truck so that it drives straight into Reyes's sting operation, with the corpse of the guy who was washing it at the wheel, and while everyone's distracted with that, attempts to snipe Grotto from the rooftops.]]²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Episode 3 - New York's Finest]]²* Foggy getting two gangbangers to drop their weapons by appealing to their pragmatism, something two security guards ''with guns'' weren't able to do. ²-->'''Foggy Nelson:''' Hey, asshole! How many priors you got?\²'''Gangbanger 1:''' ''[bewildered]'' What'd you say to me?\²'''Foggy Nelson:''' I asked you about your priors.\²'''Gangbanger 2:''' Yeah, keep talking shit, I'll check you into ICU myself.\²'''Foggy Nelson:''' You got face tattoos, friend. That's like telegraphing, "I know what prison meatloaf tastes like."\²'''Gangbanger 2:''' You just better step back, now.\²'''Foggy Nelson:''' I'm not gonna ask if you know what happens when you get charged with assault. I've got a hunch you got more mugshots than baby pictures back home.\²'''Gangbanger 2:''' Man, who are you?\²'''Foggy Nelson:''' I'm the ''pro bono'' suit you'll try to retain after you go down for this. Only not even my soft-hearted partner will take your case, or any other self-respecting attorney in Hell's Kitchen. Not because you're so badass, but because you're [[PunctuatedForEmphasis just. That. Stupid.]]\²'''Gangbanger 2:''' You got a big mouth, asshole.\²'''Foggy Nelson:''' You forget, I do this for a living. I could ask you to look at the faces of the other patients. Every last one of 'em scared to death, because the two of you can't keep it in your pants. But I'm guessing that neither one of you could give a collective shit. So I'm gonna do what attorneys do best and appeal to your selfish natures. Simply put, if you carve each other up now, in front of these witnesses, with cops right outside, you're screwed!\²'''Gangbanger 2:''' I can't just walk away, man.\²'''Foggy Nelson:''' I'm not asking you to lose the oh-so-serious stink-eye. Just don't fight! Put 'em down. Let these people do their jobs.²** Claire's impressed with [[BadassPacifist his silver tongue]]:²--->'''Claire Temple:''' You know, you're good with people.\²'''Foggy Nelson:''' Yeah, I'm a real charmer.\²'''Claire Temple:''' I'm serious. The only thing I ever saw stop a thug mid-fight... was a bigger thug.\²'''Foggy Nelson:''' Yeah, I like to keep it thuggish.²* Karen gets one when she goes marching into Blake Tower's office and confronts him with evidence that Reyes is a backstabber, and she'll likely be backstabbing him, pretty much strong-arming him into being allied with Nelson & Murdock.²* The entire debate on the rooftops is pretty awesome, no matter which side you're on.²** There's something awesome about Creator/JonBernthal's delivery of this line:²---> '''Frank Castle:''' Only I do the one thing you can't. You hit 'em and they get back up. I hit 'em and they '''''stay down'''''!²** Matt calling out and pointing out all of the holes in Frank's ideology. How he takes the law into his hands, never giving anyone a chance to reform.²** Frank, in turn, [[JerkassHasAPoint pointing out the major flaw in Matt's methods]], [[CardboardPrison the simple fact that they allow scum to keep hurting innocents where Frank's ways stop them for good.]] In fact, he has a comeback to everything Matt says, (albeit some of it just being mockery) up until the point where DD ultimately finds him beyond reasoning, and calls him insane. [[BerserkButton Frank, at this point is equally fed up with him,]] and [[TalkToTheFist takes him out with a]] WrenchWhack.²* Think the hallway fight [[TheOner Oner]] from Season 1 was impressive? Try down a hallway and ''then'' down a stairwell, all while Matt's right arm is reduced to a club by the gun taped to it, while his left has a chain attached that he uses for several nifty moves.²** The fact Matt manages to take out all the Dogs of Hell non-lethally.²** What about the fact that the only reason Matt went into that fight to begin with was because the old Vietnam vet came out of his apartment and got in front of them?²* When the show re-enacted the SadisticChoice from ''ComicBook/ThePunisherWelcomeBackFrank'' where Frank had Daredevil chained to a chimney with a loaded gun taped to his hand, telling Daredevil that the only way to stop Frank from killing Grotto is to shoot Frank. Rather than the controversial moment from the comic [[spoiler:where Daredevil fired only to discover that the firing pin was removed]], the show instead opted to TakeAThirdOption: [[spoiler:Matt shot the chain holding him to the chimney, allowing him to break free and charge the Punisher]]. The look of shock on Frank's face is what really sells it. [[spoiler:Unfortunately for Grotto, he was too late]].²** On the other hand, DD stops Frank from killing the Dogs of Hell, which number in the dozens. He then gives him a much [[NoHoldsBarredBeatdown deserved beat-down]], chokes him with his chain and slams his head into the wall for the finish. ²** A subtler moment if you read the comic: Frank gave Daredevil a loaded gun, [[spoiler: firing pin and all. The Punisher wasn't going to let Matt kill him in the comics, but here Frank is willing to die just to prove a point.]]²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Episode 4 - Penny And Dime]]²* Frank, drugged, takes down half a dozen men, gets hit with multiple tasers, goes to his knees, ''and gets back up''.²* Frank, after being captured by Finn and the Irish, spends the episode ''taunting'' them, only revealing the location of Finn's money [[PetTheDog when they threaten the dog he rescued]]...[[spoiler: which turns out to be booby-trapped anyway]]. And after his inevitable escape, [[spoiler: by cutting the bonds with a razor he'd hidden ''under his own skin'']], he proceeds to procure a gun from the goon about to kill him, walk off taking a power-drill to the foot and gets right back to Punishing. ²** Not to mention the fact that his whole capture and torture was ''part of his plan'' to get close to Finn, for just one reason: [[spoiler: to ask him who was behind the murder of his family.]] ²--->'''Finn:''' You wanted this.\²'''Frank:''' No, I counted on it.²* Matt's rescue of Frank, non-lethally taking out all of the Irish, all while casually keeping Frank from killing any of them.²* The Punisher's monologue at the end of the episode, and Creator/JonBernthal's stunning performance of it.²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Episode 5 - Kinbaku]]²* Foggy gets a nice one when Blake Tower comes by to ask them to hand over information on the Punisher.²-->'''Foggy Nelson:''' You know it's really not a good idea to piss her [Karen] off. So, what can I do for the Assistant District Attorney?\²'''Blake Tower:''' It's more, "what I can do for you", Mr. Nelson. We need all your files on the Grote case. Notes, interviews, any and all recordings and e-mails.\²'''Foggy Nelson:''' And in return, we get...\²'''Blake Tower:''' I convince District Attorney Reyes to scratch the names of Nelson and Murdock off her shit-list.\²'''Foggy Nelson:''' Wow. There's an actual list?\²'''Blake Tower:''' Mr. Nelson, I-\²'''Foggy Nelson:''' I'm sorry. Believe me, the sooner this Punisher mess is off our plate, the better. So show me a subpoena and....''[Tower appears to be somewhat nervous]'' Is there a problem? ''[Tower takes a seat]''\²'''Blake Tower:''' Are you really gonna make me jump through hoops for this?\²'''Foggy Nelson:''' Trust me, there's nothing I'd rather do more than cooperate with your office. But a legal firm sharing privileged communications with a client, I mean, even a deceased one, without a court order? I've seen lawyers get disbarred for less. And I don't know about you, but I worked ''really hard'' for my law degree. Nights and everything.\²'''Blake Tower:''' Reyes... she staked all her political chips on the conviction of this Punisher freak. Now, if things'll go her way, there'll be an opening in the District Attorney's office in the not-so-distant future.\²'''Foggy Nelson:''' And DA Tower has a nice ring to it.\²'''Blake Tower:''' [[ShameIfSomethingHappened Now, I'd start considering the benefits that could accrue if your firm were more... cooperative.]]\²'''Foggy Nelson:''' Like I said. Show me a subpoena, and I'll cooperate like a son of a bitch.\²'''Blake Tower:''' Reyes is gonna roll over you like a tank.\²'''Foggy Nelson:''' You keep saying that. And yet... still kinda here.²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Episode 6 - Regrets Only]]²* Once again, Reyes underestimates the perpetual rookies of Nelson & Murdock when they try to get Castle to have them represent him: after she hangs their representation of Grotto over their heads, Matt and Foggy wipe her smug grin from her face by reminding her that by erasing said deal from the public record, she effectively has no right to that justification, since they actually have the legal paperwork to support their story in court.²* Matt deciding to represent Castle despite the odds, personal feelings, and bad publicity is damn ballsy, but the point he makes to Foggy is what makes this moment shine.²-->'''Foggy:''' Is this about saving a man, or saving a ''vigilante''?\²'''Matt:''' [[ArmorPiercingResponse He's a person. Like you, Foggy, like me, and he shouldn't have to die.]] ²* Matt and Elektra's fight scene with the Yakuza²* Matt and Elektra's plan to steal the Roxxon ledger is pretty clever, Matt uses ContrivedClumsiness by bumping into Gibson and spilling wine on him(him being blind helps sell it) and then beating up him and his guards in the bathroom (to clean off the spilled wine) to steal the keycard for the office, Elektra then puts the security cameras on a loop so they won't be detected, and Matt uses his powers to find the ledger's hidden location behind a secret door (which Elektra is visibly impressed by). They then avoid getting caught once Hirochi disocvers Gibson and knocked-out guards by pretending to be a drunk couple about to have sex(Matt's blindness again coming in handy when a guard shines a flashlight in his eyes to see if he's drunk), allowing them to walk away cleanly.²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Episode 7 - Semper Fidelis]]²* Foggy chewing out Matt after [[spoiler:Elektra's threatening of a witness backfires and he gets removed from the case altogether]]. He lays into him for lying about Elektra, for his BloodKnight tendencies and for dragging him into a case he didn't want in the first place, only to abandon Foggy during preparations. And unlike in "[[Recap/Daredevil2015S1E10NelsonVMurdock Nelson v. Murdock]]", it's hard to have much sympathy for Matt.²** Foggy's improvised opening statement is also pretty impressive²* Matt and Elektra's fight with the Yakuza at the train yard.²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Episode 8 - Guilty As Sin]]²* Foggy coming into his own as a badass lawyer throughout the Frank Castle trial, up to and including doing the impossible and making the most divisive killer in New York City look ''human''. [[spoiler: If not for Frank Castle's outburst at the end of the episode, it's outright stated by several characters that he could have ''won'' his case.]]²* The outburst itself was pretty awesome. IAmWhatIAm, TheReasonYouSuckSpeech and a select few bits of profanity all in one package.²* The episode's final scene is another instance where the descriptive audio really enhances the experience. [[spoiler:After describing the man Frank sees as huge and bald, the narrator pauses a moment, and then says with a beautiful mixture of excitement and trepidation, "It's Wilson Fisk."]]²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Episode 9 - Seven Minutes In Heaven ]]²* Matt, after getting yet another lecture from Foggy after taking an ''endless'' barrage of them and a couple pretty unfair accusations (not to mention a ''mountain'' of other shit he'd been dealing with) is in ''no'' mood and calmly responds to Foggy's criticism with some of his own. ²-->'''Matt:''' I'm not gonna stop, Foggy. Not anytime soon. ...and to be honest, I'm done apologizing to you for who I am.²* Daredevil had his Hallway scene to demonstrate how badass he was in season 1. Thus, it's Frank Castle's turn to have one, against a dozen inmates armed with shivs, blunt sticks and a hatchet. Unfortunately for them, he doesn't have the ThouShaltNotKill restriction that Matt has. What follows is obscenely brutal and beautifully choreographed.²** Frank gets covered in the blood of the last inmate he kills, and it forms his trademark skull on his chest. Even better, Frank sees the blood-soaked skull, and seems to recognize what it can come to represent.²* Wilson Fisk gets a villainous one, [[spoiler: as he spends the whole episode [[TheChessmaster carefully moving everything into place to take control of the prison]] and ends up completely victorious, even managing to profit from the Punisher's release and finally claiming his comic-book name. He then nicely gloats to Dutton and eats a steak dinner as Dutton is dying in his hospital bed.]]²-->'''Wilson Fisk:''' The physician says that your condition is grave, that your lungs are filling with liquid. In a few hours, you're likely to suffocate in your own blood. But you won't suffer alone. I'll be here. Because you were right. [[IronicEcho In prison, there's only room for one Kingpin.]]²* [[spoiler: Fisk gets another one after Frank's aforementioned hallway fight scene. Fisk confronts Castle in his jail cell, and the conversation eventually comes to blows. While Castle does manage to hold his own and stagger Fisk for a bit, Fisk proceeds to turn the tables on Castle and delivers him an epic beatdown, and only stops because he wants Castle alive because it suits his larger agenda. Given how Castle once beat down ''Daredevil'', this is nothing short of awesome.]]²* [[spoiler: Frank Castle himself, easily equals Fisk in awesomeness in the scene even if not in combat. He manages to hold his own against him for a bit ''despite'' having both arms and legs shackled.]] ²[[/folder]]²²[[folder: Episode 10 - The Man in the Box ]]²* Reyes [[spoiler:finally shedding her mask and owning up to her mistakes in front of Matt, Foggy, and Karen, admitting her part in the sting operation that resulted in the deaths of Castle's family. When she's done, she is gunned down through her office window. Watching Foggy and Karen chew her out makes it all the more satisfying, that is until she adds that her daughter might be in danger and begs them to help her.]]²** [[spoiler:All that aside, Matt hearing the gun being cocked and tackling Karen and Foggy to the floor right as the bullets begin to fly is one of the most badass things he has done so far without putting on his Daredevil suit.]]²** YMMV on this, but for some, seeing [[spoiler: Reyes getting gunned down by a rain of bullets is oh so satisfying to watch considering how much of TheLoad and AlphaBitch she was throughout the season until this point]].²* It was pretty reckless, but Matt stomping on Wilson Fisk's BerserkButton (Vanessa) for a good minute during his meeting with him was pretty damn ballsy, too.²-->'''Wilson Fisk:''' Sometimes I'm glad I'm in here. The fate of New York City is out of my hands, for once.\²'''Matt Murdock:''' ''[slams his hand on the table]'' [[ShutUpKirk That's bullshit!]]\²'''Wilson Fisk:''' I don't know what you expect from me. But we're finished here. Mr. Donovan? ''[Donovan clicks off the tape recorder]''\²'''Matt Murdock:''' Vanessa. ''[This gets Fisk's attention]'' You asked me if I remembered the art gallery. I do. I remember her very well. She's out of the country; she....wants to come back.\²'''Wilson Fisk:''' ''[to Donovan]'' Leave us. ''[Donovan steps out]''\²'''Matt Murdock''': So listen to me very closely: I will use every legal loophole and footnote to make certain that ''never'' happens. You see, unlike your other adversaries, Mr. Fisk, I can break you without breaking a single law. You may have expensive lawyers, but with one envelope and $6 postage, I can make sure Vanessa never sets foot on American soil again. One letter to the right office, and I get her visa pulled. I can prove she was an accomplice to every one of your crimes. And now you're thinking you can serve your sentence, hop on a jet, go to her whenever you like. Live somewhere like Monaco, or... I don't know, wherever the hell you fat cats go to sun yourselves. But you can't. You can visit her, but you'll never live with her. Because this is New York, Wilson. You live here. This is your jungle. This is your blood, like it is mine. She will never come... and you'll never leave. You screw with me now, just a little bit... and you'll never really be with your one and only Vanessa ever again.²** Fisk's response is just as awesome. He snaps his cuffs, smashes Matt's face into a table repeatedly, and proceeds to show that his threats are every bit as strong as Matt's.²--->'''Wilson Fisk:''' SPEAK HER NAME AGAIN! GO AHEAD! ''[Matt punches him, and Fisk slams him into the table again]'' Yes, the son of a boxer!\²'''Matt Murdock:''' [[OhCrap You... You *are* running this place! Yeah, you did set him free...]]\²'''Wilson Fisk:''' You ask such small questions, Mr. Murdock.\²'''Matt Murdock:''' I know you're regaining power in here-\²'''Wilson Fisk:''' Yes, ask my lawyer. He'll deny it. Ask the guards, they'll deny it! Ask the inmates here. [[TheDreaded They'll cut their tongues out before they talk!]] But I have something to say to you: When I finally get out of this cage, I will dismantle the lives of the two amateurs THAT PUT ME IN HERE!! You, Mr. Murdock, and Franklin Percy Nelson!\²'''Matt Murdock:''' No! ''I'' put you here! Not Nelson! I did it!\²'''Wilson Fisk:''' The two of you took the laurels. You'll both take the blame. I'll chop both the heads off that snake, ''and I'll spend more than $6 on postage to bring you down!'' You see, I've had a lot of time to reflect on my journey here, Mr. Murdock! My mistakes, everything I took for granted. And while I try and sleep in this bleak place, the one thing that keeps me the thought that I will look down upon this city, [[CreateYourOwnVillain the city that]] ''[[CreateYourOwnVillain birthed me]]'', with the woman that I love, who...whom I love with ''everything'' that I am! If you're worried that Frank Castle will wreak havoc on Hell's Kitchen ''[throws Matt back into his seat]''...'''just wait.'''²* Compare the exchange between Fisk and Castle with this one. This time ''Fisk'' was the one in handcuffs. Which he ''snapped.''²* Elektra's fight with Jacques, she ends up killing him with his own weapons.²** Bonus points since those [[MythologyGag weapons]] were [[WeaponOfChoice sais]]. ²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Episode 11 - .380 ]]²* Matt fighting The Hand in the hospital in order to save Claire and the patients.²* Frank realizes that two men have come to the diner to kill him before they even get out of their car, and then takes them out in [[CurbStompBattle brutal Punisher fashion.]]²* Claire marches into the board room like a badass, and announces that she has no intention of working at a hospital that values money over truth. Especially when one of her friends and fellow nurses has been murdered, and the administration has no intention of reporting it.²* Despite being grievously (probably fatally) injured one of Stick's men manages to drive to Matt's house to get his master help from the only person who can give it. Say what you want about the Chaste, but they're as loyal as they come.²* When Stick learns that Elektra, one of the most lethal students he ever trained, is coming for his blood, he calmly sits and sharpens his sword, slowly, methodically, and then waits.²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Episode 12 - The Dark at the End of the Tunnel ]]²* The first thing we see in the episode is a pre-teen Elektra kicking the asses of boys twice her size.²-->'''Member of the Chaste:''' She's killing him!\²'''Stick:''' [[DeadpanSnarker No shit.]]²* Stick telling Matt (from several rooms away) how to take down the Hand ninjas that he hasn't been able to detect until now.²-->'''Stick:''' Tracking heartbeats is kids' stuff. Time to go deeper. Track their breath. Sooner or later they gotta ''[breathes out sharply]'' exhale. When they do... kick their ass.²** Matt's triumphant yell afterwards seems almost primal, but it makes perfect sense that he would be so pumped about this victory. The hand was the only enemy that made his blindness an actual handicap, which had to be terrifying, but now he's found a way to negate even [[NoSell their stealth]]. You can hide your footsteps, your body heat, even your heartbeat, but nobody sneaks past Daredevil.²* A rather dark example; Frank [[spoiler:finally offing the Blacksmith and finding the secret armory within the shed of weapons. He finds a plethora of guns...and a vest that seems to resemble a skull -- and it's at that point that Frank ''truly'' becomes the Punisher.]]²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Episode 13 - A Cold Day In Hell's Kitchen ]]²* Daredevil becomes so pissed after [[spoiler: Elektra's death, that he doesn't even care when the Punisher starts sniping the ninjas attacking him. Then he (seemingly) violates his ThouShaltNotKill rule by throwing Nobu off the roof.]]²** [[spoiler:And then, when he gets back up again, Stick is right there to finish him off for good.]]²--->[[spoiler:'''Stick:''' [having stabbed Nobu in the chest] And this time, you piece of shit- [yanks his sword out and slices off Nobu's head] Stay down.]]²** The whole battle is incredibly awesome, particularly with [[SugarWiki/AwesomeMusic the]] [[ThemeMusicPowerUp music]] that plays in the background. ²* Frank [[spoiler:showing up at the end to perform the aforementioned ninja-sniping in full Punisher gear with the skull emblem on his chest, much like Matt getting his Daredevil suit in the season one finale.]]²[[/folder]]²²!!Season 3²²[[folder:Episode 1 - Resurrection]]²* Although it was a brief fight, Matt's comeback as the Masked Man is nothing but spectacular and he manages to, unknowingly, connect himself to Fisk once again.²* Fisk's first appearance in the season has him eating by himself, trying to ignore the screaming inmates outside of his room. He eventually gets fed up and yells out for silence and [[TheDreaded the entire prison immediately goes quiet.]]²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Episode 2 - Please]]²* Dex demonstrates why he's one of the most formidable killers the show has seen. As he and Nadeem are running a convoy escorting Fisk, the convoy is ambushed by Albanian hitmen trying to kill Fisk for ratting out their boss. They manage to make short work of the other FBI agents. Just as they're about to cut into the car that is carrying Fisk, Dex gets out his gun and kills the entire team with precision based kill-shots before they have a chance to shoot back.²* The following episode, and after spending a episode and a half on the mend because of his hearing loss, Matt's hearing returns back to him just in time to find Fisk is out of jail.²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Episode 3 - No Good Deed]]²* Foggy giving Blake Tower a nice TheReasonYouSuckSpeech for throwing in the towel so easily on keeping Fisk in jail explains that he is supposed to be the voice for the innocent citizens of Hells Kitchen:²-->'''Foggy Nelson:''' Would you care more if you weren't trying to get re-elected?\²'''Blake Tower:''' Watch it counselor.\²'''Foggy Nelson:''' [[CallBack Fisk had Ms. Cardenas killed.]] Maybe you don't give a damn because she's dead and can't vote for you, but she was a good person. She cared about her community and was braver than both of us put together. Fisk will hurt more people like her. She didn't have a voice because the people in power didn't care. You're supposed to be Ms. Cardenas' voice!²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Episode 4 - Blindsided]]²* If you thought the previous two [[EpicTrackingShot uncut fight scenes]] were impressive, this one will blow your mind. 11 minutes long, travelling along several corridors past dozens of extras, including a dialogue scene in the middle, shot in a real single take (as confirmed by Charlie Cox in an interview -- they'd actually designed it to allow some digital stitching if necessary, then went back and lightened the moments in question to make it clear to the audience that this hadn't happened), and with Charlie Cox's face in shot for the overwhelming majority of it (stunt doubles are swapped in twice, to allow Matt to get thrown across the room). Plus, it features firebombs and blood spray, increasing the technical difficulty.²* Matt’s sheer determination throughout TheOner scene. He’s drugged, outnumbered, and arguably takes the most hits he ever has in [[TheOner Oners]] (which is saying something) and still manages to fight off the inmates, get what he needs from the Albanian gang leader, to convince them to help him escape the prison, and in the end escapes ''being drowned in a taxi''. Murdocks just don’t know how to stay down.²* Foggy's RousingSpeech to an NYPD Union meeting as he convinces them to throw their support behind his campaign for D.A.²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Episode 5 - The Perfect Game]]²* Foggy having absolutely none of Agent Nadeem's shit when Nadeem tries to intimidate him into cooperating, and holding his composure better than Karen did (though Karen was having a bad day when the FBI took her to Matt's apartment).²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Episode 6 - The Devil You Know]]²* Matt and Dex's first fight. Matt has the edge in hand-to-hand combat, but when he's able to get some distance Dex dominates.²** Matt’s entry into the fight with his BigDamnHeroes rescue of saving Foggy from being impaled with Dexters baton. This is especially impressive when one remembers that Dexter has been shown to throw things such as staplers, paper clips and etc with enough strength and speed that they do almost the same damage a bullet would do and Matt catches the baton almost effortlessly.²* Foggy punching Dex twice across the face when he enters the back room to kill Jasper. Yes, he gets thrown aside pretty soon after, but it's hard to deny this was gutsy on his part and awesome to see.²[[/folder]]²²%%[[folder:Episode 7 - Aftermath]]²%%[[/folder]]²%%²[[folder:Episode 8 - Upstairs/Downstairs]]²* When Karen reveals to Fisk that she killed Wesley. Essentially, one gigantic DidYouJustFlipOffCthulhu moment.²-->'''Wilson Fisk:''' You came for words, at least.\²'''Karen Page:''' Yeah. Let's-Let's have some words.\²'''Wilson Fisk:''' You are not writing an article about my mother.\²'''Karen Page:''' I'm not? I could.\²'''Wilson Fisk:''' To what end, Miss Page? My distress?\²'''Karen Page:''' Hmm. That doesn't actually sound that bad, now that you say it.\²'''Wilson Fisk:''' [[{{Hypocrite}} I do not welcome intrusions into my privacy.]]\²'''Karen Page:''' Yet you invited me in?\²'''Wilson Fisk:''' You worked for Ben Urich, didn't you? I believe he mentored you.\²'''Karen Page:''' Yes, before he was murdered.\²'''Wilson Fisk:''' A final lesson. One you seem not to have understood.\²'''Karen Page:''' Is that a threat?\²'''Wilson Fisk:''' It's an observation.\²'''Karen Page:''' Well, you're right. I'm not here to talk about your mother. I'd rather talk about what she told Ben. Actually, really, rather, what she told ''us''. See, I don't think you know, but I was with him. It probably wasn't fair. Two trained journalists working on a feeble old woman like that. It's easy to push her. Get her to say things she doesn't want to...\²'''Wilson Fisk:''' Your point?\²'''Karen Page:''' She remembered ''a lot'' about your childhood. They say the oldest memories stick around the longest. She remembered a lot of little things. A lot of embarrassing things. Seems like there were a lot of those, weren't there, [[MythologyGag Willie]]?\²'''Wilson Fisk:''' I'm sure your readers at the ''Bulletin'' will be as entertained as you are.\²'''Karen Page:''' No…we would never print those. We just pass them around the office.\²'''Wilson Fisk:''' How is it around your office? I heard about your misfortune.\²'''Karen Page:''' Before it even happened, I'm sure. No, the story that we will print is her very detailed description of your father. And how you murdered him. ''[inhales]'' A ''hammer''. [[EnfantTerrible At that age?]] Is there any part of you that isn't broken, I wonder?\²''[beat]''\²'''Wilson Fisk:''' You asked me why I let you in. The reason is, Miss Page, I have a few questions of my own. You are a respected journalist, but at one time you were merely a secretary at a law firm. To Matt Murdock, yes?\²'''Karen Page:''' Office manager.\²'''Wilson Fisk:''' Intimately involved in his affairs?\²'''Karen Page:''' His business affairs.\²'''Wilson Fisk:''' Of course. Tell me, so at what point did you learn about Mr. Murdock's secret life? ''[Karen stares wide-eyed at him]'' Yeah. Thank you. Thank you, Miss Page.\²'''Karen Page:''' OK... [[LetsGetDangerous you want secrets]]? I can tell you a secret, ''Wilson''. Is it OK if I call you that? I feel like we know each other well enough by now...\²'''Wilson Fisk:''' As you wish, ''Karen''...\²'''Karen Page:''' Great. James Wesley... What was it like for you when he disappeared? Really, it's those first 24 hours that are the worst, aren't they? When you call and you call and you call, and there's just NO answer. It becomes an obsession. The calling. The never-ending loop of a ghost's voicemail in your ear. You worry. You wonder. You swear "God dammit, if he's still living I'm gonna kill him myself." Is that what it was like for you? Did you rage at him? 'Cause you thought he betrayed you? Because I wonder, what would be worse for you? His duplicity, or his death?\²'''Wilson Fisk:''' ''[Breathing heavily]''\²'''Karen Page:''' ''[softly]'' [[WouldYouLikeToHearHowTheyDied He died quickly...if you were wondering. Didn't suffer much.]] You see, Wilson, Matt Murdock isn't the person you should be worried about. ''I'' killed Wesley. ''I shot him seven times... because the clip ran out! He deserved '''MORE!'''''²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Episode 9 - Revelations]]²* The entire episode is a big Villainous CMOA for Wilson Fisk as Ray Nadeem discovers the full extent of his [[ChessMaster manipulation of the FBI.]] After attempting to expose Fisk's crimes to his superiors, Nadeem can only watch helplessly as [[DaChief Hatley]] murders the other agent in the room with Nadeem's gun, implicates him for the murder on tape, and hands his gun over to [[TheFixer Felix]] as blackmail to force him into becoming Fisk's accomplice. Throughout the rest of the episode, he learns that Fisk has already turned a large chunk of the FBI agents on his detail to his side and that Fisk personally had [[CrazyPrepared Nadeem's sister-in-law's health insurance taken away months prior]] in order to make [[UnwittingPawn Nadeem]] desperate enough to cut a deal. Fisk has more than earned his newly adopted moniker as the Kingpin.²-->'''Hattley:''' I'm not your boss anymore. Wilson Fisk is.²* Marci telling Foggy that the video of his speech calling out Tower's inaction has gone viral. Foggy is awestruck to realize he could very much have a shot at actually winning the spot of District Attorney, even though he'd only done this because Marci suggested it would get the Fisk issue out into the spotlight. ²** Unfortunately, the euphoria is short-lived as Foggy learns from Theo that Fisk has blackmailed the butcher shop: Fisk personally cut off the butcher shop's suppliers, then had his people convince Theo and his parents to do some manipulation of the numbers to get the suppliers back, allowing him to use it as blackmail against Foggy if Foggy ever tries to do anything against Fisk. It's terrifying, but also a pretty impressive show of Fisk's planning.²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Episode 10 - Karen]]²* After letting Todd slowly get her hooked on drugs, Karen shows she still cares about her family more when she shoots Todd in the arm to stop him from beating on Kevin with a tire iron.²* Father Lantom's HeroicSacrifice to prevent Bullseye's iconic murder of Karen from the comics.²* Karen willingly using herself as bait to draw Bullseye's attention toward her so that all the innocent people in the church can escape. ²* The fact that, for the majority of the fight, Matt is utterly ''thrashing'' Dex. Special mention when he punches Dex through ''a wall of the vestibule''.²* However, thanks to the suit Dex weathers the beating, and ultimately turns the tables AGAIN by using everything he can get his hands on as a weapon: from his Billy Club, to some candles, a bible, a shard of plaster, some bracelet beads, and even a holy water bowl. ²* Karen saving Matt from Dex, swinging a devotional statue at him like a mallet with enough force to knock him over the balcony railing. Dex gets one for getting up from that mere seconds later.²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Episode 11 - Reunion]]²* Sister Maggie shows she's a real MamaBear towards her son when it matters, stepping in front of Dex to keep him from spotting a blood stain that would've caused him to find Matt and Karen hiding in the coffin.²* Foggy, Brett and Nadeem managing to outsmart Dex by agreeing to let Brett "arrest" Karen, drive her away in a squad car, and release her once out of sight. ²* Esther Falb [[BrutalHonesty bluntly tells]] Fisk that she refuses to sell the "Rabbit in a Snowstorm" painting back to Fisk [[ScrewTheMoneyIHaveRules no matter how much money he tries throwing at her]], pointing out how it was stolen from her family by [[UsefulNotes/TheGestapo the Nazis]] and the suffering she endured in the Warsaw Ghetto more than earned her the right to have the painting back. She also tells him straight to his face that she isn't fooled by [[CrocodileTears his claims of repentance]], despite [[HugeGuyTinyGirl Fisk towering over her]] and being [[BullyingADragon perfectly capable of killing her right there]].²** And Fisk ''actually relents'', leaving the painting with Mrs. Falb. This is a ManipulativeBastard who routinely kills people, yet even he can't help but admire [[{{Determinator}} her unbending will]]. ²* Matt pulling a BigDamnHeroes and helping Nadeem take out the [[DirtyCop hit squad]] sent to kill Nadeem's family. ²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Episode 12 - One Last Shot]]²* After a final demonstration of just how untouchable Fisk is by normal means, Ray Nadeem takes matters into his own hands, punching out Foggy and running back to his house. Knowing full well that Fisk will send Dex to kill him, he pulls a TakingYouWithMe by sending his wife a full account of the crimes he personally witnessed and participated in, and gives her a plan to how to get it to Matt and Foggy so they can use it as a dying declaration[[note]]"Dying declaration" is an exception to the normal "hearsay" rule, and is fully admissible as testimony, since a person who genuinely believes they are about to die has very little incentive to lie[[/note]] in court. Then when Dex arrives to do the job, Nadeem refuses to cooperate at all, makes one last futile attempt to convince Dex that Fisk will dispose of him when he has no more use for him, and when that fails, forces him to do the deed outside, risking the neighbors seeing it. He even makes one last-ditch effort to possibly take Dex out himself. After all, when you've fallen off a cliff, you might as well try to fly.²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Episode 13 - A New Napkin]]²* The first words out of Matt’s mouth when he calls Dex (using Felix's phone) for just how blunt and to the point they are.²-->'''Dex:''' What do you want?\²'''Matt:''' I'm coming for you, Dex. And my suit.²* The entire [[MeleeATrois final, three-way fight]] between Matt, Fisk and Dex. Every one of them is trying to kill the other two, making this a very unique brawl where you are uncertain of who will survive victorious.²** During the fight, Fisk gives his white jacket, which protected him from lamp rods thrown by Dex, to Vanessa, and quickly ushers her upstairs to a safe place. He is truly a real gentleman.²** When Dex tries to kill Vanessa, Matt is able to make the save just in time, leaving Dex to face the wrath of a ''very'' pissed off Fisk, who takes him out of the fight by slamming him against a wall, damn near breaking him in half.²*** This itself is awesome for Dex. He's the only one of the three whose primary concern is not killing/beating the other two (at least not before killing Vanessa). It's perfectly possible that, hadn't he been distracted by his obsessive need for revenge, he'd have managed to kill both Matt and Fisk, just by keeping his distance while they got sidetracked brawling with each other.²** After Matt finally has Fisk at his mercy, Vanessa begs him to stop. What happens when Matt does exactly that, and Fisk demands that Matt kill him? Matt takes none of Fisk's shit and utterly destroys him with [[TheReasonYouSuckSpeech one single speech]]:²--->'''Wilson Fisk:''' Come on! Kill me!\²'''Matt Murdock:''' No! [[ItsPersonal God knows I want to]], [[IfYouKillHimYouWillBeJustLikeHim but you don't get to destroy who I am]]. [[ThouShaltNotKill You will go back to prison,]] [[CruelMercy and you will live the rest of your]] '''[[CruelMercy miserable]]''' [[CruelMercy life in a cage]] knowing [[DidNotGetTheGirl you'll]] '''[[DidNotGetTheGirl never]]''' [[DidNotGetTheGirl have Vanessa]], that [[MachiavelliWasWrong this city rejected you.]] '''It beat you. [[TheGoodGuysAlwaysWin I! BEAT YOU!]]'''²** Even better, near the end, is when Matt pulls his mask up to let Fisk see his face. In other words, Matt openly mocked Fisk's futile threat to expose his identity, and he is letting Fisk know that it was ''Matt Murdock'' who brought him down, not Daredevil.²*** What makes the scene all the more sweeter is how Matt delivers his final beatdown to Fisk. Not with any fancy gymnastics. Not with any ninja moves. But by using plain, simple, boxing techniques. Boxing techniques he likely learned from his father. It's like Fisk said - he is the son of a boxer. ²*** Right after unmasking, Matt makes a deal -- [[SecretKeeper Fisk is to keep his identity as Daredevil secret]], as well as to never harm Karen, Foggy, or any innocent life again, or else Matt will expose Vanessa as the murderer of Nadeem, leaving Fisk with no way to back out of the deal. All he can do is accept, and accept he ''does''.²---->'''Wilson Fisk:''' If I agree to your demands...''leave my wife '''alone!''''' Leave Vanessa ''free!''\²'''Matt Murdock:''' If you keep your word. ''[extends arm]''\²'''Wilson Fisk:''' ''[hesitates, but then shakes Matt's hand]'' Then it's a deal.²*** All the more awesome when you realize [[HoistByHisOwnPetard Fisk is being defeated with his own medicine]]: threatening their loved ones.²* Brett Mahoney finally gets a real moment to shine when he refuses to even let Fisk have a final goodbye with Vanessa, simply noting he didn't let Nadeem and his wife have one. It also signifies that Fisk can't manipulate law enforcement personnel to do what he wants anymore.²* After all this, there is a heroic shot of Matt, kneeling over Hell's Kitchen (Which is pictured). His relentless grit through times is why he shouldn't be messed with. '''Ever.'''²** The music that plays over it makes it even better. After a long journey of loss, being beaten down to his core both physically and emotionally. Our hero: The Devil of Hell’s Kitchen finally triumphs and is rewarded with a moment to look over the city that he has fought so hard for and sacrificed almost everything to protect which is finally free from Fisk's grasp.²[[/folder]]²²!!Meta²[[folder:Meta]]²* [[WinBackTheCrowd Marvel making Daredevil awesome again]]. Think about this, back when the movie came out, a lot of people saw Daredevil as nothing more than Franchise/{{Batman}}-lite, or just Franchise/SpiderMan with ill-defined powers. But, with this show being a hit with the critics, all of that has disappeared.²** The same has been done with ComicBook/ThePunisher. Commonly viewed as nothing more than a one-dimensional action hero that is impossible to sympathize with, the excellent writing and Creator/JonBernthal's portrayal have completely reversed the perception of the character. And unlike Daredevil, who has always been a beloved character within the comics community, the Punisher has often been snubbed by comic fans for the last twenty years with his titles being low sellers. His appearance on ''Daredevil'' is not only winning the general audience over, it appears to be winning the comic community over as well.²* The hallway scene in "[[Recap/Daredevil2015S1E2CutMan Cut Man]]" has been praised as one of the most well-filmed fight scenes ever made for a television/web series. An over five minute long scene, about three minutes of which is fighting [[TheOner with absolutely no cuts]], while also conveying [[CombatBreakdown Matt's absolute exhaustion from everything that happened a few hours before]]. It may not quite match TheOner from ''Series/TrueDetective'', but it's definitely up there.²* Season 1 wasn't even out for two weeks when executives decided to renew the show for a second season.²* Creator/CharlieCox's performance as Matt Murdock. Not only is he really good, but he hadn't read any of the comics before auditioning (he didn't even know the character was blind ''until the day before the audition'') and yet he had plenty of fans claiming he seemed to have leapt straight from the comics. Not just that, but near-effortlessly nailing an American accent and also managing to play a blind man to perfection (which he admits he had difficulty with). And since, he's become [[JustForFun/OneOfUs a fan of not just the comics, but comics in general]].²* Creator/VincentDOnofrio's performance as Wilson Fisk has been rightfully singled out as a terrifying yet complex and sympathetic portrayal of a classic villain. Fisk has long been one of Marvel's greatest villains and it's wonderful to see him portrayed with such perfection. In general, when it comes to live-action comic villain adaptations, the praise for his performance (and character writing) has probably only been rivaled by Creator/HeathLedger's [[Film/TheDarkKnight Joker]] and Creator/DavidTennant's [[Series/JessicaJones2015 Kilgrave]]. In fact, when the casting calls for season 3 went out, Fisk was the first character outside of Matt, Karen and Foggy to be confirmed to be returning.²* Doubles as [[SugarWiki/HeartwarmingMoments heartwarming]], Netflix making this show the first to have a descriptive video service. Now blind fans can enjoy their hero too.²** Not only that, but when the fans demanded the descriptive video service be added, Netflix got it completely done in only ''four days!''²** ''And'' it's absolutely fantastic. Listening to it as a sighted person, it perfectly captures what's going on in every scene and adds an entirely new dimension to the show. And manages to do it all without ever talking over a single piece of dialogue or noticeably speeding up the narration to avoid this, always the hardest part of this process.²* In just a couple weeks, Season 1 became the second-most pirated show in the world after ''Series/GameOfThrones''.²* Many critics are proclaiming that this show is one of the best, if not, ''the best'' thing that Marvel studios has produced. In fact, of all the MCU films and TV shows, it now holds the highest score on Rotten Tomatoes, at 98%.²* Being watched so many times leading to Netflix ''actually releasing the ratings for this show''. Netflix never releases ratings.²* [[ The teaser]] for Season 2, with scenes from the show portrayed as the Sistine Chapel ceiling. In combination with the sound clips from the previous season, it's a stunning piece of art all on its own.²* The addition of the Punisher in Season 2 got such an enthusiastic response from the fans that Netflix began discussions about giving him his own show a couple months before the season was even released, and greenlit a ''Punisher'' series within a month of season 2's release.²** To give an idea about how excited people are to see Creator/JonBernthal's excellent performance as Frank Castle again: During the New York Comic Con after the ''Series/IronFist2017'' panel Jeph Loeb had the lights dimmed after a few seconds only two words were heard in the darkness: ''One Batch'' As the crowd went absolutely nuts!!! As Bernthal himself walked on stage.²* The fact that they were able to keep the reappearance of Wilson Fisk for a three episode arc in season 2 a complete secret, despite the intense scrutiny every MCU property has been put under by this time (and probably helped quite a bit by the Punisher and Elektra being pushed front and center as the things to look forward to in the season).²* Creator/CharlieCox was awarded the Helen Keller Achievement Award for his role by the American Foundation for the Blind.²[[/folder]]²----


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